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Taxi Cab Miniature Taxi Girl $795.00
Hey Cabbie! Miniature $795.00
Strawberry Pillbox $595.00
Judith's Jelly Mini Jar $795.00
Pill Popper Mini Jar $795.00
La Leiber Mini Jar $795.00
Honey Mini Jar $795.00
World's Best Caviar Mini Jar $795.00
Mini Heart Light Sapphire $695.00
Mini Heart Silver $695.00
Mini Heart Pink $695.00
Mini Heart Red $695.00
Red Flame Miniature Got a Light? $595.00
Silver Flame Miniature Got a Light? $595.00
Gold Flame Miniature Got a Light? $595.00
Crystal Card Case Silver $295.00
Crystal Card Case Red $295.00
Crystal Card Case Gray $295.00
Seahorse Pillbox Rhine $495.00
Pineapple Pillbox Golden $495.00
Pineapple Pillbox Hilo Pillbox $495.00
Pineapple Pillbox Sugar Loaf $495.00
Rum Bottle Pillbox $495.00
Vodka Bottle Pillbox $495.00
Martini Pillbox $795.00
Martini Pillbox Cosmo $795.00
Lipstick Pillbox Pinkie $695.00
Lipstick Pillbox Smooch $695.00
Nail Polish Pillbox Vanilla $695.00
Nail Polish Pillbox Neon $695.00
Nail Polish Pillbox Chrome $695.00
Nail Polish Pillbox Ballet Pink $695.00
Nail Polish Pillbox Really Red $695.00
Nail Polish Pillbox Funky Fuchsia $695.00
Forever Bottle Pillbox $695.00
Hot Sauce Bottle Pillbox $695.00
Chili Pepper Pillbox Poblano $695.00
Chili Pepper Pillbox Jalapeño $695.00
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Mini Vanilla Ice Cream Cone
Sold Out
Mini Strawberry Twist Ice Cream Cone $695.00
Mini Rainbow Twist Ice Cream Cone $695.00
Popsicle Pillbox Creamsicle $495.00
Popsicle Pillbox Rainbow $495.00
Donut Pillbox Sprinkles $495.00
Donut Pillbox Chocolate $495.00
Watermelon Macaron $595.00
Passionfruit Macaron $595.00
Green Tea Macaron $595.00
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Explore the world of little treasures with Judith Leiber Couture's collection of miniatures. Read more
With pieces like realistic prescription bottle miniatures, tiny taxi cabs, sweet macarons to adorable teddy bear and heart miniatures, these little luxuries stand as both functional accessories and collector's items, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to any setting.  Cherish their beauty and rarity, whether displayed on a vanity or tucked away as a secret indulgence, as Judith Leiber Couture's miniatures bring artful elegance to discerning fashion lovers' collections. Read less

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