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Cricket Squares Prosecco $1,495.00
Brick Phone Call Me $6,195.00
Pancakes $6,495.00
Butterfly Serafina $5,495.00
Birdcage Gilded $5,995.00
Slim Rectangle Farfalle $2,499.00
Butterfly Queen $5,495.00
Oval Drop With Tassel $4,695.00
Classic Slim Slide Gold $2,495.00
Lemon Tree Slim Slide $3,495.00
Martini $5,795.00
Hot Air Balloon Amelia $4,995.00
Sea Scallop $5,295.00
Gemma Crystal Prosecco $1,295.00
Camera Click $5,995.00
Globe Hayden Planetarium $4,195.00
Toucan Toco $5,995.00
Bubbles $5,995.00
Merry Go Round $5,995.00
Koi Fish $5,995.00
Just For You Bow $5,995.00
Smooth Rectangle Tropics $3,995.00
Rose Sunflare $4,995.00
Orange Slice $4,295.00
Tennis Ball $3,995.00
Crescent Lemon $4,295.00
Zip Pouch Flutter $695.00
Phin Dolphin $5,995.00
Crescent Moon Eclipse $2,799.00
Coeur Logo Bag: Judith Leiber Couture x Lanvin $2,599.00
Beverage Can Zillions $4,195.00
Diamond Flawless $4,495.00
Sleek Rectangle Silver $3,495.00
Bow Deco Gems Silver $5,995.00
Classic Slim Slide White $2,495.00
Silver Hand War and Peace $6,295.00
Crystal Mini Rounded Rectangle Silver $1,695.00
Kylie's Lightning Bolt $4,995.00
Zip Pouch Chic $499.00
Stiletto $5,995.00
Zip Pouch Silver $695.00
Disco Ball $3,995.00
L'amour Petit Coeur Silver $1,295.00
Slim Rectangle Radiant $3,995.00
Gems Slim Slide $3,995.00
Brick Phone Call Me $6,195.00
Cricket Squares Silver $1,495.00
Solitaire Disc $4,695.00
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