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Dragon's Sky Fan $4,995.00
Dragon's Egg Dragon Realm Red $5,695.00
Sold out
Curved Pouch Dragon's Fire $3,995.00
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Dragon's Lair Fan $4,995.00
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Dragon's Eye Fan $4,995.00
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Dragon's Egg Flight $4,695.00
Dragon's Egg Dragon Realm Navy $5,695.00
Slim Slide Dragon's Fortune $3,995.00
Panda Bear Pillbox $695.00
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Champagne Bottle Cheers $4,695.00
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Hot Sauce Bottle Pillbox $695.00
Basket of Roses Forever Bouquet $6,995.00
Microphone Diva $4,995.00
Top Handle Squares Champagne $4,995.00
60th Anniversary Celebration Egg Effervescent (Limited Edition 2020's) $4,995.00
Sleek Rectangle Champagne $2,995.00
Traveler Red $495.00
Disco Ball $3,995.00
Gemma Crystal Red $1,295.00
Slim Slide Red $2,495.00
Satin Bow Envelope Red $895.00
Crystal Envelope Red $995.00
Perry Satin Red $1,295.00
Perry Crystal Red $1,195.00
Rose American Beauty $4,995.00
Rose Golden $4,995.00
Just For You Bow Red $5,995.00
Just For You Bow Gold $5,995.00
Orange Slice $4,295.00
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Butterfly Pearly $4,995.00
Lipstick Seductress $5,995.00
Slim Slide Gold $2,495.00
Lucky Cat $4,995.00
Wildcat Golden Cub $5,995.00
Bow Bunny $5,495.00
When Pigs Fly Pillbox $495.00
Sold out
Sphere Petals $4,195.00
Judith Leiber is celebrating Lunar New Year with our exclusive curated collection of limited edition pieces inspired by the Year of the Dragon. Read more
Explore our exquisite capsule of crystal handbags that capture the majestic spirit of the dragon, symbolizing strength, power, and good fortune. These stunning pieces featuring colorful fans, dragon eggs, and extraordinary designs on classic shapes that reflect the festive opulence of a year filled with prosperity and inspiration. Read less