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Soft Boom Box $1,995.00
Envelope Billions $1,295.00
Silver Money Bags $3,995.00
Butterfly Queen $5,495.00
Butterfly Monarch $5,495.00
Butterfly Mila $5,195.00
Butterfly Mariposa $5,495.00
Butterfly Serafina $5,495.00
TV Test Screen $7,995.00
Astronaut $4,995.00
Rocket Ship $4,995.00
Brick Phone Text Me $6,195.00
Brick Phone Call Me $6,195.00
Brick Phone Call Me $6,195.00
L'amour Petit Coeur Red $1,295.00
L'amour Petit Coeur Silver $1,295.00
L'amour Petit Coeur Light Rose $1,295.00
Grace Crystal $1,295.00
Grace Satin $1,095.00
Man On The Moon $4,195.00
Sleek Rectangle Space Ticket $3,995.00
UFO Orbiter $6,995.00
Slim Slide Lace Wings $3,995.00
Mini Tote Crystal Silver $1,195.00
Ruffle Pouch Silver $1,495.00
Martini $5,795.00
Cosmopolitan $5,795.00
Camera Click $5,995.00
Camera Flash $5,995.00
Sparkle Net Pouch Topaz $695.00
Sparkle Net Pouch Rose Gold $695.00
Sparkle Net Pouch Pink $695.00
Sparkle Net Pouch Silver $695.00
Sparkle Net Pouch Gray $695.00
Sparkle Net Pouch Black $695.00
Sparkle Net Pouch Gold Black $695.00
Sparkle Net Pouch Red $695.00
Crystal Bow Top Handle Black $1,495.00
Crystal Bow Top Handle Silver $1,495.00
Hot Air Balloon Amelia $4,995.00
Hot Air Balloon Rozier $4,995.00
Hot Air Balloon Sunset $4,995.00
Peony Halcyon Hill $5,195.00
Peony Moonbeam $5,195.00
Upside Down Cone Oops $5,795.00
Let's Roll $7,295.00
Skate Night $7,295.00
Judith's Best Ice Cream Pint $4,795.00
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Welcome to the world of Judith Leiber. We are devoted to creating the most exquisite handbags, pillboxes and other accessories. In handset crystal, satin or exotic skins, we offer evening bags that stand out with their design, attention to detail and beautiful colors. We have everything you need from classic clutches, unique gifts and bags that are true works of art. 

Shop our stunning selection of Judith Leiber purses and ensure you are the belle of the ball wherever you go. Whether you are looking for a Judith Leiber Couture clutch that will take you effortlessly from daytime chic to night-time glam, or you are seeking out an investment piece to add to your collection of designer bags, we can help you. Discover our best-selling Judith Leiber purses, our classic clutches, signature box styles, crossbody designs, novelty bags, and so much more.

Classic Clutches

Browse our extensive collection of classic Judith Leiber purses. Timeless in their design and created to deliver the utmost elegance, when it comes vintage Judith Leiber bags, you are spoilt for choice.

Signature Box Styles

Box style clutches are perfect for day and night-time use, offering style and sophistication. Whether you favor a simplistic design or you want a crystal clutch that boasts as many multi-colored crystals as possible, our signature box style collection is as plentiful as it is pretty.

Crossbody Bags

Check out our elegant selection of designer crossbody bags that are ideal for the girl-on-the-go. With a sexy yet practical adjustable shoulder strap, you can wear one of your brand new women’s designer bags close to your heart right where it belongs.

Novelty Designs

Shop our exciting and innovative array of novelty designs, including our sport jeweled novelty bags that are the perfect gift for any sports fan. Whether you want a bag shaped like a hot dog or a purse that looks like a tomato, you are guaranteed to find a novelty bag that showcases your individuality.

Mini Creations

No accessory collection would be complete without a pillbox purse or two. Perfect for occasions when you don’t need a clutch bag for storage, but you want to rock a statement piece, our iconic pillbox purses promise to brighten up your accessory collection.

Our Best Sellers

When it comes to Judith Leiber purses, you can never have too much of a good thing. However, if you are struggling to choose your next evening bag, why not check out our best-selling designer clutch bags to see what is currently hot in the world of Judith Leiber.

Stacks of Cash Billions

One of the most famous Judith Leiber purses, the Stacks of Cash Billions most certainly delivers the wow factor. Rocked by the likes of JLo, Beyonce, Rihanna, and the Kardashians, if you are looking for a showstopping accessory, then look no further.

Hot Lips

An undeniably sexy and striking Judith Leiber creation, the Hot Lips evening clutch is designed for maximum impact. Covered in dazzling ruby red crystals, if you are searching for luxury crossbody bags, you will be pleased to hear that this must-have party handbag comes with a removable long shoulder chain.

Lion Astor

Inspired by the New York Public Library Statue, this unique lion clutch will be a roarsome success wherever you go. Boasting a metallic leather-lined interior and a top push-down closure, as Couture bags go, you can’t get any more luxurious than this latest offering from the world’s most famous handbag designer.

Slim Side Champagne Clutch

If you love classic Judith Leiber bags, then you are going to fall head over heels for this best-selling clutch. A red carpet staple that expertly mixes both classic and contemporary styles, this Judith Leiber Couture clutch provides the convenience of a slim design with the showstopping impact of hundreds of champagne-colored crystals.

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