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Finding Your Personal Style and Sticking to it

Everyone has their own signature style, with many celebrities renowned for their personal tastes in fashion. The Olsen twins cloak themselves in chic, oversized clothing in minimalistic and dark color schemes, whereas Kim Kardashian dresses in form-fitting and maximalist outfits, usually sporting a Judith Leiber clutch.

There is much to be said about the power of a luxury handbag. The right bag can tie together an outfit and give an otherwise dull garment a breath of fresh air. A luxury handbag, be it a clutch or shoulder bag, can exude elegance; they are statement pieces of art for you to wear and show off your personality and signature style.

Before you invest in a luxury handbag, though, you need to determine your personal style. This is the perfect time to adjust your style before committing to new garments that may be costly. Typical fashion styles include:

  • Bohemian
  • Free-spirit
  • Preppy
  • Rocker
  • Grunge
  • Romantic
  • Classic
  • Flamboyant
  • Artsy
  • Cute

Luckily, Judith Leiber allows for each and every personality to shine through with our variety of novelty and sleek and stylish Judith Leiber handbags and accessories. If you’re after your dream, luxury clutch, one that will highlight your true self, the following guide is here to help.


Our selection of beautiful novelty clutches is vast and wide. There is a bag for all, regardless of likes and dislikes. Artsy creatives who are after an accessory that suits their quirks will be spoiled for choice. The Judith Leiber clutch you choose will depend on your creative outlet.

Lovers of music will want to carry the Boombox Love Daddy handbag, which is solid gold style and crystal encrusted. You’ll be topping the charts with this exceptional beauty of a bag. On the other hand, if you’re renowned for your creative baking skills, you can embellish your wardrobe with our adorable Cupcake Strawberry clutch that offers sweetness and sophistication.


Do you enjoy the finer things in life and love to add flamboyance to your outfits? If so, our Pouch Money Bags with their dollar sign finish and metallic leather lined interior will complete any outfit you throw on. In silver, this bag can be worn with everyday outfit choices, bringing the simplest of styles to life. For a richer color, go for gold and add opulence to your usual style.

Furthermore, if you enjoy bold accessories and an insatiable cocktail every now and then, our Cocktail Clutch collection can add enough splendor to your style. Whether you want your martini shaken or stirred, or enjoy a lemon drop or dirty martini, Judith Leiber’s collection of Martini Pillbox clutches can help you show off your drink of choice.

Of course, if you’re after something fruitier, our exotic Cocktail Pina Colada and Cocktail Pink Lady clutches can help channel fun elegance into your wardrobe. Show-off your taste in drinks the next time you’re out with friends.

This handbag pairs nicely with jeans and a simple t-shirt, or can complement any evening gown that adorns you.


Flora and fauna are incredibly beautiful, which is why our Rose American Beauty bag is not only a reference to a cult classic film but showcases the gorgeousness of the rose. Its deep red hue matches most color palettes, making this luxury handbag an investment piece. If your go-to style is darker color schemes, revolving around black, gray and silvers, or whether you’re a sucker for bright pops of colors, the Rose American Beauty clutch will complement your signature style.

If red is too brash for your signature style, we carry Rose bags in Apricot, Gold, and Silver, too.


Typically, luxury handbags are limited regarding animal-like features. If you’re after a bag that’s a step-up from animal print, pre-order our exclusive Pig Wilbur Judith Leiber clutch that's sure to elevate your wardrobe and make any outfit of yours a showstopper. Or, if you love bright colors and strive to make heads turn, the Unicorn Orania clutch is absolute magic.


Traveling is a luxurious affair, and if you love to galivant across the globe and explore different cultures, you want to share your experiences can come across in your style. Many travelers like to wear clothing and accessories brought back from the countries they have visited, however, there many ways to make your love for travel a statement in your fashion choices.

Judith Leiber has a collection of beautiful clutches that are sure to show your love for travel. For those who love Japan and have immersed themselves in Japanese culture, our crystal-covered brass Pagoda Kyoto clutch breathes traditional Japanese culture and influences into your personal style.


There are many fashion staples that will never fall out of favor. The classic little black dress, which Vogue described as “the frock that all the world will wear,” reigns supreme, as does the denim jacket, the perfect blue jeans, and cute black boots. When it comes to selecting your luxury handbag, then, classic fashionistas will want a purse that matches their timeless wardrobe.

The Soho Satin clutch is simple, sultry and sophisticated; perfect for fashionistas who believe less is more. Choose from an array of mellow colors, or for added subtle glam, the Chelsea Twinkle Clutch harmonizes extravagant opulence with a classic shape and design.


Hopeless romantics and star-crossed lovers can wear their hearts on their sleeves (or on their handbags, at least) with our bright, bold and beautiful Horoscope clutches. Select your horoscope and star sign to attract your Romeo or Juliet, or if you have already found them, show your romance by carrying their star sign. If this isn’t enough romance for you, then look towards Blake Lively for inspiration and customize a Judith Leiber clutch with the initials of your loved one.

Sticking to your style

Once you have found your style and the luxury handbag that suits your personality and tastes, sticking to your signature style can be trying at times. The beauty of having trademark accessories such as a handbag, though, means if your clothing slightly alters, your luxury handbag can be the lynchpin of your personal style.

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