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8 Delicious Bags for Your New Year

Are you ready for the celebration of a lifetime? With the new year right around the corner, you are likely already planning your party-perfect outfit to wear all night long. You might have already hand-picked your dress and selected comfortable yet stylish shoes, but what about sparkling accessories? If you really want to make an impression and enter the new year as someone with undeniable style, you also need a unique and beautiful accessory by your side. 

For any time you want to make an entrance, Judith Leiber is, without a doubt, the ideal handbag designer to choose. Her interesting minaudieres are unlike anything you have seen before (except perhaps on the red carpet), and the materials used ensure the ultimate sparkle. For a New Year's Eve accessory that reflects your impeccable taste, here are the most delicious bags in the collection (yes – they're shaped like food and drink!). 

1. French Fries Truffle Fries 

Are you a French fry kind of person? Who doesn't enjoy the universally loved taste of a French fry, with its crispy exterior and fluffy potato inside? Show off your love for this all-American cuisine by wearing the French Fries Truffle Fries this New Year. 

The design itself combines bold black and gold color in the luxurious truffle sparkling snack clutch. You can hold this clutch in one hand, and it has a push-down closure at the top, allowing you to keep your most valuable objects inside. Complete your night out with a tasty delicacy matching the decadence of this crystal covered handbag. One thing is for sure: people will be culinarily curious and complimentary when you wear this unique and playful design.

2. Chili Pepper Pillbox Jalapeno 

For those with a more spicy personality, the Chili Pepper Pillbox Jalapeno makes the perfect accessory for any New Year’s look. It comes dressed in vibrant red crystals, showing off a bold and sizzling appearance. Thanks to its pillbox size, this spicy accessory doesn't take over your entire look – it's small yet eye-catching enough to add pizzazz to your outfit, showing off your more adventurous side in a subtle yet fiery way. 

3. Martini Clutch

Most New Year's Eve parties come with lots of delicious drinks, including the classic martini. Get into the vibe of the evening by wearing a sparkling Martini Clutch by Judith Leiber! This martini-shaped accessory comes with champagne-covered sparkles that look like the martini itself, as well as olives that look good enough to pluck up and eat. It fits in your hand just like a martini glass, but you won't be able to drink from this! Instead, it will act as a conversation starter and gorgeous accessory for your new year plans. Raise your glass as the clock strikes midnight! 

4. Rainbow Cupcake 

If you want your New Year's Eve to be full of sweetness, wear this beautiful Rainbow Cupcake Clutch throughout the evening! This rainbow cupcake is made of sparkling crystals, with the frosting showing various shades of blues and pinks for a super sweet look that shows off your adorable personality. It also has a cute opening design – simply unlock the frosting to reveal your small essentials. To keep this delicious cupcake by your side all evening, it also comes with a removable elbow chain for your convenience. 

5. Kourtney's Lunch Date Smooth Rectangle 

Kourtney Kardashian, a notable vegan sushi lover, collaborated with Judith Leiber to create this iconic clutch! Kourtney's Lunch Date Smooth Rectangle Clutch comes in a classic rectangular design you can hold at any elegant or formal event. It's adorned with a range of delicious-looking vegan sushi that look good enough to feast on (and, of course, a pair of gold chopsticks underneath). Inside, you'll find champagne toned metal hardware with the signature of Kourtney Kardashian. It's both sophisticated and fun at the same time! If sushi isn't getting served at your New Year's Eve party, this is a great way to showcase your love for the Asian cuisine. 

6. Gummy Bear Pillbox Gold 

This Gummy Bear Pillbox in Gold is almost as tiny as a real gummy bear! You can fit this small, sparkling, gold gummy bear between your fingers, making it the most adorable accessory you can carry this new year. The gold crystals make it on-theme for most New Year events, while the gummy bear gives the accessory a more unique edge. With its whimsical design and high-quality materials, your look will be the highlight of the evening. 

7. Champagne Bottle Forever

New Year's Eve is a time for celebration, which makes the Champagne Bottle Forever clutch the perfect accessory! This clutch is shaped exactly like a high-end bottle of champagne. Only it's adorned with multiple shining crystals that make it even more inviting. With this unique and golden clutch by your side, you'll want to say "cheers!" all night long. 

8. Tangerine Clutch

If you're wearing a light, floral outfit to step into the New Year, Judith Leiber's Tangerine Clutch will act as a beautiful accessory. It's shaped like the deliciously juicy inside of a tangerine, with the bright orange crystals looking good enough to sink your teeth into. The little details make all the difference; the ombre effect and leaf lock give it small touches that add to its elegance. Sure – it might not be the season for eating tangerines yet, but this clutch shows that you're ready to step into the new year, embracing the coming seasons in all of their force. 

Shop Judith Leiber for an Unforgettable New Year's Eve Party

For most people, New Year's Eve is the chance to celebrate more than they have for the entire year, whether at a formal evening event or a late-night dance party. The best way to celebrate in style is with a Judith Leiber clutch – especially one shaped like something delicious! Whether you choose the Gummy Bear Pillbox or Rainbow Cupcake as your accessory of choice, your outfit is sure to be the one that everyone remembers.

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