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Mixing Elegance and Novelty - How to Get it Right

Most people have been to an evening soiree and have seen an elegant woman walk into the room. She is usually wearing a fashionable, fitted, or flowing dress and has flawless make-up, and then, as you glance down her outfit, you notice that she has a clutch bag that is shaped like a fresh slice of pizza. 

This is not odd and is a perfect example of mixing a look of extreme elegance with one of novelty handbag. In 2023, the novelty side of an outfit is usually the accessories, such as the necklaces, the earrings, and, of course, the bags. 

At Judith Leiber, we firmly believe that you can mix quirky or novelty items with more serious parts of an outfit to make a look that is unique to you and the occasion itself. This fall, we have designed a range of stunning bags that can complement evening or day wear and are, of course, a novelty.

So, here, we will explore 6 of our more novelty-themed bags to help you choose the perfect accessory for that upcoming party or event.

TV Test Screen Bag

Let us begin with the crown jewel in our fall bag collection. 

Presenting our TV Test Screen Bag, and, like all of the other bags in our fall collection, it is a work of art. We have decorated it with crystals that are a wider range of colors than our other pieces. Why? Well, we wanted to get the look of the test screen right, which meant finding the perfect shades of green, pink, and pale blue crystals to mirror the look.

It is designed to be whimsical and nostalgic, and of course, the standing design of the bag will give you and all who see it the impression of being in the presence of an item that is from the 1950s. The back is not a blank area, either! We have used black and brown crystals to create a true wood grain design and a fun cable and plug. Finished with polished nobs and dials that you would see on a vintage TV, this bag is sure to get smiles from all who see it, and, as is the way with any bag from Judith Leiber in this collection, it comes with a removable shoulder chain. 

Astronaut Bag

Are you a fan of rocket launches or space travel?

If the answer to both of those questions is yes, then you need to have a look at our Astronaut Bag. This bag is certainly a novelty with a sophisticated feel to it. It is adorned with bright orange, blue, pink, and silver crystals, meaning it is sure to catch the eye of everyone in a crowded room. 

If you are a fan of feminine power, then it is also worth looking at this bag, as the astronaut has some delicate, feminine features, showcasing a firmly held belief from Judith Leiber that women run the world!

It is listed as a clutch, and due to its small and delicate size, you could certainly use it as one. However, it does come with a removable shoulder chain, making it easy to take on your own adventures. Opening the bag up, you will see the stunning silver metallic leather interior, perfect for holding your phone and other must-haves.

Sleek Rectangle Space Ticket Bag

Have you ever wanted your own boarding pass to space? Space X doesn’t seem to have them just yet, so in the meantime, you will have to make do with the Judith Leiber Sleek Rectangle Space Ticket bag. 

This fun and unique handmade design is a must-have for anyone who wants a truly novel bag to take to parties or evening events in a simple, sleek shape. The bold contrasts between the white, black, and red crystals mean the text on the bag is not lost among the crystals, helping to add a look of real authenticity to the design. 

The interior is metallic leather, and while it can be held as a clutch, it comes with a removable shoulder chain. Paired with a dark dress and drop stone earrings, this bag will take any outfit from drab to fab.

Sleek Rectangle Chessboard Bag

Back to earth and onto the world-famous and recognizable chessboard. This fall, Judith Leiber has created something truly special with the Sleek Rectangle Chessboard bag. 

The imitation chessboard bag is decorated with black and white square crystals, bringing the look of the chessboard to life while being simple and unique enough to jazz up any outfit.

With its compact size, it is perfect as a clutch bag, but you can use the removable shoulder strap if you want to. It’s also a great transition to more quirky bags; the design is eye-catching but not as ‘out there’ as the Astronaut Bag! Just be aware that when the light hits the bag, you will attract the eyes of everyone in the room, as it sparkles just like a disco ball. Beautiful!

Martini Clutch Bag

Do you love cocktails? Look no further than the next two bags on our list of novelty bags. We truly feel at Judith Leiber that these bags are the epitome of fun and class mixed perfectly, just like a cocktail!

Our Martini clutch is a perfect combination of whimsy and beauty, imitating the classic cocktail down to the olives in the glass. The mixture of champagne, silver and green and red crystals highlights every necessary detail on this bag, with the top of the bag opening to reveal a mirror and metallic leather interior.

This bag is simply a must-have for any cocktail party!

Cosmopolitan Clutch Bag

With its deep pinks and bright green ‘lime wedge,’ our Cosmopolitan clutch bag is another addition that you simply have to take to any party where this famous cocktail is being served!

The cocktail glass-shaped bag is adorned with crystals of deep pink, silver, and yellow to create a layered effect that you see with a cosmopolitan drink, adding a look of realism to the bag. It has an inlaid interior mirror and comes with a removable elbow chain, meaning you can carry it hands-free at any event.

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