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Pearl Bow Envelope $1,295.00
Soft Bow Belt Silver $495.00
Disco Ball $3,995.00
Gold Brick $3,695.00
Heart Clutch Gold $3,195.00
Forever Bottle Pillbox $995.00
Just For You Bow Gold $5,995.00
Disco Ball $3,995.00
Jeweled Belt Champagne $395.00
Hot Air Balloon Sunset $4,995.00
Baguette Eternity Ring $245.00
Soft Bow Belt Champagne $495.00
Miniature Carriage $1,195.00
Gala Cake $5,495.00
Teddy Bear Pillbox Brown $795.00
Gummy Bear Pillbox Silver $695.00
Mini Minaudiere Fullbead Silver $395.00
L'amour Petit Coeur Silver $1,295.00
Macaron Pillbox Cotton Candy $695.00
Crystal Card Case Pink $295.00
Rose Josephine $4,995.00
Satin Bow Top Handle Fuchsia $1,195.00
Soft Bow Belt Fuchsia $495.00
Nail Polish Pillbox Really Red $995.00
Baguette Eternity Ring $245.00
Hot Sauce Bottle Pillbox $995.00
Disco Ball $3,995.00
Rose American Beauty $4,995.00
Katy Perry Mushroom $6,195.00
Butterfly Fireclipper $5,195.00
Satin Bow Top Handle Crimson $1,195.00
Gemma Satin Crimson $995.00
Triple X Hot Sauce Pillbox $995.00
Prescription Bottle Pillbox RX $795.00
Mini Minaudiere Leopard $395.00
Diamond Flawless $4,495.00
Macaron Pillbox Vanilla $695.00
Nail Polish Pillbox Funky Fuchsia $995.00
Crocodile Fuchsia Faceted Clutch $795.00
Cupcake Pillbox Rainbow $595.00
Small Heart Gem Eternity Band $295.00
Original Fizzy Pink $495.00
Classic Fuchsia Envelope $995.00
L'amour Petit Coeur Red $1,295.00
Classic Slim Rectangle Fuchsia $2,695.00
Gemma Crystal Fuchsia $1,295.00
Mini Minaudiere Fullbead Pink $395.00
Nail Polish Pillbox Ballet Pink $995.00
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Look no further than Judith Leiber for one-of-a-kind gifts. Our collection of handbags and pillboxes and accessories are destined to delight. Novelty and classic handset crystal handbags are not only always in fashion but true collectibles. Whimsically and sparkling pillboxes are meant to be bought in multiples and given to those you hold dear.