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Explore Our Floral-Inspired Collection for the Summer Season

When summer finally comes around, most outfits become lighter and brighter. On the sunniest of days, you’ll often see people wearing beautiful floral patterns on their outfits and accessories. It’s a way of embracing the freshness and beauty of the season. What better way to do that than with the whimsical bags of Judith Leiber?

If you want to update your wardrobe with something both luxurious and unique, you can’t go wrong with our floral-inspired collection by Judith Leiber. 

Fleur Royal Slim Slide

For a clutch to adorn during warm summer evenings, the Fleur Royal Slim Slide is the one to choose. This sparkly clutch comes with a dark background for a classic, clean look, which then erupts into summer with the addition of sparkly floral flowers. With a bold mix of colors, including green, pink, orange, and blue, this clutch gains the attention of everybody. 

Like with all Judith Leiber minaudières, the crystals have been meticulously handcrafted onto the bag. Plus, our experts have perfectly painted and beaded each crystal, ensuring the vibrant design stands out. As you can see, it works! 

Heart Secret Garden 

Add romance to your summer outfit with Judith Leiber’s Heart Secret Garden clutch. The clutch is shaped like a heart, opening up to reveal a metallic interior to hide your essential and most secret belongings. The design is reminiscent of a fairytale – the sparkling crystals forming a soft floral pattern in peaches and pinks. 

The clutch comes with a detachable shoulder chain, which you can wear while you stroll down pretty gardens bursting with their own flowers. With this whimsical designer bag, life becomes an adventure! 


Summer is when strawberries taste the sweetest. Why not celebrate that with Judith Leiber’s floral-inspired Strawberry clutch? This bright red clutch looks like a pouch, only it’s made of champagne-toned metal and covered in luxurious crystals to give the bag its strawberry appearance, including the seeds! Of course, as a floral-inspired clutch, you can also find several flower designs on there, including an enamel flower at the top. With its beautiful design, the clutch looks good enough to eat.  

Crescent Moon Creciente 

While this bag was inspired mainly by Mexican pottery, the design of the Crescent Moon Creciente still takes some inspiration from summer florals. This vibrant, bold handbag comes shaped like a crescent moon, with a bright red background and various arranged flowers as its print. It even comes with a black tassel! It’s the kind of bag you’ll want to wear when you want you’re looking to make a statement. 

The moon-shape opens up to reveal a metallic-lined interior with a champagne-colored leather. It also has a champagne-toned shoulder chain. 

Top Handle Flora and Fauna 

One of Judith Leiber’s cutest clutches comes in the form of the Top Handle Flora and Fauna. The bag has summer written all over it, thanks to its pure-white background and design of flowers, beetles, and dragonflies. Plus, the white background crystals make the colors truly pop. 

What makes the bag really stand out is its adorable champagne-toned top handle, which will hang perfectly in your hand as you enjoy your long summer days. Wear this, and you’ll look effortlessly romantic. 

Smooth Rectangle Night Bloom

When you think about a floral design, you likely imagine something with shades of pink, green, orange, and yellow coming to the forefront of your mind. However, Judith Leiber always does things a little differently with the floral design of the Smooth Rectangle Night Bloom. Instead of showing a vision of popping colors, this sparkly rectangle clutch instead showcases summer flowers in muted black and white. The black crystals make way for the bloom of the white flowers, which stand boldly against the darker background. The result is a beautiful bag that’s perfect for a summer evening event. 

Patchwork Slim Slide 

The adorable Patchwork Slim Slide clutch by Judith Leiber comes in a variety of green, pink, peach, blue, and white, creating a pretty romantic appearance. The patchwork design is delightful while simultaneously contrasting the undeniable luxury of the Judith Leiber crystals. It all comes together to form a beautiful slim clutch that you can fit in one hand. Ideally, you’d adorn this beautiful piece at a summer garden party or picnic! 

Zip Pouch Night Roses

Looking for a classic accessory that also showcases the beauty of summer? Look no further than the Judith Leiber Zip Pouch Night Roses pouch. This soft crystal pouch has a black background that lets the pink flowers take the spotlight, creating a beautifully romantic look. It also comes with a zip, which unzips to reveal plenty of space for your day or night belongings and it’s large enough to hold a cell phone. It’s the perfect bag to use when the summer sun has set, and it’s time to hit the town!

Basket of Roses

Floral designs tend to showcase a variety of flowers – this one doesn’t do that. Instead, Judith Leiber’s Basket of Roses emphasizes the classic essence of a red rose. Still inspired by summer floral designs, this clutch looks just like a bouquet of roses sitting inside a wicker basket with a bow wrapped around it. It’s charming and even comes with a brass handle for added effect. Whether heading to a summer party or walking the red carpet, this sparkly accessory will make an impact. 

Shop for Summer Accessories with Judith Leiber

When summer arrives, you want to wear your best outfits, as it’s a time when you can show off your style without worrying about layering up or being too function forward. Plus, summer also often brings with it a flurry of daytime and late-night events to finally show off your individual style. When you shop with Judith Leiber, you can do just that. Browse the range of summer-friendly clutches and handbags to elevate any summer look. Whether you’re soaking up the rays during a garden party or you’re slinking into a night-time event, you are sure to find the perfect accessory to make your outfit shine a little brighter with Judith Leiber.

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