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Night Bloom Smooth Rectangle $3,695.00
Slim Slide Whip It $4,295.00
Effervescent Slim Slide $4,995.00
Slim Slide Galaxy Golden $4,495.00
Sleek Rectangle Chessboard $3,495.00
Slim Slide Galaxy Navy $4,495.00
Slim Slide Constellations $4,495.00
Slim Slide Pearl Lace Champagne $3,495.00
X-Ray Spy Kit $4,995.00
Arecales Smooth Rectangle $3,995.00
Soft Boom Box Black $1,995.00
Slim Rectangle Glimmer $3,995.00
Slim Slide New York Skyline $3,995.00
Globe Hayden Planetarium $4,195.00
Slim Slide Pearl Lace Gray $3,495.00
Envelope Love Letter $1,295.00
Traveler Orange $595.00
Slim Slide Dragon's Fortune $3,995.00
Gems Slim Slide $3,995.00
Sleek Rectangle Space Ticket $3,995.00
Sleek Rectangle Los Angeles Home Base $3,995.00
Sleek Rectangle Houston Home Base $3,995.00
Sleek Rectangle NYC Home Base $3,995.00
Sleek Rectangle London Home Base $3,995.00
Sleek Rectangle Atlanta Home Base $3,995.00
Sleek Rectangle Dubai Home Base $3,995.00
Sleek Rectangle NYC Home Base $3,995.00
Sleek Rectangle London Home Base $3,995.00
Lunch Box Lotus Gem $4,995.00
Lunch Box Hot Rod $4,995.00
Best Ice Cream Lunch Box $4,995.00
Slim Slide Passport Stamps $3,995.00
Slim Slide Paris Golden Hour $3,995.00
Sleek Rectangle Rare Coral Blue $4,195.00
Smooth Rectangle Midnight Mollusk Black $3,995.00
Sleek Rectangle Rare Coral Pink $4,195.00
Smooth Rectangle Midnight Mollusk White $3,995.00
Origami Fan Scallop Gold $1,495.00
Origami Fan Scallop Blue $1,495.00
Slim Slide Shell Beachcomber $3,995.00
Slim Slide Nautical Chains $4,695.00

Do you want a designer clutch that is as dynamic as it is daring?

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If yes, then you will fall head over heels in love with our stunning selection of patterned novelty bags. Designed to stand out from the crowd, each patterned clutch bag is unique and provides the owner with a style experience like no other. Whether you are searching for a shoulder bag with a difference or a slim side evening clutch that will transform your look, our patterned novelty bags promise to put a smile on your face.

Our Patterned Novelty Bags

Animal Prints

If you are ready to unleash your wild side, our patterned animal print purses are exactly what you need to update your accessory collection. With exquisite attention to detail, these popular Judith Leiber Couture bags are both stylish and sassy. Perfect for rocking to a casual lunch date or for adding a touch of glam to a late-night soiree, rep your inner spirit animal and choose from our tiger, leopard, zebra, and snakeskin designs.

Rainbow Themes

Somewhere over a rainbow and only one click away, our showstopping collection of rainbow-inspired novelty bags offer the perfect antidote to a hard day. With each clutch boasting thousands of brightly colored, hand-placed crystals, whether you are treating yourself or a loved one, you can’t help but feel joy when you see these dazzling designs.

Classic Styles

For those that prefer more understated patterned novelty bags, we provide several classic designs that offer both elegance and glamour in abundance. Check out our Fizzoni Stripes Clutch, which features 8,900 black, grey, and silver crystals that have been arranged in simple vertical stripes to create a timeless clutch that will perfectly match your classic style. Or, if you want a more whimsical clutch, the Slim Side Hyperdrive dazzles in jet black crystal accented with sleek silver lines.

Motif Handbags

If you love designer bags that feature a playful message, then these are the novelty bags for you. Whether you want a playful purse, a clever clutch, or a handful of a handbag, all of our motif patterned crystal novelty bags are true works of art.

Fruit & Flora

Bright and vibrant in their design, each of our fruit and flora-inspired patterned novelty bags are adjourned with a sparkling array of brightly-colored crystals. From ruby red strawberries that look good enough to eat to canary yellow lemons that dazzle in the sun, our range of fruity bags guarantees to brighten up any outfit. Prefer something more floral? There are several Judith Leiber flower-based clutches, including the understated Slim Side Watercolor Roses clutch and the Slim Side Fleur Royal.

Crossbody bags

We offer an extensive range of novelty crossbody bags that each feature a removable long shoulder chain so that you can choose to hold your new bag in your hand for all to see or casually draped over your shoulder. Sign up to our Collectors Club and receive the latest news on our patterned handbags and any new additions to the Judith Leiber Couture collections.

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