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Dressing up Your Summer Outfits with These Seven Sumptuous Bags

One of the hardest things about dressing for summer is transforming a casual daytime look into effortless evening glam. Or at least it was until you found the perfect Judith Leiber couture clutch that guarantees to add that je ne sais quoi to any outfit.

Whether you are looking for a handbag that can be worn just as easily to an impromptu girlie lunch as it can to a daring date night or a colorful clutch that screams summer, the below seven sumptuous Judith Leiber handbags are just what you need to jazz up your wardrobe this season.

1.   The Zany Zebra Clutch

Unleash your wild side with this stunning Judith Leiber clutch that is as dazzling as it is daring. Boasting a soft satin envelope that is covered with a sparkling array of black and white crystals, if you love animal print, then this is the purse for you.

The Square Envelope Zebra also comes with a signature magnetic snap closure and a removable long shoulder chain so that you can just as easily rock this bag in the palm of your hand as you can casually draping it over your shoulder.

Prefer spots? This popular Judith Leiber purse is also available in leopard print. The Square Envelope Leopard clutch is the perfect addition to your favorite little black dress and is guaranteed to drive your date wild.

2.   The Red Hot Chili Pepper

If you prefer your purses to pack a bit more punch, then the Judith Leiber Chili Pepper Pillbox Jalapeno is the one for you. Don't let its compact design fool you into thinking that this is a shy and retiring bag. This fiery Judith Leiber creation is as impactful as they come.

Proof that great things come in small packages, if you are concerned about the average Judith Leiber clutch price, then you will be pleased to hear that this pillbox comes in at just under $700.

Fancy this spicy design in another color? Check out the golden Chill Pepper Pillbox Serrano or the deep green Chili Pepper Pillbox Poblano.

3.   The Gorgeous Peony

For those that love the delicate look of flowers and floral patterns, there is no better summer purse and bag to add luxury to your summer than our selection of Peony purses, including our divine Peony Moonbeam. With a dramatic ombre design, this is the perfect statement clutch to accompany various types of outfits, whether you’re attending luxurious summer evening sunset balls or more casual garden parties. Tastefully embellished with diamond studs, this bag will have you shimmer in splendor wherever you go with it.

4.   The Fairy Tale Treat

If, for you, summer is all about feeling and acting whimsical, then you will love this fairytale-inspired Judith Leiber purse. Aptly named Castle Once Upon, this is one of Judith Leiber's most intricate designs.

Perfect for a special occasion with a loved one or for a romantic date night a beau, this sparkling castle box clutch is covered in handset pastel-colored crystals and boasts champagne-toned metal hardware.

Show off this stunning Judith Leiber clutch in the palm of your hand, or add the classic elbow chain for enhanced versatility. Either way, you are guaranteed to look like a real-life princess.

5.   The Girl's Best Friend

Come on, you know the saying. Who is a girl's best friend? It's diamonds, of course, and this precious stone isn't just for jewelry. Check out the show-stopping Diamond Pink creation, arguably one of the most ostentatious Judith Leiber evening bags ever made!

Featuring a stunning combination of petal, rose, and silver crystals and a metallic leather-lined interior, if you are looking to stand out from the crowd, then this is the bag for you.

Pair with a floaty maxi dress for a feel-good vibe or with a classic cocktail dress to make a bold and beautiful statement.

Not a fan of pink? The iconic diamond clutch is available in two other dazzling colors. Sparkle with the Diamond Flawless or bring vibes of sandy beaches when you carry around the Diamond Canary.

6.   The Classic Rose

Sometimes you need a handbag that will instantly transform a nice outfit into something a bit special, and no clutch can do this better than the iconic Judith Leiber Rose Desiree. Offering the simplistic rose shape that you know and love but with a load of bling thrown in for good measure, out of all the Judith Leiber clutch bags, this one is arguably the most dazzling.

Encrusted with thousands of handset silver crystals and with a luxurious metallic leather-lined interior, if you are looking for a Judith Leiber rose clutch that will look the part as you dance the night away, this is the one for you.

7.   The Champagne Clutch

If you are a fizz fiend, you are going to absolutely adore this latest Judith Leiber clutch. Inspired by their love for champagne, The Champagne Bottle Cheers clutch is unapologetically OTT and will ensure whatever party you go to that you enter with a bang.

A crystal-covered brass novelty handbag, what makes this Judith Leiber creation even more special is its innovative cork style flip-top magnetic closure.

Perfect for holding in your hand and showing off to the other party guests, this cool purse also comes with a removable crossbody chain for times when you need your hands to carry an actual glass of bubbles.

Need some eye-catching Judith Leiber jewelry to complement your clutch? Although there aren't yet any champagne-inspired options, you may want to check out the other boozy Judith charms that promise to help the party go with a swing.

When it comes to Judith Leiber clutch bags, the most important thing to remember is that you should go with your gut. Don't worry about what other people will think, and instead, look for the Judith Leiber collection that inspires joy and makes your heart sing.

Whether you favor a simple and classic design or you can't get enough quirk, you will be able to find the perfect Judith Leiber purse to dress up your summer outfits.

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