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Sparkling Stars: Judith Leiber Bags Shine at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival

The 2024 Cannes Film Festival is all about the combination of film and fashion. The Annual Festival brings in famous artists and celebrities from all over the world and the luxurious looks act as artwork on their own. No stranger to the cross between fashion and art, Judith Leiber bags made several appearances on the red carpet in Cannes. Here are some of our favorite looks and carries from the fabulous French event.

There was no lack of opulence this year with ornate gowns and unique designs creating every look from romantic and ethereal, to dramatic and daring. Playing with texture was also a trend that was seen on the red carpet, with many stars wearing ornate jeweled pieces and ornaments.

Sasha Ray, winner of the Fashion Lifestyle Influencer Award, wore Judith Leiber’s Fizzoni clutch in silver to the WIBA Awards. The dramatic, velvet hooded dress came to life with a tiered jeweled overlay, was paired with the classic shape making it sparkle against her bold, black dress.

Lady Victoria Hervey posed playfully with the Big Bubbles Champagne bottle to her mouth pretending to drink right from the bottle. The bag matched her embellished gold dress for opulence worthy of royalty. Lady Victoria was also seen carrying Judith Leiber’s very own Crystal Caviar Gold Gradient Skylar clutch to the Kinds of Kindness premiere making her ornately jeweled dress sparkle even brighter. Not stopping there, the model and socialite also carried the stunning crystal Grace bag to accompany a dramatic cape and geometric dress.


A popular piece throughout the Festival was the microphone clutch. This sparked a trend for all upcoming events. This lavish, crystal bag mixes high fashion and fun in a cohesive look, proving that there is a personality and story behind every look. This form of self-expression is what Judith Leiber handbags are made for.

Farhana Bhodi chose to wear a few different bags throughout the Festival, including the Microphone Karaoke covered in silver crystals, which she posted on her Instagram with the caption “Obsessed”. The star paired the clutch with two different dresses, which showed the versatility of this playfully chic piece.

However, Bhodi was not the only one rocking a microphone, Sabrina Marie was seen carrying the “Microphone Diva” bag in gold creating a striking look with her sheer, structured dress, while Patricia Contreras chose the black and silver “Hot Mic” option.

Farhana Bhodi did not stop at the microphone either, photographing herself with the Eiffel Tower Bonjour bag with a statuesque silver dress. Camila Pinzon also chose to carry a piece of Paris with her with the Eiffel Tower Bonne Nuit gold crystal clutch. Both stars also posed with the stunning Martini Limoncello adding effortless extravagance to any look.

Judith Leiber bags also offered pops of color throughout the event, including German actress, Diane Kruger, who wore a stunning black dress that she paired with a bold, red heart clutch for a pop of color.  Tommy and Dee Hilfiger also attended the event, with Dee opting for the fun fuchsia Brick Phone Text Me clutch to bring out the colors in a starburst pattern on her elegant black gown.

Each Judith Leiber bag shined brilliantly throughout the Cannes Film Festival this year and brough the extravagant fashion moments to life. It is always exciting to take part in such important events that highlight art and fashion because that is where our brand feels most at home.

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