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5 Best Purses for a Fall / Winter Wedding this Year

On an average day, most people don't wear their best dresses or adorn their favorite accessories. Weddings are not your typical day. At a wedding, you get the chance to let your inner fashionista shine through with your meticulously picked-out gown and accessories. 

Fall and winter weddings are particularly beautiful, with changing leaves and crisp blue skies. With such an exciting time, putting special effort into your outfit makes sense. That's where Judith Leiber's clutches come in. Having an interesting, unique luxury bag on your side will boost your confidence while ensuring you get plenty of compliments throughout the wedding day. Not to mention how stunning the pictures will look! 

If you're scoping out the best wedding guest accessories for a fall wedding, you can find the perfect purse here. 

Why Choose Judith Leiber?

With so many purses out there to choose from: why Judith Leiber? A Judith Leiber bag is more than just a bag. It's handcrafted by talented artisans, showcasing unique and classic designs using only the highest quality materials. The clutches are playful, interesting, and dazzling all in one! 

Weddings are a time when you get to dress to impress. It makes sense to choose such a luxury designer when styling your wedding guest outfit. Plus, you have so many great bags to choose from, from timeless classics like the slim slide clutch to more interesting, unique shapes that Judith Leiber has become known for. 

On top of that, Judith Leiber is a luxury brand whose bags only gain value over time. Wear one to your family and friends weddings, and you'll still have a timeless piece on your hands in 20 years' time. 

So, do you want to dazzle wherever you go at the upcoming fall or winter wedding? If you're in the process of putting together a beautiful wedding guest look, consider using one of these five independently selected Judith Leiber clutches. 

1: Basket of Roses Blush Bouquet

Judith Leiber's Basket of Roses Blush Bouquet clutch is the embodiment of romance. Shaped like a basket full of roses, this clutch has an interesting, conversation-starting design that will give any wedding look a splash of uniqueness. The colors are soft, giving it an elegant touch, with the sparkling crystals ensuring you stand out from the crowd. 

The clutch has a metal handle and long shoulder chain and is large enough to fit all your small essentials while you enjoy your loved one's big day. Plus, with this bouquet, you don't have to worry about catching the bride's flowers! You'll have your own, encapsulated in crystals that will last forever. 

2: Rose Blush 

Match the blushing bride on the upcoming fall/winter wedding with this Rose Blush clutch by Judith Leiber. It's a beautiful minaudiere with meticulously designed rose petals and carefully placed crystals, creating a stunning rose shape that sparkles as far as the eye can see. 

The crystals come in soft, rose-blush shades that create dimension and interest. The color is perfect for a wedding, as they are subtle yet pretty while embracing their own delicate glow. Hold it by your side during an October, November, or December wedding, and you'll have an air of romance following you anywhere you go! Pair it with a soft pink gown for a truly romantic look. 

3: Heart Clutch Gold 

Fall is the time when the leaves and the evening dusk sky turn golden. For a fall wedding, it makes sense to embrace that beautiful shade in your accessory; especially when that accessory is also shaped like a heart. 

Judith Leiber's Heart Clutch Gold crystal-adorned clutch bag comes in the shape of a heart, representing the purest of love, making it perfect for a wedding day! Its golden hue comes from the many crystals meticulously placed by skilled artisans. The clutch is romantic, stylish, and sweet and will even work for a more formal wedding when you must adhere to specific dress codes

With a sparkling gold purse like this, consider a dark blue, purple, or even another shade of gold to wear with it. 

4: Effervescent Slim Slide  

Make a statement with Judith Leiber's Effervescent Slim Slide. This purse holds the classic slim slide shape, but instead of the smaller crystals used on many other Judith Leiber purses, this showcases chunky, oversized crystals in an ombre pattern of silver and champagne gold. As a result, it's a dazzling, eye-catching piece that will elevate any wedding guest's look! 

The bag comes with a removable shoulder chain, so after the pictures have been snapped, you can keep your dazzling accessory by your side as a shoulder bag throughout the entire evening. 

5: Champagne Bottle Forever

If you want your purse to be both visually stunning and a conversation starter, look no further than Judith Leiber's Champagne Bottle Forever clutch. It's one of Judith Leiber's iconic minaudieres, with its shining crystal-adorned exterior, magnetic snap-shut closure, and unusual yet striking design. The champagne bottle look is perfect for any wedding, as it represents celebration, even showing the word "cheers" on the front! The silver and crystal champagne shades will match most fall and winter weddings, and the finishing golden love heart below "cheers" signals the presence of romance. 

Usually, when wearing a standout piece like this, you'd want to let it do the talking. Avoiding eye-catching patterns on your wedding guest dress would be a good idea. Instead, choose a single autumnal color (or a shade that matches the wedding theme) to let the Champagne Bottle Forever clutch rightly have its time in the limelight. 

Judith Leiber: Empowering Women Through Handbag Design

Judith Leiber handbags are unique, luxurious, and eye-catching all in one. They're the kind of bags that young girls dream of owning when they're younger, that women get excited to wear as they plan a perfect outfit. With such interesting designs, these are made to empower women – allowing them to let themselves shine without apology. 

A wedding day is a chance to let your sparkle out, which makes Judith Leiber the perfect designer to choose. Whichever wedding guest clutch you match to your outfit, you are sure to make an entrance. 

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