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How to Style a Glamorous Clutch with Class

How to wear clutch bags

The clutch bag is one of those key wardrobe essentials that will never go out of fashion.

Stylish, versatile, and practical, the right clutch bag can make you feel like a million dollars.

You can rock a clutch to a red carpet event, a wedding, a romantic date night, or even just out for lunch with the girls. This is one accessory that can go everywhere with you.

Whether you are looking to invest in a new clutch bag or you want to know how to wear the clutch bags you already have, keep reading to find out how you can style a glamorous clutch with class for any occasion.

Sling it over your shoulder

Many clutch bags come with a removable shoulder or elbow chain, so that you can elegantly drape your bag over your shoulder or arm when you need your hands free.

To make the most of this look, opt for shoulder bags or tote bags that boast a decorative shoulder strap, such as one that is adorned with crystals or semi-precious stones.

This will ensure that all eyes remain on your clutch, even when you are not showcasing it in your hand.

Grip it in front of your body

Clutch bags are called clutches for a reason. They are designed specifically to be held. The secret to holding a clutch bag is in being light but firm.

You often see celebrities holding their designer bags with both their hands over the top, but this covers up the majority of your accessory. Instead, it is a much better idea to hold your clutch at the bottom, allowing for maximum visibility.

If you have an oversized clutch, you might want to try carrying it under your arm or in one hand in front of your body.

Avoid matching

If you are tempted to match your clutch to your outfit, then you should know that this rarely looks good.

Instead, either pair a statement clutch with an understated outfit or a bold dress or suit with a more sleek and simple clutch.

For those that love bling, why not rock a crystal clutch with some sparkling jewelry for a truly show-stopping look?

The most important styling rule to remember is that you don’t want to overcomplicate your outfit. Either let your dress or your clutch do the talking. Never both.

Choose the right size and style

One of the best aspects of clutch bags is that they come in so many different sizes. For example, little clutches are ideal for just carrying your lipstick and bank card, whereas envelope clutches are perfect for carrying around your Kindle.

You can even find clutches that are the same size as overnight bags so you can fit in everything you could possibly need for a 24-hour period.

As well as varying sizes, you can also find clutch bags in a wide variety of different styles, with designs for day and evening looks. Although clutch bags used to be predominantly worn to formal events, there are now clutches to suit all occasions.

You can find fun and playful clutches that are great for wearing to lunch with the girls or spa weekend. You can also find more sophisticated clutches that won’t look out of place at a black-tie event.

Wear a clutch to the office

Think that clutches are only for social occasions? Think again. Couture clutches are popping up in offices all over the country, with working women wanting to look both stylish and professional.

To make a clutch work at the office, wear with a patterned blazer and pantsuit and a pair of statement heels. Again, if your outfit is bold in its design, pick an understated clutch and if it is more restrained, then opt for a vibrant and colorful bag.

The key to wearing a clutch bag to work lies in being confident in your choice of fashion. If you wear your clutch proudly on your arm, then others won’t help but fall head over heels for your look.

Go colorful with an LBD

Nearly every woman has at least one little black dress in their wardrobe. A dress that you know you can rely on to always look good.

However, to successfully nail the LBD look, you need to go big and bold with your choice of accessories and avoid getting lost in the crowd.

Instead, if you are going to keep your outfit understated and elegant, you need a clutch bag that is going to bring its A-game. You need a clutch that demands to be noticed.

Whether you love animal print, floral designs, or neon colors, don’t be afraid to showcase your unique sense of style with a statement clutch.

Pair a pattern with denim

If you live in your favorite pair of jeans or denim jacket, then you need a clutch that will complement this versatile material.

As denim clothing is typically quite plain, patterned clutches work perfectly, delivering an area of interest to an otherwise basic outfit.

Leopard print looks great with outfits that feature more than one shade of denim as this bold print can bring the whole outfit together. Alternatively, if you have paired your favorite jeans with a simple white t-shirt or shirt, a brightly colored pattern can make the outfit look fresh and exciting.

When it comes to styling a glamorous clutch with class, the most important thing to remember is to have fun. Fashion should be about expressing yourself and your individuality, so don’t feel like you have to hold back.

If you love to be the center of attention, then be bold in your choice. You can never have enough bling! Or, if sophisticated and understated styling is more you, then go for a classic couture clutch that will never go out of fashion.

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