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How Are Custom Judith Leiber Bags Made?

Anyone looking for a unique, well-crafted handbag finds exactly what they need in the custom Judith Leiber collection. These bags are exciting and sparkly, using only the most high-quality materials. Have one of these by your side, and you will be the visual highlight of any event. 

What Are Judith Leiber Custom Bags?

Judith Leiber offers customizable bags for those who want something a little more special by their side. With Judith Leiber’s customizable tool, you can add your signature, horoscope, or favorite song to one of the iconic purses. The sky’s the limit! Many stars have opted to wear customized Judith Leiber over the years – take Blake Lively as an example. The fashion-focused “A Simple Favor” star wore her family’s initials to the 2018 Met Gala, with the letters R, B, J, and I (standing for Ryan, Blake, James, and Inez), handcrafted onto her stunning custom-made Judith Leiber clutch. 

So, how are custom Judith Leiber bags made? It’s easy to see just how intricate and detailed Judith Leiber bags are simply by gazing upon the collection. The question is, what happens behind the scenes, especially when it comes to the creation of custom-made handbags? It isn’t magic that gives these bags their sparkle; it’s the dedication of talented, hardworking handbag designers that breathes life into these iconic accessories. 

Placing Your Customization Order: The Designing Process

The first step in the process is the customer placing an order using the customization tool. The type of customization options change from purse to purse. For example, for the Bespoke Slim Rectangle, you can choose what text you want going on the purse, the letter style, bag color, and letter color. Once you’ve sent the order, the hardworking Judith Leiber team begins the process of bringing this purse to life. 

Creating the Customized Bag 

For each Judith Leiber custom bag, a member of the Judith Leiber team begins to turn your design into an actual, tangible bag through sculpting, painting, and decorating. After carefully sculpting and painting the bag, the dedicated artisans meticulously place luxurious crystals onto the purse, ultimately creating the unique design the customer has chosen. It’s a process that takes a long time, with each crystal given the same amount of time, dedication, and attention. 

The team uses fine raw materials for each custom bag, including, Italian leather, gold, silver, and brass and only the finest crystals. All in all, it takes between six and eight weeks for a custom Judith Leiber bag to arrive at your door after you place your order. With so much detail going into each one, time must be spent on it! 

5 Types of Custom-made Judith Leiber Bags You Can Get Your Hands On 

The bespoke Judith Leiber range has a mixture of quirky minaudières and classic envelope clutches, so anyone can concoct their perfect Judith Leiber clutch creation. 

1: Bespoke Slim Rectangle 

The Bespoke Slim Rectangle is a cute clutch that oozes glamour and class. Each is covered in faceted crystals, giving it that undeniably iconic Judith Leiber shine. To make this clutch truly your own, you can customize it by choosing your letter style, bag color, and letter color. In terms of what you want on the clutch, that’s entirely up to you! You could keep it simple and personal by writing your initials or name, or you could write something a little different, such as a favorite word or meaningful date. 

2: Custom Black Card Slim Slide 

For a quirky Judith Leiber custom clutch, you have the Custom Black Card Slim Slide, which was made when collaborating with artist, Ashley Longshore. This design is a little more playful, with the clutch looking like a large sparkling credit card with the words “no limit” written in crystals at the top of the card. To customize this bag, you can upload your signature to go on the bag – yes, the clutch will showcase your very own handwriting! 

3: Bespoke Baseball

If you’re a baseball fan, our playful Bespoke Baseball is the perfect minaudière for you! To customize this unique clutch, you get the chance to write a 3-character word on the front and your signature (well, autograph!) on the back. The result is a dazzling, crystal-covered baseball that’s entirely your own. 

4: Bespoke Heart

For the romantics, the Bespoke Heart is a perfect Judith Leiber Clutch. It comes in five gorgeous shades, and you can write text of up to 14 characters on each. Its beauty and  sparkle, would make the most beloved Valentine’s Day or wedding gift.

5: Bespoke Rainbow Mix Slim Slide

Do you have a little nostalgia for the 1980s? Do you also dance to your own tune? If so, this Bespoke Rainbow Mix Slim Slide will inevitably capture your attention. This clutch has a quirky and fun design; it’s shaped just like an 80s cassette tape, except it’s covered in the luxurious crystals, and when you open it, you’ll only find your belongings. You can make this cassette-shaped slim slide entirely your own by adding your name or initials, which are then written (in crystals) on the top of the clutch as if you’ve scribbled your own name on there!

Immense amounts of talent, creativity, and hard work go into the creation of each and every Judith Leiber custom handbag, and the result is a creation that’s truly unique. These crystal clutches are for those who want to stand out just a little more and create a Judith Leiber piece completely their own.

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