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Summer Date Nights: A Style Guide

From garden parties to carnivals, summer is the perfect season for romance, with the warm days and long evenings giving you and your partner a large array of favorite date nights to choose from. However, an important part of the perfect date night is the right outfit, with Judith Leiber Couture’s summer collection adding a flair of attraction to any partnership without the need for a candlelit dinner.

Whether you are going on your first date or rejuvenating the romance in your relationship, Judith Leiberhas a vast collection of summer styles to suit every romantic liaison.

For Garden Parties

Garden parties and barbecues are one of the USA’s favorite pastimes during the summer months and are the perfect occasions to showcase your summer style with a Judith Leiber handbag. The range of Judith bagsavailable adds a touch of glamour to any outfit, turning your party from an organized picnic into a sophisticated. invite-only occasion.

In order to add a flair of elegance to your garden party, consider opting for pastel themes, a particularly flattering color pallet that can soften your look and ensure you look fit for a fairy-tale happy ending. Judith Leiber accessoriescan help you to indulge in pastels, with bags such as the Heart Clutch Pink, whose symbolic shape can make your romantic intentions clear.

However, as the hostess, you should indulge in a little luxury to stand out from the crowd, and the Natalie Prosecco Crystal Clutch allows your outfit to match the summer drinks on offer; this satin and Judith Leiber crystal clutchwill make you look radiant among the other guests, with Emily Blunt wearing a similar Judith Leiber clutch to the 2018 Oscars.

What’s more, if your garden party has a fancy dress element,Leiber bagscan help your guests look both fun and stylish. Even celebrities are not shy of novelty handbags, with Lily Aldridge modeling Judith Leiber’s koi design in 2015; you can add this Hollywood glamour to your look with a range of novelty Leiber handbagssuch as the sophisticated Butterfly Monarch, a custom order that allows you to store date night cosmetics while staying on theme. 

For Picnics

If you and your date are planning to go on the ultimate romantic picnic, you should ensure that your style is as beautiful as the occasion. Judith Leiber pursescan effortlessly accentuate your summer dresses and playsuits, drawing attention to your carefully curated outfit. If you want to match the natural environment around you, the Judith Leiber Rose Clutch and Peony design can help you look as pretty as a picture, matching the floral patterns of traditional picnic and tea dresses.

However, if you and your partner love food, why not style yourself around your picnic foods with a Judith Leiber wallet? The current collection of Judith Leiber clutcheshas many novelty food-themed designs such as the Watermelon Slice and Popsicle Strawberry Drip, whose crystal embedded designs can brighten up even the rainiest summer days.

For Fairs and Carnivals

If the summer months have you dreaming of colorful carnivals and fairground rides, Judith Leiber’s couture handbagsallow you to embrace all the joy and wonder a fair has to offer, especially with their carnivalesque Carousel Jane's handbag and Teddy Bear Gummy Bears clutches. These crystal-covered and silver-toned jeweled handbagscombine the nostalgic joy of the carnival with the decadence of a jeweled purse, complete with enough room to store any fairground prizes!

The joy of any carnival and fair resides in bizarre events and curiosities that can set your imagination whirring. If you want to capture the thrill of the unique within your own carnival outfit and find a vintage Judith Leiber handbagjust as unusual as Margot Robbie’s Peter Rabbit silver diamond clutchbag, the Judith Leiber cupcake clutch,and Busy Bee will spark the interest of all the other carnival-goers.

Not only this, but some images are synonymous with the carnival, with treats such as Ferris wheels and gumball machines part of the traditional fairground scene. You can get into the spirit of traditional carnivals with the vintage Judith LeiberGumball Machine Shimmer, an exciting and chic design that is sure to wow your date - and many of the other carnival-goers. If you want to extend the vintage vibe with a fashionable steam-punk theme, vintage Judith Leiber bags, such as the trendy Penguin Alfred, with its penguin and eye-glass design, provide the perfect way to combine the modern with the retro.

For Concerts and Festivals

With an extensive line-up of festivals and outdoor concerts over the summer months, your date night style should combine the chic and the practical with the perfect jeweled bag. Stand out from the crowd with the Judith Leiber snake purse and Judith Leiber Peacock Peek a Boo; their custom and detailed designs give you the bright festivity needed for the perfect outfit, while their metallic leather-lined interiors make them perfect for storing your accessories inside.

Though, if you are hoping festivals will spark romance, the new Lipstick Seductress gives your outfit the allure that it needs to blend seamlessly between night and day. For late-night concerts, Judith Leiber Couture ltdalso has a wide range of simple and yet dazzling evening bags so that you can look like a popstar all night long, with Camilla Cabelo wearing a Leiber clutch to the Grammys in 2017. The Judith Leiber gold clutchand silver diamond clutchcan help you to add decadence to any festival ensemble. Not only this but if you are looking for a Judith Leiber pursethat can turn your date night into your dream fairytale, the Castle Once Upon Leiber purse, with its champagne toned metal hardware, can make you feel like a princess for the evening.

Summer is a season filled with romance, from impromptu picnics to lively festivals, so why not complement the season with a Judith Leiber handbag? With both styles for evening elegance and fun novelty events, the Judith Leiber collectionprovides a vast range of handbags that can get the romance flowing.

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