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10 Judith Leiber Clutches That Look Good Enough To Eat

When it comes to clutches, Judith Leiber can deliver time and time again. With its exquisite attention to detail, color choices, and designs, Judith Leiber's clutches have appealed to the likes of Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, and Jennifer Lopez. However, there is another target audience that can't get enough of these gorgeous bags: foodies. Judith Leiber has one of the best collections of carefully curated food-themed bags that scream perfection and leave many mouthwatering as they gaze upon them.


If you are a foodie yourself or just love to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons, you will love this list of clutches from the Judith Leiber collection that are good enough to eat.

Sweet Tooth Sensations

The collection of sweet treat-inspired bags is extensive, from ice creams to cakes and pastries, but we've narrowed it down to 4 fabulously delicious clutches. For any sweet tooth out there, these could satisfy your cravings.

  1. Pancakes

Oozing oodles of realistic bronze syrup on top of a mighty stack of scrumptious pancakes, Judith Leiber has managed to recreate one of the most loved breakfasts of all time using gold, amber, and champagne-toned crystals. There is nothing quite like Pancakes – which even features silver crystal-shaped butter slices on the very top of the stack – and the bonus of this clutch is the mirror inside!

  1. Strawberry Shortcake

Show off your love for cake and strawberries with the Strawberry Shortcake. The crystal-covered clutch provides plenty of depth and detail to the cake, with gold and champagne tones throughout to give the impression of a light and fluffy cake in the middle. Red and blush crystals form a delicious filling with strawberry details and a decadent strawberry drip design. This cake is topped off with whipped cream and extra sauce on the top complete the realistic look and leave you desperate for a bite.

  1. Croissant

For all the pastry lovers out there, the Croissant clutch has managed to deliver an utterly delightful take on the French delicacy. It uses gold, champagne, and bronzed-toned crystals to resemble the layers and shape of the flaky pastry. The addition of the red, white, and blue napkin from a patisserie completes the look. Carrying it in-hand will deceive your envious onlookers.

  1. Ice Cream Sundae Sprinkles

The ice cream-inspired bags in the Judith Leiber collection will leave you craving the frozen sugary delight all day long, but the Ice Cream Sundae Sprinkles truly is the cherry on the top of the cake – quite literally! Check out the enameled cherry on the top of the decadent treat. The glorious bright white crystals sit beneath dark brown crystals in a bedazzled sundae bowl. The sprinkles and cherry complete the look and give a fun twist on a normal bowl of ice cream.

Fruity Delights

Whether you prefer juicy, crisp, crunchy, or melt-in-the-mouth fruit, these fruity delights by Judith Leiber will have you falling in love. Here are some top fruit-inspired clutches that will leave you desperate for a bite.

  1. The Big Apple

Is there such a thing as the perfect apple? There is here! The Big Apple provides a perfectly shaped piece of fruit that shows off its glistening red crystals with gradients of white to give it texture and depth. The gentle green shades mixed with the darker green hues create a leaf that makes the red pop even more.

  1. Watermelon Slice

It is not easy to mimic the texture of a real watermelon slice, but Judith Leiber has made it look easy. With delightful gradient colors forming the pink flesh, moving from red to dark pink to light pink, and seed-shaped black crystals placed purposefully on top, surrounded by a green rind. Similar to the flesh, the three-layer rind goes from darkest to lightest the closer it gets to the middle. As the biggest fruit clutch available, the Watermelon Slice could be the perfect fruity addition to your next night out.

  1. Peach

If you prefer softer fruits but still love perfection, the Peach offers a rose gold plated bag that showcases true craftsmanship. With shades of orange-pinks and reds working alongside light peachy colors form the main shape of the fruit, The dark green leaf with hints of turquoise shows a dazzling take on the scrumptious fruit.

Tempting Takeout


When you want to indulge, takeout is there. Whether you are at home looking for a treat, don't want to cook, or are out and about looking for something to fill your rumbling belly, you can enjoy a quick, flavorsome dish and satisfy those fast-food cravings with pizzas, hot dogs, burgers and so much more. Now thanks to Judith Leiber's growing collection of take-out-inspired bags, you can showcase your love of your favorite fast foods in a sophisticated way. 

  1. Pepperoni Pizza

There is a bite already taken from the Pepperoni Pizza, but you will be resisting the urge to do the same when you see the classic New York inspired clutch. With deep red pepperoni-shaped slices with additional crystals set on top to add more texture, gold crystals to resemble the hot, melting cheese, and brown shades to build the New York Style crust.  

  1. Take Me Out

Love getting takeout Chinese and opening that container full of delicious food? Now you can get that feeling every time you take the Take Me Out clutch out. Fill the box-designed bag with all your precious goods and leave everyone passing by you craving takeout. With the crystal-design dragon on the side, you can enjoy your Chinese takeout in the most glamorous way yet!

  1. Hot Dog

Another clutch inspired by the food found in New York is the Hot Dog. The more you look at this bag, the more it leaves you smacking your lips together. The dog itself is a perfect shape and slots nicely in the bun with a healthy squirt of enamel ketchup. The crystal mustard sitting above green and silver speckles of onion and relish gives the Hot Dog an extra special touch to complete the bag. Look out for the red crystals on the bun and the napkin – eating a hot dog is a messy job, and this captures that perfectly.    

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