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Lunar New Year: Celebrate The Year of The Dragon With These Creations

Lunar New Year is here, and 2024 is the year of the dragon—a time to be out with the old and bad and in with the new and good. Here at Judith Leiber, we have a collection of stunning bags that are just perfect for ringing in the Lunar New Year. Explore our intricate designs right here. 

The Year of The Dragon 

The dragon is the fifth of the 12 animals represented through the Chinese zodiac cycle. Although the Lunar New Year and the Chinese zodiac originated in China, they are celebrated throughout Asian cultures, including Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia. 

Chinese culture is rich in symbolism, and the dragon symbolizes good luck, power, and strength. Dragons are highly respected in Chinese culture and mythology, and the Year of Dragon is thought to bring prosperity, growth, and good fortune. Key traits for people who were born in a dragon year are charisma and confidence. These two qualities blend seamlessly with Judith Leiber's handbags. That's why we've put together a special collection that exudes personality to celebrate this Lunar New Year. 

Dragon's Sky Fan 

Red is a very important color in Chinese culture that represents joy, vitality, celebration and luck. Combined with wealth-associated gold, the striking Judith Leiber Dragon's Sky Fan will help to set your intentions for the new year. The fan-shaped clutch is emblazoned with a fiery dragon to show that you are brave and fearless. It also features a practical clasp fastening so you can rest easy that your belongings are safe. 

If you love the stylishly sleek fan design, you'll also adore our opulent Dragon's Lair Fan in black and the vibrantly colored Dragon's Eye Fan clutches – perfect for highlighting the turn of the lunar calendar. 

Dragon's Egg Dragon Realm Navy 

Symbolizing a fresh start and new beginnings, the Dragon's Egg Dragon Realm Navy by Judith Leiber is the perfect addition to your handbag collection this Lunar New Year. Covered in stunning deep indigo crystals, symbolizing optimism and growth, this eye-catching dragon's egg design is perfect for your celebrations. It includes a luxurious silk tassel, transforming this bag into a stunning work of art. 

This isn't the only egg-shaped design in our collection either. If this one catches your eye, then you'll be taken in by the intricately designed Dragon's Egg Dragon Realm Red and the Dragon's Egg Flight. The 60th Anniversary Celebration Effervescent (Limited Edition 2020's) is another egg-shaped design that is sure to put you in the party mood.

Curved Pouch Dragon's Fire 

Judith Leiber has reincarnated the vintage curved pouch shape for this unique Lunar New Year design that can be worn as a traditional hand-held clutch or with a chain styled over your shoulder. The Curved Pouch Dragon's Fire is a particularly striking handbag with red, gold and black crystals and the image of a dragon for a bold and elegant look. 

Slim Slide Dragon's Fortune 

If a classic design is more your style, then the Slim Slide Dragon's Fortune by Judith Leiber is a fabulous choice. A colorful hand-painted clutch that will bring sparkle and charm to your wardrobe. This design features a bold dragon on both sides against a clear crystal background. The clutch brings style and practicality as it's also big enough to fit all your party essentials. 

Disco Ball 

Now, it wouldn't be a party without a bit of disco, would it? Don't fear! The Disco Ball clutch by Judith Leiber will bring a touch of fun and glamour to any Lunar New Year celebration. Covered in beautifully meaningful red crystals, this bag will add a bright pop of color to any outfit you wear. 

Champagne Bottle Cheers 

Set the mood by carrying the luxuriously decadent Champagne Bottle Cheers clutch with you. After all, it wouldn't be a celebration without raising a toast! Seamlessly blending gold, green, and red crystals, this clutch looks good enough to drink as it perfectly resembles a classic champagne bottle.  

Panda Bear Pillbox 

China's national animal is the Giant Panda, so we couldn't miss the cute-as-a-button Panda Bear Pillbox off of this list of gorgeous bags. Pandas are known for being super cute, and the Judith Leiber miniature is no exception. This charming bear sparkles from head to toe in silver and black crystals to really capture attention. 

Khloe's Pot of Gold 

The Year of the Dragon is all about success and prosperity, so what better way to set your intentions for the year than with Khloe's Pot of Gold? The all-gold design glistens in crystals and features individual Judith Leiber gold coins that are overflowing. The luxurious bag opens so you can store all of your belongings with ease. 

Hot Sauce Bottle Pillbox 

Add some spice to proceedings with the tantalizing Hot Sauce Bottle Pillbox. This glistening and compact design is a nod to a popular ingredient in Asian cuisine. Covered in beautiful crystals, it looks good enough to pour and will add a touch of flavor to your Lunar New Year ensemble. 

Lucky Cat 

Welcome good fortune with the Lucky Cat clutch by Judith Leiber. Featuring gold, green, and red, this super cute design will act as your good luck charm as you ring in the new year. According to Asian culture, the adorable cat has its paw raised to invite wealth and good fortune into your life. Who could resist that? 

Take Me Out 

Celebrate the festivities with a different type of takeout this new year. Take Me Out is a red takeout box with a sparkling golden dragon on the front of it. This unique bag is sure to make heads turn wherever you go, whether it's out to a bar, at a party, or even picking up that special Lunar New Year takeout! 

Judith Leiber Adds Something Special to Lunar New Year

Channel the confidence and charisma of the dragon with these stunning Judith Leiber bags. Each one has been carefully designed with quality and your enjoyment in mind, exuding luxury and sophistication always. Happy Year of the Dragon!

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