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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Clutch Bags for Women This Season

With summer right around the corner, many fashion-focused shoppers are on the lookout for a wardrobe update. Of course, that includes hunting for a new bag.

The clutch never goes out of style. It might increase in popularity during certain seasons, but it always has a place in a woman’s wardrobe. This season, in particular, will see a rise in the clutch during formal events, parties, and nights out. The clutch will be the go-to accessory for those wanting to make a statement.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Clutch

1: Size

For a clutch to serve its purpose of holding your items, you need to buy the perfect size. Some are fine with a small clutch for their phone, keys, and lipstick, whereas others might require more space for other items. 

2: Material

What sort of material do you want your clutch to be? You might want leather, satin, or maybe even velvet. The most important part is the material’s quality. 

3: Design

You can’t buy a clutch without loving its design. Whether you want a subtle piece to go with your party outfit or a statement clutch to make an entrance, you need to consider the design. 

4: Function

Will the clutch be used for multiple events? Do you need it to hang over your shoulder? Take function into account before buying the perfect clutch. 

Once you know what you want out of a clutch, it is time to weigh up the options. Below are the most common clutch types that might appeal to your style. 

The Classic Clutch

The classic clutch is what it sounds like – a classic. Held by fashion icons throughout history, this clutch is a staple in many women's wardrobes. 

At Judith Leiber, there is a wide range of classic clutches to browse. You might opt for the Quinn Satin Clutch bag, a classy, beautiful clutch with a satin-lined interior. Its sleek design works well with many outfits. 

Or, you might prefer something a little more daring. The Ritz Fizz Black Clutch adds a touch of sparkle to any outfit. It keeps the classic black color, but the sparkles make it shine. 

If you want a classic clutch that makes a statement, try the Seamless Fruits Clutch. The watercolor painting style clutch is pretty, unique, and eye-catching – perfect for a party! 

The Envelope Clutch

The envelope clutch is a gorgeous clutch bag that brings together any outfit. The envelope-style clasp is present in all envelope clutches, but there is still a wide variety of styles. 

The Bow Envelope Satin Red Cutch is a bold, daring bag finished with a bright bow. Plus, it's adorable, which makes it the perfect finish to a party dress. 

If you want something a little more mysterious, the Envelope Dark Green Crystal Clutch shines with its gorgeous deep green color and sleek design. Wear this one during an evening event to stand out as classy and stylish. 

The Statement Clutch

Do you want to make an entrance? With a statement clutch from Judith Leiber, you can. Statement clutches are bolder than the average clutch. Their color, design, and style have a lot more to say! 

For a statement clutch that turns heads, opt for the Envelope Billions Clutch. With a billion-dollar design, you’ll have a look of luxury! 

Another novelty bag you could choose to make a statement is the Rainbow Heart Clutch. Its rainbow colors are bright, and the heart is adorable, giving it that box-of-chocolates look. It’s the kind of bag that makes people wonder what wonders are inside! 

Or, purchase the Boombox Rahim Clutch, which is shaped exactly like a retro boombox. It’s interesting, bold, and unique – perfect for making a statement. Show the world you love to be different with this one-of-a-kind clutch.

 The Chained Clutch

While clutch bags typically get held, you can choose a style with a chain to make carrying it easier. These are handy if you are at an event where you need to hold a glass of champagne while taking a picture of the beautiful spread!

Most of Judith Leiber’s clutch bags come with attachable chains, so you can choose whether or not you’d like the chain on it. 

Some bags always come with a chain, such as the Enchanted Clutch. This jewelry pouch bag is cute and functional, allowing you to go about your night with your clutch sitting at your side.

You could also dare to be different with the Ball and Chain clutch. The chain is a real chain! It comes with a wristlet strap, so it stays on your wrist all evening. 

Choosing the right clutch for the season can be tricky. What’s even trickier, though, is matching one to your outfit. How do you ensure your whole look comes together perfectly with your black crystal or red envelope clutch? 

Think Color

Color is important when trying to match an outfit. If you want your clutch to stand out, you could pair an all-black outfit with a bright red clutch. Or, you could choose to match your clothes to the clutch. Black and white always work well! 

Consider Texture

You might not realize it, but texture plays a critical role in matching outfits. If you have a gorgeous satin dress, you might consider pairing it with a satin clutch. Or, you may prefer to experiment with mixing and matching textures. 

Make a Statement

Sometimes, the best way to match a clutch to an outfit is to make sure it stands out as much as possible. If you’re a fan of the statement clutch, go bold and let it speak for itself. Whatever you’re wearing, it will make an impact! 

Every woman should have at least one clutch bag in their closet (if not multiple!). This summer, it is all about turning heads. Don’t be a wallflower – make an entrance with a beautiful and eye-catching clutch at your next big event.

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