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Bow Deco Gems Silver $5,995.00
Disco Ball $3,995.00
Silver Hand War and Peace $6,295.00
Bling Sphere $3,195.00
Basket of Roses Blush Bouquet $6,995.00
Rose Blush $4,995.00
Crown Jewels $5,995.00
Pink Lemon Slice $4,295.00
Diamond Pink $4,495.00
Pineapple Sugar Loaf $5,995.00
Champagne Bottle Bubbly $4,695.00
Football Pink $3,995.00
Heart Clutch Pink $3,195.00
Rose Romance $4,995.00
Peony $5,195.00
Rose Josephine $4,995.00
Lipstick Pinkie $5,495.00
Hot Lips Pink $4,495.00
Just For You Bow Pink $5,995.00
Diamond Ruby $4,495.00
Ruby Heart $4,195.00
Ring Master Polar Bear $5,495.00
Bulldog Winston $5,995.00
Crescent Moon Creciente $4,295.00
Disco Ball $3,995.00
Heart Clutch Red $3,195.00
Balloon $4,995.00
L'amour Petit Coeur Red $1,295.00
Just For You Bow Red $5,995.00
Dice Red $2,995.00
Tomato Heirloom $4,695.00
Rose American Beauty $4,995.00
Strawberry $4,695.00
Bloody Mary Cocktail $5,795.00
Merry Go Round $5,995.00
Hot Dog $5,995.00
Football $3,995.00
Dice Feeling Lucky $2,995.00
Frozen Margarita $5,695.00
Star Rainbow $4,295.00
Rainbow Basketball $3,995.00
Just For You Bow Rainbow $5,995.00
Pinwheel Star $2,599.00
Pinwheel Star $2,599.00
Wing Macaw $4,695.00
Popsicle Frozen Fruit $4,195.00
Rainbow Heart $3,195.00
Rainbow Cupcake $4,495.00
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Novelty handbags are signature to the Judith Leiber brand. Our handset crystal novelty clutches are true works of art. Inspired by nature, art and culture, we have a vast selection of whimsical styles like vintage cameras, decadent junk food and mythical creatures like unicorns and peacocks. These make the most special gifts and are instant collectibles.

If you are looking for the ultimate novelty Judith LeiberCouture clutch, then you have come to the right place.

Synonymous with both creativity and originality, our extensive collection of novelty bagshave to be seen to be believed.

Whether you fancy showcasing a bejeweled butterfly on your arm, want an evening bag that looks good enough to eat, or you crave the most intricately designed, crystal-covered clutch ever made, you can’t fail to find the perfect novelty clutch bag when you choose to shop at Judith Leiber.

From fruit-themed handbagsto purses inspired by fairy tales, sport jeweled novelty bags to whimsical creations that guarantee to inspire, check out our stunning selection of novelty bags below.

Food for Thought

For all the foodies out there, we offer a vast array of food-themed clutch bags that will have you and everyone around you drooling at the mouth. From fast food to fruits, decadent desserts, to creamy cocktails, there is something for everyone in our extensive collection of food and drink-inspired purses.

Animal City

Whether you want to unleash your wild side or you prefer to showcase your shyness, our animal novelty bags are as beautiful as they are bejeweled. Choose from a proud and noble lion, a cute and compact chihuahua, a playful pig, a wild panther, and so many more.

Each animal-inspired clutch is covered in thousands of crystals that are each hand-placed for a superior luxe finish.

All About the Money

If you want a clutch bag that is as flashy as it is fabulous, then our money-themed handbags are the way to go. Rocked by the likes of JLo, Rihanna, and pretty much every single member of the Kardashian clan, the Stacks of Cash Billions bag is one of our best-sellers.

Don’t forget to also check out our Stacks of Cash £20 Note, our gleaming gold Coin Bank, and our Gold Brick clutch complete with a removable long shoulder chain, each with more bling than the last.

Au Naturelle

Embrace the natural world we live in with our stylishflora and fauna-inspired novelty bags. From the beautiful butterfly designs to our signature rose purses to our rainbow-themed creations, this is the Judith Leiber clutch collection for you if you are looking for something colorful and creative.

Perfect Pillboxes

Good things come in small packages,which certainly applies to our exquisite range of pillbox purses that are as cute asthey are compact. Browse our make-up-inspired pillboxesideal for beauty enthusiasts everywhere, our food-themed pillboxes that look just like the real thing, and our miniature sports car clutches that may not be fast or furious but definitely look the part.

Need a luxury travel pillbox for your next vacation? We’ve got you covered with our haute handbags that arejust the right size for carrying your medications in style.

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