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Fashion Accessories to Help You Celebrate New Year's in Style

With the New Year right around the corner, you are likely considering what to wear for the big night. Should you go with your classic little black dress or branch out and wear a bright but fun cocktail dress? While deliberating what outfit to choose, don't forget about the fashion accessories to go with it. 

Accessories don't just add to an outfit – they elevate it. With the right Judith purse, clutch, or handbag, you can take your look from plain and average to bold and stunning. To help you celebrate the New Year in style, be sure to have one of these fashion accessories at your side. 

The Carousel Merry Go Round Clutch 

This Carousel Merry-Go-Round Clutch fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. It is adventurous, fun, and unique – everything a New Year's Eve night should be! The clutch comes in the form of a merry-go-round, adorned with bright-colored crystals that create a colorful bag that can't help but capture the attention of everyone around. If you are going to a party or celebration that is all about lights, life, and color, then this Judith Leiber clutch is the perfect way to show off your playful side. 


The Red Envelope Crystal Clutch 

If you are looking for Judith Leiber evening bags, look no further than the Red Envelope Crystal Clutch. This classic bag is bold, classy, and elegant. The twinkling crystals ensure you stand out from the crowd during your new year's night out. It matches perfectly with a sleek black outfit. 

The Boombox Retro Handbag 

Judith Leiber Couture has plenty of unique novelty bags, and that includes the Boombox Retro Handbag. This black and gold handbag comes in the shape of a boombox, a retro piece of technology that will make you feel like you're back in the seventies. The only thing it's missing is working speakers but it is instead covered with beautiful crystals. 

The Silver Dice Pill Box

Are you looking for something a little smaller? The silver dice pillbox is a little a whimsical way to hold your smallest trinkets and still as fun as the other Judith Leiber clutch bags. In the shape of die, having this small crystal pillbox by your side is sure to make your night luckier than ever.  

The Slim Slide Citrus Clutch 

If you like bright colors, pretty patterns, and crystal clutches, then the Slim Slide Citrus Clutch could be your go-to accessory for your New Year's party. It's a gorgeous piece, with a pattern of lemons on the front, which instantly gives any outfit a breath of fresh air. You could pair it with a simple dark outfit or match it with a similarly yellow shaded dress to truly stand out.  

The Candy Rainbow Sweet Clutch 

You should accessorize with something as sweet as you are, and you can do just that with the gorgeous Candy Rainbow Sweet Clutch. This Judith Leiber crystal clutch is adorably shaped like a traditional piece of candy, with a rainbow of colors giving it that exciting and playful appearance. Not for a simple outfit – pair this quirky piece with something showstopping for a truly unique New Year's Eve look.   

The Enchanted Clutch Champagne Pouch

It's hard to find a bag that's a mixture of elegant and casual, but the Champagne Pouch happens to manage it! Colored like your glass of bubbly on the big evening, this sparkling bag has an air of classiness that will instantly improve your outfit. Hang it over your shoulder throughout the night to keep your belongings enclosed in a soft satin interior.  

The Hot Lips Crystal Clutch 

If you're looking to make a statement at your New Year's party, the Hot Lips Crystal Clutch is perfect. Shaped like big, hot lips, you won't be able to go anywhere without catching at least one person's attention. This is one of the most daring novelty bags and will turn any outfit into a bold, exciting one. Don't forget to match it with some Judith Leiber jewelry! 

The Slide Lock Grey Clutch 

Judith Leiber purses are never dull, and the Slide Lock Grey Clutch is a testament to that. While reasonably simple in design, this crystal-studded clutch is one that will dazzle everyone around you. Sparkling, classic, and tasteful, pair this silver clutch with a matching mini silver dress for the perfect new year's look.  

The Kate Crocodile Clutch 

Do you want something a little more understated but still fabulous? The Kate Crocodile Clutch should be your accessory of choice. Instead of crystals, it has a crocodile outing that comes in black, dark blue, and champagne; perfect for matching with either a daring outfit or a sophisticated evening dress. It also comes with a removable shoulder chain, making it easy to keep by your side through the entire evening.

The Rose Romance Clutch 

The Judith Leiber Rose Clutch is perfect for a romantic evening out. This soft pink crystal bag is elegant, pretty, and sparkly – ideal for a night shared with your partner. It adds a touch of femininity  to any outfit, helping you appear more youthful and vibrant. This Judith Leiber clutch price is a little on the heavier side compared to the rest, but the design makes it more than worth it, especially for that perfect new year's evening.  

The Champagne Bottle Crystal Clutch 

Do you enjoy a glass of bubbly when the new year's clock strikes? This year, champagne doesn't just have to be for drinking – not if you purchase the Champagne Bottle Crystal Clutch. Small enough to wrap your hands around but big enough to carry your essential items (like your lipstick), this champagne-style clutch is the perfect party bag to cling to throughout the evening. 

Celebrate your New Year's night in style with one of these unique and eye-catching accessories from the Judith Leiber collection. With any of these clutches, pouches, or Judith Leiber handbags at your side, there's no doubt you'll be the star of the evening!

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