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Top 10 Unique Evening Clutch Bags

If you’re lucky enough to be heading off to a fancy formal event, or you’re going for a fun night on the town, it’s time to turn up your outfit's wow factor by getting your hands on the perfect, eye catching clutch bag.

Clutches are a beautiful and timeless accessory ideal for the season of summer weddings or any season for that matter! So, whether you want to match your clutch to your wedding attire, your birthday look, your date-night outfit, or a formal event get-up, this list of unique evening clutch bags will give you the inspiration you need.

A Silver Bling Sphere Clutch

For a clutch with a difference, you might want to try breaking the norm by opting for breaking convention in the name of unique, and sheer fashion goodness.

A beautiful spherical-style bling clutch can help you do this with ease. A crystal-bejeweled bling clutch glitters wherever you walk, making it ideal for those of you who plan on matching your clutch with the details on your sparkly dress.

If you’re going for a more classic evening look and your attire is simple and sleek, you may want to choose a statement clutch in order to truly stand out. This way, you get a nice blend of both worlds.

The clutch comes with a detachable strap too, which, (while being enchanting to look at) can be a huge help in the midst of a busy party or post wedding evening reception. Shoulder straps can save you from having to hold the clutch for the entire time or put it down somewhere and lose it forever after a few champagnes.

The Billion Dollar Design Clutch

The beautiful Judith Leiber clutches are world-renowned for their legendary, unique pieces, and the iconic Billion Dollar Design clutch is the perfect example.

Seen in the hands of queen Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, and Khloe Kardashian, the Billion Dollar Design clutch has been loved by the megastars the world over. Yet, it somehow still surpasses even the grandiosity of its name when you see it in person.

Taking the form of a stack of billion-dollar bills, this crystal-bejeweled jaw-dropper will be the talk of the entire town. A satin-lined interior and champagne metal hardware ensure that this clutch is extravagant, elegant, and beautiful both inside and out. 

An Animal Print Zip Pouch

A zip pouch manages to provide that all-important balance of practicality, aesthetic beauty and portability. A beautiful clutch with storage might sound like a distant pipedream, but the future is now, and the pouch is worth checking out.

You can carry this elegant pouch by itself or simply tuck it in a bag for later; it depends on whether or not you want to show it off (and since it’s a special occasion, you might as well).

Animal print is another classic style that emanates class, intrigue, edge, sophistication, and timeless fashion. You could consider a zebra print if you want to match the whites of a wedding dress with it, or you could go completely off the beaten path and elect to sport a cheetah-style print that can’t help but get noticed – whatever floats your fashion boat. 

Fuchsia Envelope Clutch

It’s not all about that monochromatic steely goodness when it comes to outfit accessories; sometimes, a classic fuchsia tone can speak the volumes you need it to when you’re attending an evening event.

Pink is the color of fun and fabulousness, and when it appears on an envelope clutch with a crystal bow tie on the front of it, it’s the color of an individual with impossibly good taste. Plus, it’s a typically girly and feminine color of the rainbow, so the girliest of gals will truly love this number. 

Black Crocodile Clutch

Black attire and accessories have been the fashion darlings for what seems like all of recorded history – a fitting testament to its timeless class.

In particular, a black crocodile clutch blends the sleek and the edgy in one extremely special package – one that you’ll be happy to take with you to any evening orday event, or any occasion, anywhere, and at any time.

Sporting some great storage space, this clutch sits firmly on a throne in the palace of the fashion elite. Or in other words, it would be a superb addition to your collection. 

A Pearl-Studded Clutch

Pearls are particularly bridal, and they’ve made wonderful additions to wedding outfits for what seems like forever now, so why not reflect this by getting yourself a pearl-studded clutch?

Pearls are chic, elegant, and highly graceful, so they work well with many wedding dresses from different eras and styles. You could think about wearing some pearls in your hair to match those studded on your clutch if you wanted to truly double down on the overall effect. Pearls fit very nicely in every single color palette, too, and go well with any color you could possibly choose.

Not everyone enjoys getting too blinged up on their wedding day, or on someone else’s wedding day (you wouldn’t want to steal the show) so perhaps electing to flaunt your pearls on your clutch is a perfect alternative.

The Champagne Satin Clutch

Moving on to the more understated, yet no less unique and enchanting kind of clutch, the champagne satin option can draw the eye in a different way – a way that says, ‘Yeah, I’m elegant and sophisticated, so what?’ without requiring you to speak a single word. 

The champagne satin clutch is sleek and beautiful and has a one-of-a-kind design. Its unusual tones are highly versatile, so they’ll likely match up nicely with whatever style your event outfit consists of.

In addition, this style is absolutely timeless and will never go out of fashion, so if you bag one, it’ll likely be the only bag you’ll ever need to buy. It’s also a neutral color that will go with almost any outfit, making it a great choice – both in terms of style and color. 

Rainbow Bow Tie Clutch

Loved by stylists and it-girls across the globe, the rainbow bow tie clutch is phenomenally special. A shimmering bow tie-shaped clutch will have heads turning throughout the evening, wherever you might roam.

What’s more, this is the kind of clutch that can go with almost any aesthetic because its bright, multi-colors add a splash of vibrancy and usually don’t clash with other shades. Plus, who doesn’t want to inject a dose of fabulous rainbow hues into their outfit? 

Satin Red Box Clutch

Red is as seductive as it gets in terms of style and sophistication, and it’s the ultimate color to amp up your evening aesthetic. Oozing luxury and sexiness, a satin red box clutch takes your formal outfit to the next level – and that’s why it’s often worn by the rich and famous from all corners of the world.

Who said you have to be rich and famous to wear this intense color? You can claim it for yourself and indulge in its richness to evoke sensuous allure and sharpen a ravishing edge on your party look. For an even more fierce appeal, pair your red satin clutch with darker outfit shades – like black – which will make you look as classy and confident as you probably feel.

Slim Rectangle Gold Clutch

Classy, timeless, and oh-so-stunning, a slim rectangle gold clutch will exude regal vibes and add rich finesse to your evening look.

Whatever occasion you need the perfect accessory for, you can never go wrong with the centuries-old fashion afforded by gold – which is why a gold clutch ticks all the boxes every single time.

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