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Rose Blush $4,995.00
Traveler $495.00
Zip Pouch Chic $795.00
Rose Desiree $4,995.00
Smooth Rectangle Night Bloom $3,695.00
Peony Moonbeam $5,195.00
Envelope Billions $1,295.00
Crown Jewels $5,995.00
Effervescent Slim Slide $4,995.00
Butterfly Queen $5,195.00
Rose Golden $4,995.00
Gemma Satin Crimson $995.00
Perry Satin Clutch Red $1,295.00
Sleek Rectangle Red $3,495.00
Gemma Crystal Red $1,295.00
Sparkle Net Pouch Red $695.00
L'amour Petit Coeur Red $1,295.00
Rose American Beauty $4,995.00
Parrot Scarlet $5,495.00
Bloody Mary Cocktail $5,795.00
Sleek Rectangle Black $3,495.00
Mini Rounded Rectangle Satin Black $995.00
Champagne Bottle VIP $4,695.00
Zip Pouch Love $795.00
Satin Bow Top Handle Black $1,195.00
Perry Satin Clutch Black $1,295.00
Heart Clutch Silver $3,195.00
Sold out
Bunny Ava
Sold Out
Disco Ball $3,995.00
Oval Drop With Tassel $4,695.00
Perfume Bottle Clutch Crystal Blanc $5,495.00
Mini Rounded Rectangle Fullbead Silver $1,695.00
Sleek Rectangle Silver $3,495.00
Bow Deco Gems Silver $5,995.00
Kylie's Lightning Bolt $4,995.00
Envelope Squares Silver $1,195.00
Gold and Silver Gradient Fizzoni $1,295.00
Peach $4,995.00
Hot Air Balloon Amelia $4,995.00
Bow Deco Gems Prosecco $5,995.00
Disco Ball $3,995.00
Champagne Bottle Forever $4,695.00
Forever Bottle Pillbox $995.00
Mini Rounded Rectangle Fullbead Champagne $1,695.00
Sold out
Gemma Crystal Prosecco
Sold Out
Sleek Rectangle Gems $3,995.00
Sleek Rectangle Champagne $3,495.00
Gemma Satin Emerald $995.00
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Discover the newest arrivals from Judith Leiber. Each season we offer new styles of Judith Leiber evening bags and pillboxes in crystal, resin and exotic skins. Choose from classic styles, novelty clutches and giftable pillboxes. Get the latest evening styles for all of your most special occasions.

Can’t wait to get your hands on the latest releases from your favoritehandbag designer?

Discover the new Judith Leiber bags below and start adding to your collection today.

With the greatattention to detail that you come to expect from Judith LeiberCouture evening bags, the new Judith Leiber bagsdo not disappoint and promise to deliver maximum impact no matter what the occasion.

Whether you want a clutch that is sleek and sophisticated, a purse that is flirty and fun, or a bespoke handbag that no-one else has, the new Judith Leiber bagsare exactly what your accessory collection needs to see in the new season.

Get Fruity

Who doesn’t love a handbag that looks like their favorite fruit? From the juicy Pineapple Hawaiian clutch that is more pretty than prickly, to the bang-on-trend Avocado clutch that is ideal for rocking to brunch, these fruit-inspired novelty bags are guaranteed to get everyone talking for all the right reasons.

Ice, Ice Baby

If the hot weather is all getting a bit too much, then why not cool down with one of Judith Leiber’s frozen-themed Couture bags? Whether you fancy a refreshing popsicle purse, a licktasticice cream cone rainbow clutch,or the mouth-watering frozen slushie bag, you will most certainly look cool with one of these designer bags on your arm.

Flower Power

Being true works of art, our collection of rose-shaped clutchesare so intricate that they have to be seen to be believed. For a golden glow, the Rose Sunflare covered in canary yellow crystals is the obvious choice. Or,if you are after a more romantic design, the Rose Josephine in striking fuchsia is simply stunning.

Slim Side Designs

If you need a Judith LeiberCouture evening bag that can be easily held in your hand all night long, then our latest slim side designs are just what you need. From the Slim Side Green Clutch that mixes old Hollywood glamour with a sleek and modern design, to the Slim Side Jerry that is as funky as it is fabulous, to the Slim Side Lemonade clutch,which is perfect for showcasing your playful side, slim doesn’t have to mean shy when you browse ours slim sidenew Judith Leiber bags.

Perfect Pillboxes

A designer pillboxmakes the ideal gift for a loved one, and our latest offerings do not disappoint. For beauty enthusiasts, our collection of Nail Polish Pillboxes are fun, frivolous, and funky.

Prefer a little more punch when it comes to pillboxes? Discover our Chilli Pepper clutch that is available in daring red, vibrant green, and mesmerizing gold.

Sports Luxe

Who says that you can’t be both fashionable and sporty? Check out our new range of sport-inspired women’s designer bags that promise to knock the ball out of the park. We can’t get enough of our spherical clutches, including the bejeweled Tennis Ball purse and the striking Black and Gold Basketball.

Or, if you are more of a football fan, don’t miss our made-to-order Football crystal clutches that are available in a wide range of eye-catching colors.

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