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Kim Kardashian’s full collection of Judith Leiber bags

Kim K is known for her love of all things bling and that extends to her impressive designer handbag collection.

Although she has a multitude of designer brands that she loves to showcase for all to see, there is one particular handbag designer that she coverts above all others.

The one and only Judith Leiber.

Whether she is strutting her stuff down one of the many red carpets she frequents, sharing her daily life on social media or promoting her KKW Beauty brand, she is rarely seen without a Judith Leiber creation on her arm.

Keen to see these decadent and crystal-covered clutches for yourself?

Read on to explore Kim Kardashian’s collection of Judith Leiber bags, and where she loves to wear them!

Also including the Kardashian clan’s impressive Judith Leiber handbag haul with Kylie Jenner, almost beating Kim in the style stakes!

The Wildcat Chiquita Crystal Clutch

Not one to shy away from social media, Kim K shared a video on her Instagram story of the Judith Leiber Wildcat Chiquita Clutch for all of her followers to marvel at.

With a retail price of $5,495, this decadent delight of a purse showcases Kim’s wild side and proved to be one of her favorite bags in her Judith Leiber collection.

The Cellphone Crystal Clutch

When Pusha T married Virginia Williams, Kim was not going to let anyone upstage her, not even the bride, which is why she rocked the stunningly luxurious Judith Leiber Call Me Brick Phone Clutch.

As always, Kim shared her new designer accessory with all her followers on Snapchat and was immediately met with a flurry of likes and appreciative comments.

The Hot Dog Clutch

A handbag that looks good enough to eat, for her 39th birthday, Kim was gifted $10,000 of designer handbags including the fabulously fun Judith Leiber Hot Dog Clutch.

Given to her by her publicist Tracy Romulus, this one-of-a-kind accessory comes complete with ketchup, mustard and relish toppings.

What more could a girl want on her special day?

The Lemon Clutch

Another birthday gift for Kim and this time from her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, the Judith Leiber Lemon Clutch is more sweet than sour.

Adorned with hundreds of handset crystals and featuring a luxurious leather lined interior, this couture creation must have made Kim feel like the luckiest girl alive!

Sadly, this purse is no longer available but, for those who love this quirky design, there is a new Judith Leiber bag that is just perfect: the Slim Slide Lemon Tree Clutch.

The French Fries Clutch

A big fan of food-themed bags, Kim Kardashian has been spotted out and about several times with the Judith Leiber French Fries Clutch.

Another couture creation that looks good enough to eat, Kim rocked this bold and beautiful accessory on the red carpet at the What Goes Around Comes Around 25th Anniversary Auction.

Pairing it with a Versace neon pink mini dress from WGACA and some see-through skyscraper heels, she is always ready for the spotlight!

The Pumpkin Cinderella Clutch

Although bought by Kim, this stunning Judith Leiber clutch which was inspired by the fairy tale of Cinderella, was actually purchased as a gift for her daughter North.

With an impressive handbag collection that includes a Louis Vuitton mini bag, Fendi mini bags and a Christian Dior saddlebag, the Pumpkin Cinderella Clutch makes a fun and frivolous addition.

The Pepperoni Pizza Slice Clutch

Another Judith Leiber designer handbag that was bought for North rather than Kim but still resides in the family home, the Pepperoni Pizza Slice Clutch is a decadent treat.

Because what do you give a child who already has everything? A purse that looks like a slice of pizza of course!

Other Kardashians Who Love Judith Leiber

It is not just Kim Kardashian and her daughter that love this iconic handbag designer. Oh no. Almost every female member of the Kardashian clan have treated themselves or each other to a Judith Leiber Couture treasure or two over the years.

In fact, it seems that every time one of the family members has a birthday, special occasion or just a bad day, another Judith Leiber designer bag pops up on one of their social media feeds – and to be honest, who can really blame them?

Let’s take a closer look at some of their favorite clutches below:

The Wrecking Ball Clutch

Kylie Jenner gave her mom, Kris Jenner, the Judith Leiber Wrecking Ball Clutch for Mother’s Day and it didn’t take long for her to show it off all over social media.

The Lion Clutch

Kylie Jenner showed off her new dazzling Judith Leiber Lion Clutch on Christmas morning in 2021 ahead of a quiet day spent with her daughter Stormi. As a Leo, this roarsome gift couldn’t have been more perfect.

The War and Peace Hand Clutch

Another gift from Kylie Jenner to her mother, the Judith Leiber War and Peace Clutch showcased Kris’s defiant side by styling the bag with just the middle finger showing and was posted on social media with the caption: “Only @kyliejenner would find this and know its me.”

The Frozen Drink Clutch

Gifted from Kim to Kourtney on her birthday, the Judith Leiber Frozen Drink Clutch looks oh-so yummy and is a must-have accessory for any girl who loves this cold and refreshing beverage. Featuring bright crystal swirls, a colorful straw and lots of fun accents, it is the attention to detail that makes this designer handbag so delightful.

Do you love a Judith Leiber Couture clutch just as much as the Kardashians do?

Explore the latest Judith Leiber designer handbag collections today and treat yourself to a blingtastic bag!



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