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Seasonal Color Analysis: A Guide to shopping your color

Seasonal Color Analysis: A Guide to Shopping Your Color

Shopping for Your Color with Judith Leiber

We at Judith Leiber Couture know that skin tones are complex and varied from person to person. This is why shopping your color is never straightforward. Finding the perfect pallet that complements your skin tone can help you pop. 

To find this personalized color palette, you will need to have a professional color analysis done.

Seasonal color analysis is simply the task of laying out the different color families against your skin. To get an accurate result, you will want to invest in personalized services. Though expensive, these can make your shopping habits far more successful.

You will be able to invest in the right colors and make full use of Fashion Week’s color trends season after season because you know what shades work best on you.

The Color Analysis Process

The color analysis process follows these six steps:

  1. Don a gray cape, cap, and set against a gray backdrop
  2. Professional lights and mirror setup
  3. Each color shade is draped over your chest
  4. Colors are narrowed down
  5. Luxury hues are bought forward
  6. You have your own custom color pallet

The color selection process is boiled down from the four true color seasons. Most people sit in-between two seasons. This is why the color elimination process is so important.

To find the perfect pallet for you, you must eliminate all colors that don’t make you radiate.

The Four True Seasons 

The four true color seasons are:

  • True Autumn
  • True Winter
  • True Spring
  • True Summer

These seasons contain color swatches that embody the season. You are likely familiar with them. Season after season the colors that rock the runways vary only by hue.

The Eight Sub-Seasons

Most people are a combination of two of the true color seasons. By the time you are finished with your color analysis, you will be one of:

  • Light Autumn
  • Dark Autumn
  • Light Winter
  • Dark Winter
  • Light Spring
  • Dark Spring
  • Light Summer
  • Dark Summer

Luxury Colors 

The specific and subtle hues for each season are then brought out. These change from year to year, so it is best to shop the color trends from the last two fashion weeks. 

Seasonal Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2018/2019

The two color trends you need to stay on top of are from the last Spring/Summer show, and the latest Autumn/Winter show. The colors that shone brightest during the SS18/19 shows were:

  • Fiesta; a feisty red that brings energy into the summer months.
  • Jester Red; a rich and elegant red sure to help you stand out alongside your Judith Leiber jewelry.
  • Turmeric; the yellow spice brought to life on the runway.
  • Living Coral; a golden-toned coral pink that is as bright as it is sunny.
  • Pink Peacock; a truly stunning pink.
  • Pepper Stem; a yellow-green that embodies the newness of spring.
  • Aspen Gold; the color of the golden sun, perfect for summer.
  • Princess Blue; a royal, arresting color to bring elegance to your summer pallet.
  • Toffee; the warm chocolate tone perfect for long summer evenings.
  • Mango Mojito; a golden yellow of a tropical paradise.
  • Terrarium Moss; a stunning natural green.
  • Sweet Lilac; a sweet pink infused lilac color.
  • Soybean; a lovely golden neutral for the season.
  • Eclipse, the color of the midnight sky and the perfect dark neutral for your wardrobe.
  • SweetCorn; a soft and buttery pale yellow neutral
  • Brown Granite; a bold, warm brown for the season.

Seasonal Color Trends for Autumn/Winter 2019/2020

This nuanced color palette that took center stage for AW19/20 is complex and vibrant. With your color analysis you will want to shop your hue from these top winter tones:

  • Cranberry; a bright red that packs a punch and is perfect for winter.
  • Merlot; a classic shade of wine, perfect for winter warmth.
  • Summer Fig; An orangey red that livens up your winter wardrobe.
  • Crabapple; an orangey-rose that brings a hint of warmer seasons.
  • Chicory Coffee; The color of coffee, warm and essential.
  • Bluestone; A light blue that is tranquil and thoughtful.
  • Galaxy Blue; thoughtful blue hue, perfect to compliment crystal Judith Leiber purses.
  • Antique Moss; a wonderful yellow-based green to help you pop.
  • Forest Biome; the color of evergreen forests, ideal for winter.
  • Hazel; a mellow, golden brown perfect to bring some warmth to your wardrobe.
  • Butterscotch; an appealing golden yellow to brighten your winter attire.
  • Grapeade; a muted mauve that helps you shine.
  • Tuabaga, timeless beige suited perfectly for standout Judith Leiber clutch bags.
  • GreenOlive; the staple olive green.
  • Evening Blue; confident and classic, perfect for a regal gown.
  • Frost Gray; an eternal gray shade, perfect to compliment your Judith Leiber rose clutch.

Wearing Your Color Palette

You will want to shop the trending colors to what suits your skin tone. From there, you can wear your color pallet in one of two ways.

Wear Your Colors, Don’t Let Them Wear You

Wear your colors from your personalized color palette. This is how you will stand out. Don’t waste your time with bold colors that don’t suit you and only draw attention to themselves. You want to be what people see, not the color of your dress.

Wearing your color pallet is the best way forward.

Dress in Neutrals and Pop with Accessories from the Judith Leiber Collection

Wear neutrals that complement you and then dress up your outfit with bold Judith Leiber handbags in your more arresting colors.

Celebrity Inspirations

Meet some of our favorite celebrities who have rocked their colors and accessorized their outfits to perfection with a Judith purse by their side. Kim K and Blake Lively are great examples who made their claim with Judith Leiber purses.

Jennifer Lopez

Most recently J Lo has been spotted wearing a Judith Leiber crystal clutch from our novelty collection, the Stack of Cash. Wearing a skin-tight neutral, her clutch is the perfect pop of green that she needs to compliment her color type.

Anna Kendrick

Wearing a shade that makes her look rosy and positively glowing, helps her outfit pop with a crystal Judith Leiber Clutch.

Rebel Wilson

Wilson looked lavishing in a cherry red that suited her skin tone perfectly. To add that extra glitz and glam, she rocked a crystal Yes! Clutch from our Judith Leiber evening bags collection.

Helen Mirren 

Striking in blue, Mirren showed us all how timeless and sophisticated it is to match your color to your accessories. She was seen toting a Judith Leiber satin clutch in 2018 that matched the shade of her dress perfectly. 

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