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Oscars 2019: How to Be Red Carpet Ready

With awards season taking over the showbiz world, there’s no better time than now to make sure you are truly red carpet ready, especially with the highly prestigious Academy Awards (the Oscars) rapidly approaching on February 24th. This outstanding event is not to be missed; the crème de la crème of Hollywood stars will be gracing the red carpet and the stage to present the iconic golden statuettes to the worthy winners. Nominations for this particular show are incredibly exciting to receive, which makes it a must-watch occasion.

How do you prepare for what is arguably the biggest night for film stars and filmmakers around the globe? Of course, you need to nail your outfit, arrange beautiful makeup and a flawless hairstyle, but what truly makes someone shine is their confidence. Feel beautiful, and there’s no doubt you’ll look beautiful too!

With that in mind, we’ve spoken to incredible celebrity stylist, Micaela Erlanger, to discover the best red carpet tips. What’s more, we’ve compiled a list of the chicest Judith Leiber handbags you need to be wearing this awards season.


Red Carpet Tips from a Pro

There’s no denying the glamour and meticulous attention to detail which exudes from celebrity stylist, Micaela Erlanger. She’s one the most powerful stylists in Hollywood, gaining accolades from influential publications such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar, and for a very good reason! Her passion and astounding talent for creating unique, awe-inspiring looks are evident for all to see, and one of the many reasons why she’s a favorite of talented stars such as Lupita Nyong’o, Hillary Swank, Blake Lively, and Jared Leto. Who better, then, to seek must-know tips from than Micaela? 

We sat down with Micaela to discover her first Judith Leiber purse and her favorite red carpet look.

What are your do’s and don’ts of dressing for special occasions - the red carpet and beyond?

Micaela Erlanger: There is always a way to turn a DON’T into a DO!

What was your first Leiber? How did you learn about us? Do you have a favorite bag?

My first Leiber wasI feel like I’ve always known about Leiber, but I’m sure watching “Sex In The City” at age 16 played a part in that! My favorite bag would undoubtedly be the bespoke one created to look just like my book cover “How To Accessorize: The Perfect Finish To Every Outfit.”It is something I’ll cherish forever.

We have internally coined nicknames of the Judith Leiber bags that my clients carry the most because they are just so signature! We coined the Satin Coffered Rectangle Clutch Bag the “Lupita Clutch” or rhinestone covered oval shaped bag the “Jelly Bean” because my girls carry it so often! I love the novelty minaudières as well, they are so playful and make any outfit happy!

What is your favorite JLC red carpet look?

It’s so hard to choose! JLC is a staple for the red carpet looks I create! We made a custom bag for Lupita for the 2015 Golden Globes that she wore with the Giambattista Valli couture dress. Everything was perfect about it, especially the color.

What do you look for in an evening bag?

I look for something that compliments the overall look. I also think there are two ways to approach it, making it either a focal point and conversation starter like the novelty minaudière; or keeping it a bit more practical but equally as glamorous. Like a satin box. My clients definitely want to know that they can carry their phones, lipstick and room keys with them with them while still looking FAB!

Now that you have written a book on accessorizing (without giving away the ending!) What should every woman know about picking the perfect handbag for her look?

You should always have fun with fashion! Just remember that adding a little whimsy and playfulness when it comes to accessories is key!

Picking the perfect Judith Leiber Couture clutch bag, however, can be a challenge, particularly considering the vast array of unique, iconic designs available. Keep in mind Micaela’s must-know evening bag tips:

  • It must complement the overall look
  • Either make your evening bag a focal point or a conversation starter
  • Alternatively, keep your evening bag practical but equally glamorous, such as our beautiful Soho Satin clutch
  • Ensure you can carry the essentials (phone, lipstick, room keys) while still looking fabulous

For those wishing to learn more must-know celebrity stylist tips, Micaela’s book, How To Accessorize: The Perfect Finish To Every Outfit is unmissable. Launched in April last year, this accessorizing bible features vital information such as how to base an outfit around an accessory, how to use your accessories to stand out from the crowd, and key tips for accessorizing every day. You can find the book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Indiebound, along with other retailers.  

One must-remember takeaway from our enlightening Q and A must be the following line:

“You should always have fun with fashion! Just remember that adding a little whimsy and playfulness when it comes to accessories is key!”


Accessories Can Make or Break an Outfit

While, of course, the gown or tuxedo you wear to the event is important, the accessory you opt to wear can elevate any outfit to new heights. As Micaela states, when you’re choosing the perfect evening bag, make sure you can carry all your essentials, and most importantly, have fun! Our beautiful Judith Leiber collection has all you could ever want and more, whether you want to showcase your fun, novelty side, or make a simple yet elegant statement.  

Why not take it one step further, and link your unique Judith Leiber clutch to one of the many nominees, however? These iconic films truly deserve their place on the list, and if you’re a fan of them, we have a number of Judith purses which will look the part.  

Black Panther-Nominated for six awards, along with the most-coveted award, Best Picture: For fans of the wonderfully exotic and alluring Wakanda nation, what could be a better accessory than our Wildcat Black Jaguar clutch? While it may not be technically a panther, this whimsical number is exquisitely covered in crystals, and designed in a shape of a lying down bigcat. It’s sure to make a statement on the red carpet! Alternatively, however, why not show your appreciation for the marvelous film with an equally purrrfect Cat Jinx Judith Leiber clutch? This classic cat clutch is a cute yet eye-catching way to make a statement.

A Star is Born – Nominated for seven awards, along with the most-coveted award, Best Picture: This incredible feature film starringLady Gaga and Bradley Cooper was a box office success, telling the story of a seasoned musician (Cooper) who falls in love with struggling artist (Gaga). For fans of this particular film, why not draw inspiration from the leading lady, and wear an evening bag no one will be able to miss? Our Peacock Peek a Boois the ideal solution. This spectacular number uses stunning crystal colors in blue, green, and purple, amongst others, to create a memorable statement. Of course, our Judith Leiber purses will make anyone feel like a star, but our Pouch Money Bags, a favorite of Kim Kardashian, will make anyone feel like an A-lister. 

The Favourite – Nominated for six awards, along with the most-coveted award, Best Picture: This period epic deserves a truly royal outfit for those who wish to show their love for Olivia Coleman’s Queen Anne on the red carpet. Our collection of exquisite simple yet still glamorous clutch bags will surely make any outfit one to remember for centuries to come. The Slide Lock Champagne Clutch will dazzle and is ready for its close up. For those wishing to mix novelty whimsical splendor with regal bearing, our incredible Frog Prince Charming will make anyone fall in love with it. The fairy tale-inspired Judith Leiber crystal clutch features colorful, handset Austrian crystals and exceptional attention to detail.


Final Thoughts

With the Oscars quickly approaching, it’s time to make a statement, whether you’re walking the red carpet, or you’re enjoying the show in the comfort of your home. Our unique Judith Leiber collection is the perfect gift for someone special or yourself for any special occasion, even if you, unfortunately, don’t take the iconic golden statuette home! 


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