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Celebrity Winter Fashion Outfits with the Judith Leiber Range

Winter fashion is all about layers and accessories. While the summer has sunhats, cool shades, flip flops, and bathing suits, winter has chic scarves, earmuffs, woolly hats, and fun accessories. Celebrities do it better than anyone. Generally, that’s because they have a team of stylists ready and waiting to make them look red-carpet ready. However, they wouldn’t look as great without the help of some of the best designer brands out there. One such designer brand that really elevates a celebrities’ look – particularly in winter – is Judith Leiber.

Who is Judith Leiber?

Judith Leiber was a brilliant handbag designer who unfortunately passed away in 2018. However, her legacy lives on through her incredible handbags. Each Judith Leiber handbag boasts uniqueness and quality, which is why they are so often in the hands of celebrities. Their sparkly crystals and interesting shapes make them a go-to for any star wanting to make an impact with their outfit.

5 Celebrity Winter Fashion Outfits with the Judith Leiber Range

When the wind gets cold, celebrities start layering their outfits. Often, they choose a warmer outfit with a standout accessory to draw attention. These five celebrities did just that with Judith Leiber bags as their statement piece.

1: Blake Lively

Blake Lively has worn Judith Leiber many times over the years, including her premiere of The Age of Adaline and the Met Gala in 2018. She wore Judith Leiber again in 2018, this time during the winter. During a cold night out in New York, Blake Lively wowed with her wavy hair, Versace dress, Christian Louboutin pumps, and – of course – a Judith Leiber handbag. On this occasion, she chose the Judith Leiber Silver Brick Phone, a classic among the eclectic novelty clutches.

It wasn’t the first time Lively wore Judith Leiber, and it certainly wasn’t her last, but the bag lent itself to the winter outfit on this occasion. The Versace dress was a standout with its coat-like appearance and waist belt, but the sparkly phone clutch bag made the outfit much more interesting for a night on the town.

2: Dove Cameron

The famous actress and model Dove Cameron wowed at the 2021 Lacma Art and Film Gala in November 2021. The Gala is known for getting celebs to wear their most stylish outfits, and Cameron certainly didn’t disappoint. During this November event, she wore a beautiful Gucci Fall Dress with pink pleats, a collar, and a striking image of a snake on the front, paired with some Gucci Pattern Tights. The only accessory that could make the outfit even more iconic was the Judith Leiber Envelope Clutch in her hands. It tied it all together and showed that Dove Cameron was there to make a statement.

3: Gabi DeMartino

Gabi DeMartino is a singer, actress, and social media influencer, which means she often wears outfits that steal the limelight. In 2022, she attended the Gigi Gorgeous birthday along with lots of other familiar faces. At this event, she wore an outfit perfect for winter (while still wanting to make an impact): the Nana Jacqueline Sadie Bodysuit, Magda Butrym Diamante Crystal Mini Skirt, Jimmy Choo Sandals, and the Judith Leiber Disco Crystal-Embellished Bag. The bodysuit kept her warm throughout the evening, while the Judith Leiber Disco Clutch ensured all eyes were on her outfit!

4: Katy Perry

At the end of the winter season in 2022, Katy Perry wore the Alex Perry Huntley Strapless Gown with Long Gloves, along with the Judith Leiber Football Clutch. This was at the 2022 NFL Honors, where she was a host and gave a speech! The Football couture clutch made sense for this event, and it dazzled everyone who watched. Judith Leiber has the ability to turn everyday items, like a football, into iconic accessories.

5: Kylie Jenner

The Kardashian/Jenner clan has been known to wear Judith Leiber many times over the years. In fact, Kris Jenner has her own dedicated Judith Leiber collection, and many of the sisters have collaborated with the brand!

It makes sense, then, that Kylie Jenner included Judith Leiber in her Halloween outfit. While technically, it took place in the fall, the outfit was still warm enough to be considered suitable for winter. She was pregnant then, so she needed something cozy for her perfect Halloween outfit. That’s why she chose the comfortable Jumpsuit by Naked Wardrobe and paired it with cat ears and the Judith Leiber Cat Clutch! The limited edition cat clutch was a cute and exciting touch, ensuring that Kylie had a small black cat to compliment her black cat outfit throughout the evening. 

Which Judith Leiber Bags Should You Pair with Your Winter Outfit?

Whether attending a Holiday event or hitting the town, a Judith Leiber Couture clutch is the ideal accessory of choice! If you want to liven up your winter outfits, below are the perfect Judith Leiber handbags to help you stand out.

VIP Champagne Bottle Novelty Handbag

The Champagne Bottle VIP Clutch should be your handbag of choice to ring in the New Year!  Its party theme champagne bottle shape and dazzling crystals! If you wear this crystal clutch, you’re sure to gain plenty of attention (and compliments!) throughout the night.

Gemma Satin Pouch

Are you attending a Holiday party? Get in theme with the Gemma Satin Pouch, which has a perfect red color for any Christmas-focused evening. It has a satin lining and a jeweled necklace as the chain, making it even more beautiful.

Classic Slim Slide Blue Opal

Another incredible Judith Leiber creation is the Classic Slim Slide Blue Opal clutch. It works well for winter, as the pale blue looks icy – a subtle shade reflecting the cold. The bag itself could be from the old Hollywood era, so wear this when you want to dazzle everyone.

Judith Leiber makes unique, eclectic clutches for any season. Whether spring, summer, or the middle of winter, the Judith Leiber collection always draws attention.

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