Mixtape Party Mix Lever Earring $75.00
French Fries Fresh and Hot Lever Earring $75.00
Red Wing Climber Earrings $245.00

Blue Wing Climber Earrings $245.00
Blue And Green Triple Gem Earrings $360.00
Pink And Red Triple Gem Earrings $360.00

Blue And Pink Triple Gem Earrings $360.00
Multi-Color Gem Chandelier Earrings $550.00
Rainbow Matrix Earrings $200.00

Rainbow Lever Earring $140.00
French Fries Rainbow Lever Earring $115.00
Emoji In Love Lever Earring $95.00

Cupcake Lever Earring $105.00
Cocktail Pina Colada Lever Earring $180.00
Cocktail Pink Lady Lever Earring $180.00

Boombox Brooklyn Mookie Lever Earring $120.00
Popsicle Front Back Earring $120.00
Cupcake Front Back Earring $105.00

French Fries Front Back Earring $125.00
Classic Hoop Earrings from $60.00
Phoenix Climber Earrings $205.00

Rainbow & Chains Earrings $495.00
Multi-Color Gem Chandelier Earrings $550.00

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