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Judith Leiber Couture

60th Anniversary Celebration Egg Corset Golden (Limited Edition 1990's) $5,495.00
60th Anniversary Celebration Egg Effervescent (Limited Edition 2020's) $4,995.00
60th Anniversary Celebration Egg Empire (Limited Edition 1980's) $5,495.00
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60th Anniversary Celebration Egg Filigree Savonnerie (Limited Edition 1970's)
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60th Anniversary Celebration Egg Mosaic (Limited Edition 1960's) $4,995.00
60th Anniversary Celebration Egg Princess (Limited Edition 2010's) $5,695.00
60th Anniversary Celebration Egg Tabriz (Limited Edition 2000's) $4,995.00
Arecales Smooth Rectangle $3,995.00
Sold out
Asparagus Hollandaise
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Astronaut $4,995.00
Baguette Crossbody Chain Champagne $275.00
Baguette Crossbody Chain Silver $275.00
Baguette Deco Gems Belt Black $395.00
Baguette Deco Gems Belt Silver $395.00
Basket of Roses Blush Bouquet $6,995.00
Basket of Roses Forever Bouquet $6,995.00
Basketball $3,995.00
Basketball $3,995.00
Basketball Pink $3,995.00
Bespoke Baseball $4,495.00
Bespoke Basketball $4,495.00
Bespoke Champagne Bottle Forever $5,695.00
Bespoke Ice Cream Pint $5,295.00
Bespoke Microphone Clutch $5,995.00
Bespoke Party Mix Slim Slide $3,995.00
Bespoke Rainbow Mix Slim Slide $3,995.00
Bespoke Slim Rectangle $3,695.00
Bespoke Slim Slide $3,495.00
Best Ice Cream Lunch Box $4,995.00
Beverage Can Beach Berry $4,495.00
Beverage Can Boss Lady $3,995.00
Beverage Can Cola $4,495.00
Beverage Can Cold Brew $3,995.00
Beverage Can Slay $3,995.00
Beverage Can Zillions $4,195.00
Birdcage Gilded $6,195.00
Birdcage Solarium $6,195.00
Birthday Cake Ice Cream Pint $4,795.00
Blackberry Macaron $595.00
Bling Sphere $2,995.00
Bloody Mary Cocktail $5,795.00
Blue Moon Macaron $595.00
Blueberry Macaron $595.00
Sold out
Blush Peonies Corsage
Sold Out
Boombox Brooklyn Mookie $5,995.00
Bottle Joy Elixir $4,695.00
Bow Baguette Belt Silver $795.00
Bow Bunny $5,495.00
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