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Enchanting Menagerie: Which One Will You Have For Your Animal Companion?

Judith Leiber’s bags always dare to be different. They aren’t the usual accessories you would find on the high street; instead, they are made up of all sorts of unique and exciting shapes and always completed with the finest crystals and materials.

It is no surprise that you can find an array of enchanting animal companions amid all of Judith Leiber’s clutches. From picture-perfect bunnies to adorable polar bears, you will surely find a sparkling animal friend you will never want to be apart from. Which one will you choose?

Bow Bunny

Judith Leiber’s Bow Bunny is an adorable novelty clutch that is shaped exactly like a cute little bunny! This bunny is no stranger to pampering, as it is perfectly white with a pretty pink bow around its neck. It is also covered from head to toe in dazzling crystals, creating a stunning appearance. This unique clutch is perfect for your next garden party.

Hedgehog Wilbur

For a playful and whimsical purse, Judith Leiber has Wilbur, the charming hedgehog who has an array of beautiful sparking crystals to make up his hedgehog spikes. He truly is a character! The Hedgehog Wilbur clutch comes in the shape of an adorable hedgehog, including its little ears, black nose, and feet. This unique accessory opens up to reveal a space for your belongings so Wilbur can keep them safe while you party the night away. One thing is for sure: Wilbur is sure to catch the attention of passers-by!

Swan Viveka

Swans are known for their elegance, grace, and devotion to their young. Who would not want a swan by their side? Introducing Swan Viveka by Judith Leiber, that boasts an endlessly elegant design. The teardrop crystal and pearl detailing add a sense of awe to the purse, while the light-blue crystal as the swan’s eye softly stands out. This swan-shaped purse can even sit perfectly upright when placed down, looking regal and elegant in any environment. It is a uniquely beautiful design that you would be happy to have by your side.  


Calling all lovers of pink – Judith Leiber has a clutch resembling the flamboyant and pure-pink flamingo. The Flamingo clutch is daring and beautiful, covered in pink crystals ranging from light to dark. The result is a timeless showstopping accessory you will love to wear all year.

Butterfly Medley

Judith Leiber’s Butterfly Medley shows an assortment of beautifully bright colors. The purse is as unique as a real-life butterfly’s patterns, thanks to its framed crystals and gems that dazzle the eyes. It comes in a perfect butterfly shape and is completed with gold finishes for a truly outstanding piece. It is undoubtedly a purse that captures attention – much like a butterfly as it flutters by!

Ring Master Polar Bear

Are you a fan of the circus? Are you looking for a more extravagant novelty purse to accompany you? Look no further than the Ring Master Polar Bear by Judith Leiber. This distinctive, playful purse comes in the form of a circus ringmaster – only this one is a charming polar bear! He is covered in crystals and has a hat, bow tie, and jacket to finish his look. He sits perfectly in the palm of your hand, making him an incredible animal companion for any event where you want to stand out from the crowd.

Cat Emily

You have heard of Emily in Paris, but what about the Parisian cat Emily? This accessory exudes just as much of the French chic style as Emily in Paris, thanks to her heart-shaped sunglasses, pink beret, and striped pink t-shirt! Yes – the Cat Emily clutch looks just like a French cat. She comes covered in high-quality crystals and has a push-down closure for you to keep your precious items inside.

Dolphin Phin

Lovers of the ocean will adore this crystal-covered dolphin purse by Judith Leiber. Dolphin Phin is a unique and beautiful design curved in the perfect shape of a dolphin leaping out of water, giving you a sense of freedom. The faded coloring is inspired, and the shining crystals make it look like this dolphin has just leaped out of the ocean.

Lion Astor

Lion Astor is the perfect Judith Leiber novelty clutch for anyone bold and brave – just like the lion itself. He looks incredibly regal and proud with his crystal-covered mane and stoic stance. This noble clutch will truly inspire confidence in any wearer. It is detailed, sophisticated, and genuinely unique. Plus, it is inspired by the incredible lion statue in the New York Public Library!

Toucan Toco

Take paradise wherever you go when you have Toucan Toco by your side. This colorful clutch comes in the shape and style of a toucan, with its flack wings and brightly colored beak. He certainly stands out from the crowd! This unique shape makes the perfect accessory for anyone who hates sinking into the background – much like a toucan; you will stand proud and bold wherever you go.

Peacock Peek-A-Boo

There is nothing subtle about the Peacock Peek-A-Boo clutch from Judith Leiber. This incredibly bold clutch is outstandingly designed, with its array of crystals that form the peacock’s iconic feathers. It truly looks like a piece of artwork! The detailing is second to none, while the design itself is just as beautiful as the beloved bird. You will feel like a million dollars with this purse by your side.

Stand Out with an Animal Companion from Judith Leiber

Who wants to blend in? Your accessories should show off your personality, and you are anything but boring. While you might not be able to take your adorable real-life puppy or beloved cat to an evening event, you can clutch onto one of these incredible animal-shaped purses from Judith Leiber. All of these luxury handbags are intricately designed and use only the finest materials, so you can be sure you’re getting a unique purse that you will want to wear over and over again.

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