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Judith Leiber’s Guide to Elegant Maximalism

Once upon a time, the favorite phrase of designers everywhere was “Less is More,” yet now, “More is More” is becoming prevalent throughout the world of fashion and interior design. While Marie Kondo is fast gaining notoriety for her decluttering expertise, if this simple way of living isn’t for you, maximalism may be calling you.

Maximalism is the direct contrast of minimalism and is becoming a popular way to express your personality and style with your clothes and accessories. Minimalism ruled the design world for many years, yet maximalism is leading the revolution, bringing with it loud and proud colors and patterns to showcase every aspect of your personality.

However, maximalism, when done wrong, can draw attention in all the wrong ways. Pairing bold patterns and rich fabrics take a keen eye for design, and a touch of whimsical eccentricity.

Our expert guide to elegant maximalism will show you how to use this up and coming trend to its advantage.  

The Rules of Maximalism

At its core, maximalism focuses on self-expression, and in that vein, there are no rules. If it makes you feel good, wear it! If you want to rock your Judith Leiber clutch to work, do it! There’s no holding back with maximalism; it’s time to let go of the neutral tones and embrace bold prints, ruffles, oversized silhouettes, glitter, sequins, layers, and more. Maximalism is fun; it's layering five necklaces to create a new look entirely, it’s wearing an oxblood velvet blazer to work. A few key aspects to remember include:

  • Layering: Layering accessories, as mentioned above, is a fun way to show off a whimsical side. Rather than simply wearing one necklace, opt for four or five. However, pick various lengths to truly make a statement.
  • Explore Textures: Do you always wear the same jeans and t-shirt? Why not try silhouette enhancing cords instead? 
  • Bold Colors: Branch out from neutral into bright and beautiful colors such as red, orange, yellow, blue, and green.
  • Embellishments: Sequins and glitter can truly draw the eye and add the wow factor to an outfit.   

How to Make it Elegant

There is a risk with maximalism that the style can look garish, especially when you are layering a number of different clothing items on top of each other. If you strive for elegance, you may believe this trend isn’t for you. It is, however! There are a host of ways to turn maximalism into an elegant, show-stopping style while remembering the key aspects above.

  • Statement Shoes: The right pair of shoes can make an ordinary outfit into extraordinary. Your shoes are the ideal way to show off your maximalism credentials. Using outstanding colors, patterns, and fabric, such as velvet floral print, is a fun way to stand out from the crowd in the best possible way. 
  • Power Dressing: Layering isn’t only applicable to jewelry. Layering a blouse with a powerful jacket can create an outstanding outfit which translates seamlessly from the office to the bar. 
  • Playful Patterns: Floral prints and animal prints can clash with specific colors, so to look elegant, choose one main color and work around it. Love black and pink floral print? Opt for a white blouse, teamed with a black and pink printed maxi-length coat, and black trousers. Add delicate necklaces in different lengths to take it up a notch.  

Maximalist Accessories

Accessories make an outfit, and while jewelry is important, the right bag is vital to complete any look. For those who wish to remain elegant when experimenting with maximalism, carrying a Judith Leiber Couture purse will achieve the perfect look. So, what Judith Leiber clutch will complete your style?

  • Novelty: Arguably the most iconic of the exquisite Judith Leiber collection, novelty clutches are ideal for a range of events and occasions, whether you’re attending the red carpet or a best friend’s wedding. Show off your whimsical, fantastical side with the bright pink Swan Flamingo. Teamed with a monochrome outfit, this incredible clutch will make a statement which will be hard to forget. A tasty bright addition to your overall look is surely the French Fries Rainbow clutch. As favored by Kim Kardashian, this stunning Judith Leiber purse is a dazzling way to highlight your personality. 
  • Pattern: Judith Leiber Couture also features sparkling patterns which are ideal for expressing yourself. Our Seamless Ikebana is inspired by Japanese flower arranging and is created in the style of our classic clutch. It’ll add a pop of color with the handset crystals wherever you wear it. Our Slim Slide Whirly Pop features rainbow-colored swirls to draw the eye and keep the attention of those you pass by. 
  • Horoscopes: Proudly show off your zodiac sign and all it stands for, with our range of Horoscope clutches. This incredible collection is inspired by retro tattoo art, and what’s more, you can even personalize each with your name, nickname, or monogram. This way, no one will forget who you are in a hurry when your style makes such an outstanding impression! Do you feel an affinity with your Leo horoscope? Carrying our Leo Clutch is certain to make you feel as proud as a lion, and be the center of attention wherever you are. The Judith Leiber Collection is available in each of the 12 zodiac stars, so whether you’re an Aries, Gemini, Virgo, or Taurus, Judith Leiber has your perfect clutch!  

Final Thoughts

Maximalism isn’t a new trend, but it’s one which is seeing a resurgence this year. On the catwalks, in the stores, and on the street, people across the globe are highlighting their personality and unique style with this particular fashion statement. Maximalism is the ideal choice for those who want to showcase their individuality in the best possible way. Choose bold colors, bright prints, layered accessories, and of course, the perfect Judith Leiber purse to create a wow factor for all to see. There’s no time like now to say goodbye to neutral colors and embrace all the beautiful and wonderful things maximalism can offer!  


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