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Foodies, This One’s for You: 10 Sumptuous Purses That Look Good Enough to Eat

Judith Leiber bags are known for being unique. It’s no surprise, then, that a large part of the collection comes in the shape of food! These novelty minaudieres are perfect for foodies who want to make a statement. If you love food more than anything, why shouldn’t you have a sparkling cupcake or pepperoni pizza at your side for the evening?

Whether planning an outfit for a food-related event or simply wanting to express your foodie nature with a uniquely shaped clutch, here are ten sumptuous purses that look good enough to eat.

1: French Fries Rainbow

French fries are a staple of American food and are loved worldwide. Who can resist grabbing a fry or two (or a handful) when the offer is there? While this French Fries Rainbow Clutch cannot be eaten, it does make up for that with its bold appearance and eye-catching sparkles. This Judith Leiber purse uses yellow crystals to create the fries, pretty, pink crystals for the fries’ packaging, and multicolored crystals for the rainbow detail. It’s an uplifting design that will make anyone want to order a fast-food delivery!

2: Popsicle Sprinkles

Nothing compares to biting into a popsicle on a hot summer’s day, and Judith Leiber’s Popsicle Sprinkles Clutch evokes that feeling. The clutch looks just like those popsicles you loved eating as a kid, only it sparkles with multicolored crystals! It even comes with a bite out of it to show just how delicious it really is. Sure, you can’t eat this popsicle, but you won’t need one thanks to its beauty! 

3: Main Feature Popcorn

Are you as much a fan of the movies as you are of food? If so, this bright and bold clutch is perfect for you! The Main Feature Popcorn Clutch by Judith Leiber will make you feel like you’re in that cinema seat, watching your favorite new movie while munching on buttery popcorn. The multicolored and eye-catching crystals make this bright purse all the more enticing, as it shines every time it catches the light. It’s the kind of novelty accessory you’d take to a special event, like a star on the red carpet of a movie premier.

4: Pepperoni Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s deliciously cheesy and comes with a range of toppings. To show off your love of the Italian staple, invest in the Pepperoni Pizza Clutch by Judith Leiber. The bag is magnificent, with its gold, brown, and red crystals creating the iconic look of the pepperoni pizza slice. Walk into a party with this purse by your side, and you’ll undoubtedly be the talking point! Not to mention, you’ll probably inspire people to order pizza (which is rarely a bad thing!).

5: Peach Clutch

Peaches are sweet and juicy. While you can’t bite into this Peach Clutch the same way you can a real-life piece of fruit, this crystal-covered peach-shaped purse will last you forever, reminding you of all the summer evenings when you enjoyed the sweetness of a ripe peach. The design is simple, yet stunning– it looks just like a peach you can hold in the palm of your hand. However, the iconic Judith Leiber crystals make it a true standout, with the rose gold color perfectly contrasting with the deep green leaf. To wear it, either use the crossbody chain to have a peach purse at your side all evening or remove the chain to use as a clutch. It’s both versatile and stylish!

6: Croissant

A simple croissant is one of the best breakfast foods. This French delight isn’t just good for eating, though - it also makes an iconic purse, as Judith Leiber’s Croissant Clutch shows! Covered in crystals that form the croissant and napkin, this accessory will instantly make you dream about the warm, buttery taste of the pastry. If you’re a foodie with a love of European dishes, this clutch is a must-have.

7: Rainbow Cupcake

Cupcakes are universally adored, especially when colorful and covered in sparkles like the Judith Leiber Rainbow Cupcake Clutch! This piece looks like the type of sweet treat you’d find at a party – delicious, indulgent, and fun. If you want to make an outfit far more interesting, particularly if you’re attending a birthday bash, this sparkling rainbow cupcake should be your accessory of choice.

8: The Big Apple

The Big Apple Clutch by Judith Leiber looks like Snow White’s apple – perfectly round, red, and beautiful. Don’t worry, though – this one is not poisoned! Instead, it looks like the crunchiest, ripest apple plucked straight from a tree, thanks to the ruby-red crystals that give it that deep, bold color. Whatever you wear with it, this apple-shaped accessory will surely draw attention.

9: Kourtney’s Lunch Date

Judith Leiber has collaborated with the Kardashians to make beautiful bags and creating unique clutches representing each family member. For Kourtney’s collaboration, they chose her favorite lunch for Kourtney’s Lunch Date Clutch. The bag looks just like a sushi tray with delicious sushi just waiting to be picked up and eaten. The sushi design lends itself perfectly to a unique clutch, as the mixture of reds, greens, and yellows truly draw the eye. With this bag by your side, you’ll wish it was lunchtime!

10: Frozen Drink Yum

This playful clutch is shaped like a frozen slushie, with the bright-blue crystals instantly taking you back to all those slushies you happily drank on a hot summer’s day. It’s a unique retro-styled clutch that deserves to be paired with an equally playful outfit. Alternatively, you could wear this Frozen Drink Yum Clutch with a more understated outfit, letting the accessory do the talking! It’s bold, fun, and sparkles wherever it goes. If you dare to be different with this clutch, you are sure to receive compliments.

Judith Leiber’s designs always go above and beyond. If you’re a foodie, you’ll want one of these food-inspired purses to elevate your outfits. One thing is for sure – you won’t find such unique designs combined with luxurious hand

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