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Just For You Bow Silver $5,995.00
Slim Slide Silver $2,495.00
Rose Blush $4,995.00
Slim Slide Blue Opal $2,495.00
Sleek Rectangle Silver $2,995.00
Rose Apricot $4,995.00
Effervescent Slim Slide $4,995.00
Sleek Rectangle Champagne $2,995.00
Slim Slide Champagne $2,495.00
Slim Slide Sapphire $2,495.00
Slim Slide Seafoam $2,495.00
Heart Clutch Pink $3,195.00
Heart Clutch Gold $3,195.00
Heart Clutch Blue $3,195.00
Forever Bottle Pillbox $695.00
Bling Sphere $2,995.00
Rose Josephine $4,995.00
Slim Slide Violet $2,495.00
Slim Slide Light Pink $2,495.00
Slim Slide Rose Opal $2,495.00
Slim Slide Blue $2,495.00
Slim Slide Rose Gold $2,495.00
Slim Slide Pink $2,495.00
Bow Bunny $5,495.00
Champagne Bottle Forever $4,695.00
Just For You Bow Pink $5,995.00
Peony $5,695.00
Fizzoni Silver $1,295.00
Just For You Bow Navy $5,995.00
Lipstick Pillbox Pinkie $695.00
Crystal Envelope Silver $995.00
Heart Clutch Silver $3,195.00
Slim Rectangle Silver $2,695.00
Vanilla Macaron $595.00
Just For You Bow Red $5,995.00
Satin Bow Envelope Black $895.00
Satin Bow Envelope Navy $895.00
Fairy Tale Castle $5,695.00
Splendid Peony $5,695.00
Soft Bow Belt Silver $495.00
Satin Bow Envelope Red $895.00
Small Heart Gem Eternity Band $225.00
L'amour Petit Coeur Red $1,295.00
L'Amour Petit Coeur Sapphire $1,295.00
L'Amour Petit Coeur Violet $1,295.00
Slim Rectangle Blue $2,695.00
Gems Slim Slide $3,995.00
Satin Bow Envelope Fuchsia $895.00
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Our Bridal Shop is designed to make every bride feel particularly special on their Wedding Day with a variety of extraordinary handbags and accessories. Whether you're the bride, a member of the wedding party, or a beloved guest, we have the perfect pieces to complement every bridal moment.

From romantic rose clutches to bespoke pieces like heart handbags or a champagne bottle to commemorate the special day and personalized classic clutches, there’s something for everyone and every occasion. Also find small gifts for the bridal party or the special people that made the big day happen. Explore our bridal collection today and add some extra sparkle to your wedding day.

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