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10 Celebrities Who Love Judith Leiber Bags Throughout the Years

No outfit is complete without the right bag, and nobody knows this better than celebrities.

Can you imagine them walking down the red carpet without the latest must-have couture clutch?

It would be scandalous!

However, not just any old designer handbag will do. Not for the rich and famous.

They need to be able to make an entrance. Stand out from the crowd and ensure they are placed on the “best dressed” list by the press rather than the worst.

Enter the exciting world of designer Judith Leiber.

Celebrities just can’t get enough of Judith Leiber handbags that are known for their whimsical styles and unrivalled craftsmanship.

From JLo to Kim Kardashian, Sienna Miller to Lady Gaga, keep reading to discover the top ten celebrities who love to dare and dazzle with a Judith Leiber clutch.

1. Tessa Thompson

Men in Black star Tessa Thompson knows just how to get noticed at a premiere, rocking the metallic and ruffles trend in one effortless outfit. Plus, by topping off the look with the Crescent Moon Polaris that is adjourned with oversized crystals and classic rhinestones, no-one else stood a chance when it came to standing out from the crowd.

2. Blake Lively

If you are going to be married to someone as gorgeous as Ryan Reynolds, you need to make sure you bring your A-game when you accompany them to their latest premiere. Thankfully, Blake Lively never disappoints on the red carpet, and at the Deadpool premiere, she managed to look both stunning and cool by pairing her chosen outfit with the Party Mix cassette clutch.

As Judith Leiber clutch bags go, this one is pretty impressive, allowing you to customize one side with your favorite mix tape name personally.

And this wasn’t even the first time that Blake has chosen to wear a Judith Leiber clutch to a special event. In 2015, she carried the iconic Koi fish clutch to the premiere of The Age of Adaline and looked fabulous!

3. Jennifer Lopez

If you remember one Judith Leiber crystal clutch, it’s got to be the one that JLo wore to the Hustlers premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. The Billions clutch. Even though according to Ms. Lopez “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”, clearly her outfit does as the Judith Leiber clutch price of this mesmerizing purse is just shy of $5.7k.

That being said, with 24k plated crystal accents and the chance to look like JLo, surely it’s got to be worth the hefty price tag?

4. Suki Waterhouse

Known for being a bit quirky and for her love of all things vintage, it didn’t come as a surprise when Suki Waterhouse chose the Hot Air Balloon Rainbow clutch to complement her simple green dress at the Tribeca Film Festival.

A great example of Judith Leiber couture; this clutch is as unique as it is memorable. Plus, with chevron set rainbow crystals and a gold plated basket, what better way to carry around your evening essentials?

5. Kim Kardashian

This famous diva is known for her love affair with all Judith Leiber evening bags and showed up to the party of vintage fashion brand “What Goes Around Comes Around” rocking the French Fries Rainbow clutch bag.  

Perhaps she wanted to express her love of fast food, or maybe she just knew that this couture clutch would get her noticed for all the right reasons. Either way, she nailed her look, teaming the clutch with a tight pink mini dress and cool black shades.

And don’t think that Kim’s devotion to Judith Leiber stopped there. She was recently gifted the Wildcat Chiquita Crystal Clutchby her sister Kylie Jenner for Mother’s Day.

Kylie also gifted her mother Kris Jenner with two bags from the Judith Leiber collection on the same occasion: the Sphere Ball & Chain and a sparkly gold hand with the middle finger sticking out!

6. Zendaya

Actress and singer Zendaya channeled her inner Disney princess by literally turning up at the Met Gala dressed as a modern-day Cinderella complete with a little carriage-shaped clutch bag courtesy of Judith Leiber.

Of course, not Cinderella outfit would be complete without the obligatory glass slippers, one of which Zendaya left on the red carpet. Perhaps in the hope that her own Prince Charming would find it and return it to her?  

7. Lady Gaga

Whether she is showing up dressed in meat or changing her outfit multiple times in the same evening, Lady Gaga never disappoints when it comes to fashion. Therefore, of course, she is a massive fan of Judith Leiber purses.

In fact, at the Met Gala, she wowed in four different ensembles, including the pink tube-style dress which she accessorized with maxi sunglasses and a cordless brick phone clutch, a replica of the 80’s bags.  

How anyone could keep a “Poker Face” when rocking a Judith purse is beyond us!

8. Sienna Miller

Also at the Met Gala, stunning Sienna Miller displayed her love of feline fashion by not only showcasing the perfect cat eye makeup but by also carrying the Judith Leiber Cat Jinx clutch.

Cute and couture in one handbag. What more could you want?

9. Alicia Keys

At the Gordon Parks Foundation Gala, it was hard to know where to look first when it came to Alicia Keys’ appearance. The plunging white dress or the crystal-encrusting Boombox clutch?

Either way, her husband Swizz Beatz looked more than happy to have his wife on his arm that evening!

10. Rebel Wilson

At the Pitch Perfect 3 film premiere, Rebel Wilson showed just how happy she felt with the film, or maybe life in general, by rocking the Judith Leiber Yes! Clutch bag.

Oh, yes, we love it!

Judith Leiber clutch bags are fun, frivolous and fantastic and make a great addition to any outfit, day or night. However, they are also avidly collected by couture connoisseurs and, due to their original craftsmanship, make a great investment for the future.

Which Judith Leiber clutch will you choose?

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