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Styling a Summer Dinner Party: 7 Outfit Ideas

Summer season is here, and that means one thing: outdoor summer parties. Whether your party is a BBQ with the family or an elegant affair, you will want to look your best. Standing out is a natural inclination, but successfully styling your outfit, hair, and makeup in a way that isn’t a summer cliché can be difficult.

Seven Great Outfit Ideas for a Summer Dinner Party  

Don’t blend in. Stand out with these top seven excellent summer dinner party ideas from Judith Leiber:

Skip the Pastels and Go Black

Black is typically avoided in summer due to how darker colors absorb heat, but with the right material like linen or cotton, you can stand out in a truly eye-catching look. Opt for a co-ord set, a simple slip dress, or dress it down. Either way, you will be sure to be the most fashionable black sheep at your party.

How to Accessorize

When you wear all black, you have the opportunity to really pop with your accessories. An up-do with neutral makeup and the Rainbow & Chain Earrings from the Judith Leiber Jewelry collection will help you stand out and look positively elegant.

If you want to opt for more of a grunge look to subvert the summer dressing style, then choose an eye-catching novelty clutch. A Judith Leiber crystal clutch will sparkle, and the novelty collection is a great conversation starter.

How to Style

Simple neutrals and natural hairstyles will work just as well as bright red lips or smoky eyes. With an all-black summer party outfit, the choice is yours.

Pop in Bold Colors 

On the other end of the spectrum are bright bolds. Fiery reds, warm yellows, and even bright blues all made their way down the runway last fashion week, and it’s time to take their design inspiration to heart. We, for instance, have a wonderfully sensual red crystal clutch that’ll make you center stage.

Go one step above a simple bright bold dress or suit and play with color theory. Match complementary colors, or be bold and add three bright colors like a shade of red, yellow, and blue all at once.  

How to Accessorize

When your outfit pops it is best to let your accessories ground you. A pair of simple earrings and your choice of timeless Judith Leiber evening bags will help you stand front and center without clashing your style. Our Soho Satin Red Clutch is effortlessly sultry and will be sure to make a statement.

How to Style

Like your accessories, you should tone down the makeup and hairstyle. A simple, elegant ‘do like a low bun can be incredibly chic when worn with a bright ensemble.

Show Some High Leg

High leg isn’t only for the runway, making it the perfect time to stand out and add an essence of sultry-chic to your summer dinner party.

How to Accessorize

How you accessorize depends on the color and shape of your high leg outfit. A long necklace draws the eye in a low-cut blouse. You can then either go bold with your Judith Leiber clutch or color match for a put together look. A bright red high leg dress and a Judith Leiber rose clutch can look passively radiant in a garden setting, especially if you select an elegant floral clutch design such as the Tall Slender Rectangle Summer Garden.

How to Style

Color match your outfit to your lips and wear your hair up or down depending on the length of your neckline for unrivaled elegance and beauty.  

Elevate a Casual Look

Shorts and a blouse are rather simple, but they can easily be elevated with the right Judith Leiber Couture.

How to Accessorize  

A great way to elevate a casual look is with couture accessories. The Judith Leiber purse price gives you the quality and style to make a statement even in an outfit that keeps you comfortable. Our Horoscope selection of clutches is quirky and edgy, making them ideal for nights out but also casual day trips.

How to Style

Go bold with your makeup and hair to really make your casual summer look perfect for elegant summer dinner parties.  

Minimalism at Its Finest

The 90s are back, and the slip dress is a style staple that should be in everyone’s wardrobe by now. Style a minimal slip dress with some bold accessories for a refreshing take on the pastel color scheme or go bold in a bright color or even black.

How to Accessorize

Pick any clutch. Judith Leiber handbags from the crystal to the novelty collection will work wonders with a minimal look. Opt for a delicate Soho Satin clutches or fun crystal Judith Leiber purses to tie together your outfit.

How to Style

Keep your look minimal and make a statement with your accessories for this outfit.

Lace or Crochet for Classic Elegance

Lace and crochet dresses are certainly coming back with the emphasis on boho chic that has hit the runway this season, and it’s a great way to take a laid-back country-rose approach to the summer dinner party.

How to Accessorize

Accessorize a classic lace prairie dress with a beautiful resin Judith purse or with satin Judith Leiber clutch bags to drive home the elegance of your outfit. Our novelty purses such as the exquisite Golden Pumpkin and Butterfly Monarch purses offer a charming addition to any boho outfit.

How to Style

Be the country-rose you were meant to be with a natural look from makeup to hair.  

Co-Ords for Summer

Co-ords are beautiful and come in many different shapes and styles. You can opt for a co-ord suit or a skirt and corset top match. Either way, the ensemble look is sure to be a hit.

How to Accessorize

Choose the perfect style staple from the Judith Leiber collection of Resin clutches to match the colors and tone of your outfit. A traditional pastel co-ord can really sing when combined with a Judith Leiber crystal clutch and sparkling jewelry.

How to Style

Neutrals and pastels should be paired with bold makeup to subvert expectations, whereas a bold co-ord can be toned down with glittering neutrals.

Summer Styling Tips to Remember  

Choosing which outfits, shapes, and silhouettes are right for your party is great, but if the material is wrong, then you could be in for an uncomfortable experience. Most summer dinner parties are held outdoors or at least have a portion outside. You need your clothes to keep you cool, comfortable, and chic inside and out throughout the night.  

Breathable, Luxury Materials

The best materials to help you look great and stay cool throughout your summer dinner party include linen, cotton, and chambray.

Footwear to Suit Your Party

Gardens and thin heels do not mix. Wear block heels, sandals, or even take note from the fashionistas in Paris and Copenhagen and pair a dress with sneakers.



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