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Eiffel Tower Bonne Nuit $5,995.00
Wildcat Chiquita $5,995.00
Wildcat Black Jaguar $5,995.00
Wildcat Snow Leopard $5,995.00
Wildcat Bengal Tiger $5,995.00
Pomegranate Macaron $595.00
Green Tea Macaron $595.00
Blue Moon Macaron $595.00
Watermelon Macaron $595.00
Passionfruit Macaron $595.00
Blackberry Macaron $595.00
Butterfly Mariposa $5,495.00
Butterfly Fireclipper $5,495.00
Butterfly Monarch $5,495.00
Butterfly Queen $5,495.00
Peony Halcyon Hill $5,695.00
Peony $5,695.00
Peony Moonbeam $5,695.00
Splendid Peony $5,695.00
Peony Flame $5,695.00
L'amour Petit Coeur Red $1,295.00
L'Amour Petit Coeur Violet $1,295.00
L'Amour Petit Coeur Sapphire $1,295.00
L'Amour Petit Coeur Pink $1,295.00
Piper Bucket Black $1,495.00
Piper Bucket Prosecco $1,495.00
Piper Bucket Silver $1,495.00
Microphone Hot Mic $4,995.00
Microphone Diva $4,995.00
Microphone Karaoke $4,995.00
Gemma Crystal Pearl $1,295.00
Gemma Crystal Light Amethyst $1,295.00
Gemma Crystal Chocolate $1,295.00
Gemma Crystal Navy $1,295.00
Slim Slide Constellations $4,495.00
French Fries Truffle Fries $5,995.00
Effervescent Slim Slide $4,995.00
X-Ray Spy Kit $4,995.00
Fizzoni Crystal Pillow Black $995.00
Slim Slide Pearl Lace Silver $3,495.00
Fizzoni Crystal Pillow Silver $995.00
Slim Slide Galaxy Navy $4,495.00
Soft Boom Box $1,995.00
Sleek Rectangle Chessboard $3,495.00
Swan Viveka $5,195.00
Bow Chain Belt Black $495.00
Deco Squares Belt Black $355.00
Baguette Deco Gems Belt Black $395.00
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Whether you're seeking a statement clutch for a special occasion or a treasured collector's piece, shopping for Judith Leiber pieces is a journey into a world of unparalleled luxury, where each handbag tells a story. Discover all the latest designer clutch bags at the Judith Leiber shop.

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Shop our our best sellers, take a sneak peek at what's coming soon, or find a bag for a special occasion, discover the perfect Judith Leiber Couture clutch meant for you and your style. The Judith Leiber shop is the only place you need to go to find all the latest Judith Leiber couture creations with your next favorite bag.

Best Sellers

Explore all the best-selling Judith Leiber purses with showstopping creative designs that you are guaranteed to love. From the ultra-cute Passport Traveler to the ever-popular Rose Clutch, if you want one of the most iconic Judith Leiber designer bags, then continue shopping Judith Leiber bags to find something that speaks to your soul.

Sneak Peek

Love to stay one step ahead of the latest fashion trends? Be the first to uncover all the upcoming Judith Leiber designer bags that promise to dazzle with every season. Pre-order your chosen couture clutch today, and you will be the first to receive our upcoming and coveted designs.

Special Order

Indulge in the ultimate luxury experience of placing a special order for a bespoke crystal handbag at Judith Leiber. Elevating the concept of personalized luxury, this extraordinary opportunity brings your vision to life. Our selection of special order Judith Leiber bags offer the utmost exclusivity and there are a wide range of made-to-order couture bags for you to choose from.


The ultimate gift for family, friends, and loved ones, no one will ever forget receiving a couture bag from the legendary handbag designer Judith Leiber.

Whether you're seeking a statement gift for a loved one or a treasured keepsake for yourself, Judith Leiber offers a collection that transcends trends and leaves a lasting impression. Prepare to embark on a journey of unparalleled glamour and indulgence as you explore the enchanting realm of Judith Leiber's gifting opulence.

Browse women's designer bags that are perfect for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and any other special occasion where you want to treat someone you love.


Throughout history and in the realms of pop culture, Judith Leiber handbags have solidified their position as iconic symbols of luxury, sophistication, and creativity.

Whether you prefer a classic designer bag or a more inventive look, you won't find a better selection of Judith Leiber bags anywhere else.

Offering unrivaled creativity and attention to detail, each Judith Leiber handbag is handmade in Italy by some of the world's most talented artisans.

The luxury leather-lined interiors, removable chains, and the signature Judith Leiber Couture Nameplate, each Judith Leiber clutch is a thing of beauty and promises to last you for many years to come.

Shop all the vintage Judith Leiber bags from throughout the years and find the perfect couture clutch to compliment your signature style.


Judith Leiber miniatures, designed to hold your small essentials, are transformed into small works of art. Each miniature is meticulously handcrafted, featuring intricate details and embellishments of dazzling crystals. The designs range from whimsical and playful to elegant and sophisticated, catering to every personality and style. From the elegant, mini clutchesand cases to deliciously decadent macaron pillboxes, if you are looking for a compact clutch that still screams style and sophistication, These mini treasures are not only practical accessories but also statement pieces that add a touch of luxury to your everyday routine.


Although Judith Leiber Couture is most famous for their handbags, they also offer a stunning selection of crystal-covered jewelry.

Designed in the same signature style as their couture bags, browse designer necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and charms, with designs to perfectly match your favorite Judith Leiber purse.


Add a touch of sparkle to our outfit with a Judith Leiber belt. Our range of designer belts is exactly what you need to take your look to the next level.

Adorned with the jewels and gems, you have come to expect from your favorite handbag designer, you are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd when you rock one of these eye-catching designer belts.

Sign up for our Collector’s Club to be the first to find out about the latest handbags, jewelry, and special offers across all our designer ranges.

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