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Sleek Rectangle Black $3,495.00
Sleek Rectangle Champagne $3,495.00
Sleek Rectangle Red $3,495.00
Sleek Rectangle Emerald $3,495.00
Fizzy Silver $895.00
Fizzy Champagne $895.00
Fizzy Black $895.00
Fizzy Gray $895.00
Fizzy Opal $895.00
Fizzy Emerald $895.00
Fizzy Navy $895.00
Fizzy Red $895.00
Fizzy Crimson $895.00
Sparkle Net Pouch Silver $695.00
Sparkle Net Pouch Gray $695.00
Sparkle Net Pouch Gold Black $695.00
Sparkle Net Pouch Black $695.00
Sparkle Net Pouch Topaz $695.00
Sparkle Net Pouch Rose Gold $695.00
Sparkle Net Pouch Pink $695.00
Zip Pouch Silver $495.00
Zip Pouch Opal $495.00
Zip Pouch Champagne $495.00
Zip Pouch Rose Gold $495.00
Zip Pouch Gold $495.00
Zip Pouch Coral $495.00
Zip Pouch Red $495.00
Zip Pouch Teal $495.00
Zip Pouch Capri $495.00
Zip Pouch Gray $495.00
Zip Pouch Navy $495.00
Classic Silver Fizzoni $1,295.00
Classic Champagne Fizzoni $1,295.00
Classic Rose Gold Fizzoni $1,295.00
Classic Black Fizzoni $1,295.00
Classic Red Fizzoni $1,295.00
Classic Gray Fizzoni $1,295.00
Classic Emerald Fizzoni $1,295.00
Classic Navy Fizzoni $1,295.00
Classic Silver Slide Lock $1,995.00
Classic Dark Red Slide Lock $1,995.00
Classic Red Slide Lock $1,995.00
Classic Green Slide Lock $1,995.00
Classic Navy Slide Lock $1,995.00
Classic Black Slide Lock $1,995.00
Classic Gray Slide Lock $1,995.00
Crocodile Flat Envelope Black $599.00
Crocodile Flat Envelope Cobalt $599.00
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Judith Leiber Couture classic bags are a testament to the handbag designer’s unwavering commitment to craftsmanship; using the finest materials and adorned with meticulous embellishments that radiate refinement and sophistication. From soft satin and crystal clutches to structured minaudières, each creation is a masterpiece that epitomizes timeless beauty. These classic pieces are made to last and be loved for a lifetime, proven by the vast collection of  vintage Judith Leiber bags and crystal creations still coveted to this day.

Indulge in the allure of classic Judith Leiber bags and you'll find yourself transported to a realm where elegance reigns supreme. Whether you're attending a red carpet event, a romantic evening soirée, or simply seeking to elevate your everyday ensemble, these bags effortlessly become the focal point making you shine.

There are a number of Judith Leiber classics that have been created over the years and inspired by different time periods. With a catalogue of Judith Leiber vintage bags, our vintage Judith Leiber bags collection is an imaginative time capsule of many years of love from Mrs. Leiber herself.

Whether you need a new designer bag for a, a special occasion, or for your next date night, there are so many stunning Judith Leiber classics for you to choose from. Check out all our best-selling below and find the perfect brand new designer purse that promises to take you everywhere in style and sophistication

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