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How to Style On-Trend Animal Prints

Animal prints are the new neutral in the fashion world, which is why if there’s one pattern to invest for your wardrobe, it’s the natural prints of the wild. These pieces are so incredibly versatile and can add a pop of interest to any outfit. They are fantastic layering pieces and make exceptional standalone outfits.

More is more with animal prints as well, so you can mix and match prints or go head to toe in leopard and still be ruling the street style runways. Use animal print to refresh your office wear, or use it to spice up your date-night outfit. Animal prints are bold, beautiful, and can be adapted for any sense of style.

 To help you style your on-trend animal prints like a pro we’ve created this comprehensive guide that will help you invest in the right pieces and style them like a fashion editor. You’ll get your thirty wears out of your animal prints, and you’ll look exceptional every time.  

Top Animal Prints of the Moment

There are plenty of animal prints out there, but the ones that are en vogue and flying off the shelves at the moment are a mixture of these top options:

  • Python Print 

Python prints offer you all the beauty of the design without any of the guilt. This true neutral pattern works with all types of outfits and can do wonders as a standalone piece or paired with mix-and-match patterns and prints.

  • Tiger Print

 Roar and rule the jungle with the imitation tiger print, which works particularly well as a skirt.

  • Zebra Print

For a black and white version of the tiger print, pick up a zebra print garment to add a bit of monochrome interest to your wardrobe.

  • Leopard Print

And then there’s the leopard print. This print is the most popular and infamous of them all. At this point in time, anyone who loves fashion has invested in one or two pieces of leopard print into their wardrobe. 

Top Pieces to Invest In 

You don’t have to commit to one type of pattern and in fact, you shouldn’t! Mixing up animal prints is what the pros do, and they look incredible. What you do need to focus on is which pieces work well with the print.

Yes, you can go all out with an experimental piece, but as stated before, animal prints are the new neutral. By choosing classic designs, you can get more wear out of them and customize your outfits in truly unique and captivating ways.

Maxi Skirt 

Maxi skirts of any shape or style work so well with the animal print because it allows the pattern to flow and ripple around you as you move. This helps make your outfit look alive and vibrant without any extra color needed.

  • How to Style

 A classic look will always be to add a black cashmere sweater or top to a leopard maxi skirt. Tie it all together with a belt and a Judith Leiber black satin handbag, and you have a modern look that would do Audrey Hepburn proud.

Statement Dress

If you have one piece to invest in, make it the statement dress. You can choose one that has a flowing skirt and then have it act as a maxi skirt if needs be, or you can throw on another maxi skirt of your own to turn it into a top. Pair your statement dress with a neutral friendly stunner of a handbag, like the Jazz Age clutch, and you’ll be head to toe glamor.

Long story short, the statement animal print dress can be styled into so many different pieces that it is a must for any fashionista.

  • How to Style

For a night look, pair it with staple pumps and a Judith Leiber handbag and let your dress do the talking. For a daytime look consider layers. You can layer it with other prints for an all-out maxi look, or, if you’re not as confident in your creativity, you can opt for neutral solids and layer up for cold winter days.


The animal print blouse is a must and can help amplify any outfit. Just remember to get it tailored to fit your measurements if it doesn’t already.

  • How to Style

Wear it tucked or loose; you’ll look incredible in an animal print blouse. Great style ideas include pairing it with tight-fitting pants and a blazer. Do this, and you have a sexy office-ready outfit that will turn heads and help you feel incredible. 

Other options include wearing it loose over a maxi skirt for a layered longline look that will rival any fashion week celebrity.

Statement Shoes 

If there is one pattern you absolutely need in your shoe closet, it is the animal print. It’s a great way to add a touch of fun to any outfit and can help draw the eye down to your feet – and take in the whole outfit in the process.

  • How to Style

There are so many fun ways to style statement animal print shoes. You can wear a minimalist outfit and then have it pop with a pair of leopard print pumps, or you can go full out with a patterned dress and thigh-high snakeskin print boots for contrast. 

Statement Clutch

Like statement shoes, a statement Judith Leiber animal print clutch can also be the pop of interest any outfit needs to become unforgettable. A Seamless Leopard clutch or a Seamless Zebra clutch can be just the ticket to make your outfit perfectly put together.

  • How to Style

Let your animal print or exotic skin clutch pop off your outfit by wearing neutrals and classic minimalist designs.

How to Master the Art of Mixed Prints

Mixing prints is absolutely in right now, but if you don’t feel comfortable or confident that you can get it right, don’t worry. The best way to is to pair your animal prints the way you would a pop of color. A leopard blouse with leopard pumps, for example.

From there you will want to move on to more daring combinations. Try a snakeskin print blouse and a zebra print maxi skirt and then accessorize with neutrals. Mixing and matching patterns is often just a matter of trial and error, so go through your closet and see how it all works together.


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