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6 Animal-Inspired Accessories for the Holiday Season

Animal print and animal-inspired fashion are seemingly everywhere, making it fashion’s new ‘neutral.’ Be it a handbag, coat, scarf or shoe, people are including a part of the jungle and animal kingdom in their wardrobe.

It takes a lot of courage and skill to wear animal-inspired accessories. There is a risk of pairing accessories with clothing incorrectly, but with this guide, you can create a beautiful outfit for the coming holiday season.

Heading to a glitzy party, visiting friends for a cozy chat or sitting by the fire with family? There’s an outfit for every holiday occasion.

1.  Sensational Serpent Accessories

Snake print is continuously popular amongst fashionistas. From shoes and handbags to headbands, serpent-inspired accessories are reigning supreme in the fashion world. All you need to do is find the right snake accessory that matches your personality and style. Luckily, Judith Leiber has the snake-inspired purse of your dreams.

Serpent Snakeskin Clutch Black

After a bold clutch that’ll add elegant embellishment to your outfit? The Serpent Snakeskin Clutch Black is beautifully sleek and simple, but has enough personality and edge to make you stand out. With its champagne tones and crystal serpent, this clutch is sure to be the centerpiece this holiday season.

Snake Culebra

The Snake Culebra is a beautifully crystal-covered handbag that’s meshed fun and elegance together, creating a handbag with quite the twist. Although this serpent accessory may not seem overly festive, it’s dramatic red coloring says otherwise. 

Fizzoni Viper

Lover of snake print? The Fizzoni Viper clutch is studded in snake-inspired crystal print, subtle enough to complement most outfits and occasions but also so striking that it can still turn heads. This specific Judith purse makes for the perfect evening accessory, ideal for any holiday event you may be attending.

2.  Zebra-Inspired Accessories

Judith Leiber Couture has a handful of zebra-inspired clutches that embody elegant individuality. Zebra is a difficult animal to work with, but due to its monochrome sophistication, the following Judith Leiber clutch bags will suit the holiday season.

Rocking Horse Toby

Add a touch of magic to your outfit with Judith Leiber’s unique and bold Rocking Horse Toby. This charming clutch encompasses the old-world charm of a rocking horse while putting a spin on this popular notion – daring zebra stripes, beautifully paired with champagne-toned metal hardware.

Seamless Zebra Copper

Do you enjoy the pattern of zebra print but want something a bit extra? Rather than settle with black and white, Judith Leiber has crafted an exotic but classical clutch in earthy tones of pink and copper. The Seamless Zebra CopperJudith Leiber handbag puts a beautiful spin on such a well-loved idea.

3.  Beautiful Bird Accessories

Fall in love with the bird-inspired accessories Judith Leiber has to offer, from beautiful love birds to the more exotic. Bursting with colorful crystals and feathered detailing, you’ll find a feathered friend that’ll match your needs.

Peacock Peek A Boo

The regal peacock is a beautiful bird to take inspiration from, with its myriad of colors and fanfare tail feathers. Judith Leiber Couture has taken the peacock and created the Peacock Peek ABooclutch – good enough to rival the real thing!

Bird Spring Fling

The dazzling Bird Spring Flingclutch is crafted in dreamy blues and bold black outlines, perfect for small dos and events. The bird’s small, petite frame and cute, round body makes this particular Judith Leiber clutch have a Disney-inspired charm.

Red Wing Climber Earrings

Decorate your ears with the stunning Red Wind ClimberEarrings, beautifully studded with red and purple micro-pave cubic zirconia stones. Elegance comes easy with these unique earrings that are sure to turn heads.

Phoenix Climber Earrings

Add an air of fantasy to your outfit with these majestic Phoenix Climber Earrings. Sure to bring any outfit and occasion to life, the clear pave stones and 14K gold plated brass embodies magical charm like no other.

4.  Charming Cat Accessories

Want to wear your favorite feline this holiday season? Judith Leiber offers a wealth of options for cat lovers to enjoy, be it fans of small housecats or lovers of prowling wildcats. 

Wildcat Black Jaguar

Add an exotic twist to an all-black outfit with the Wildcat Black Jaguar; this fierce crystal-encrusted jaguar clutch will be the highlight of everyone’s evening with its smoky silver and gunmetal tones.

Cat Morris

Add glitz to your life with Judith Leiber’s take on the ever-popular American Tabby cat. Cat Morris is cute, elegant, and, quite simply, adorable. Its champagne coloring will add a soft elegance to your outfit.

Cat Kool Kat

Add a fun sophistication by selecting the Cat Kool KatJudith Leiber clutch. This Beatnik-inspired kitty is kitted out in a beret, black turtleneck and sunglasses – you will surely be feline fine with this Judith purse in hand.

5.  Fairytale-Inspired Creature Accessories

Think outside the box and explore Judith Leiber’s collection of otherworldly purses with a difference. While many may stick to the cats and snake print, there are many other animal-inspired accessories to consider. 

Frog Prince Charming

Are you awaiting your Prince Charming this holiday season? Rather than wait for a person to make you happy, fall in love with the Frog Prince Charming clutch and its evocative design and coloring. Complete with a detailed crown, the Frog Prince Charming Judith purse will make you swoon. 

Butterfly Mila

This clutch makes for a beautiful winged companion, with its charming blue hues and silver and jet tones. Covered in Judith Leiber’s signature crystals, Butterfly Mila is inspired by the Blue Morpho butterfly of South America.

Hedgehog Wilbur

Woodland charm doesn’t get any better, or any cuter, than the Hedgehog Wilbur clutch. The attention to detail makes this Judith Leiber purse simply adorable. With this little critter by your side, you’ll feel like Snow White or the star of your own fairytale.

6.  Christmas Accessories

Stick to the holiday festivity and carry a Judith Leiber handbag that’s both fun and formal. 

Penguin Alfred

Christmas is just around the corner, so celebrate any upcoming black-tie event with Penguin Alfred– who, just like you, is dressed to the nines with his top hat and black bowtie. Its classic black and silver tones keep this enjoyable purse sophisticated enough for even the fanciest of events.

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