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What is Barbiecore & How Do You Channel It?

Barbiecore is much more than a celebration of the live-action movie Barbie (2023). The hot pink trend is a fashion statement on feminism that is attempting to break down damaging stereotypes.

There is no question the hit film is inspiring people across the world to dress from head to toe in the fun shade, and it has even inspired the hashtag #Barbiecore, which has generated nearly 15 million TikTok views and counting. Keep reading to learn how to channel the Barbiecore trend. 

What is Barbiecore?

The color pink has experienced a resurgence in recent years. It dominated fashion runways in 2022, most notably appearing on Valentino’s Pink PP collection at last year’s Fashion Week. However, there is no question that the release of Barbie has resulted in people of all ages incorporating the hot pink hue into their wardrobes.

Barbiecore has made pink the color of the summer, as the latest fashion collections and box office hit have encouraged people to add pink dresses, purses, platforms, and accessories to their closets.

Leading the way for Barbiecore is, naturally, Barbie’s leading lady Margot Robbie. The talented actress made jaws drop at the movie’s Seoul premiere in July as she rocked two hot pink outfits worthy of the movie’s blockbuster status. Heads turned when she appeared at the premiere in a hot pink midi dress with a shimmering upper and matching pink heels. 

Also, the Australian A-lister proved pink can be playful with her second look, channeling Day to Night CEO Barbie from 1985, donning a pink blazer, pink midi skirt, a white fedora, pink necktie, and a Judith Leiber Brick Phone Text Me clutch.

Many more celebrities have been inspired by the Barbiecore trend. For instance, Khloe Kardashian celebrated her 38th birthday with a Barbiecore-inspired party, and even the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton has embraced the trend, wearing three pink outfits for various official engagements in May 2023.

How Do You Channel Barbiecore?

The best way to channel Barbiecore is to add as much pink as possible to your looks. It requires you to embrace various vibrant shades of the color, especially the Mattel doll’s iconic hot pink hue. 

Like Margot Robbie at the South Korean premiere, Barbiecore is all about unapologetically wearing pink. Also, you can trigger a sense of Barbie nostalgia by combining hot pink with era-inspired designs, just like the movie’s leading lady.

The key is to have fun with your look. Think sparkles, bold accessories, and plastic pink hair clips.

In addition to providing the pink Brick Phone Text Me clutch, Judith Leiber has a brand-new Pink collection to channel your inner Barbie, including a Hot Lips Pink clutch, a Satin Bow Top Handle Fuchsia handbag, and a Football Pink clutch, to name a few styles.

Let Barbie Be Your Guide

If you are stuck for ideas when embracing the Barbiecore trend, allow Barbie to be your guide.

For instance, you can channel some of the doll’s most famous looks, such as Holiday Barbie, Surfer Barbie, Day to Night Barbie, and, of course, Malibu Barbie. As Barbie spans decades, you could even rock a look from the year you were born, such as Fashion Designer Barbie for those born in 1960, Surgeon Barbie from 1973, or Air Force Pilot from 1991, to name a few outfit options.

From firefighting to Olympic Swimming, Barbie has done it all, which is why you will easily find a look to inspire your everyday outfits, work attire, or formal clothing. Plus, many stores have embraced the Barbiecore trend, making it easier than ever to make a hot pink fashion statement.

For instance, Selfridges, a luxury UK department store, has introduced Destination Barbie, which has been designed as a store that Barbie would love to visit, and it even features official Barbie movie costumes in its windows.

Barbie at The Corner Shop is a must-visit at the store, as it features items inspired by Barbie and Ken from reputable designers and might help you craft your next outfit. Also, Judith Leiber clutches are proudly on display in the accessories edit, alongside Versace and Alaia, to help you embrace the Barbiecore trend with ease.

You can even view looks from Barbie’s incredible 64-year history, as it displays outfits the doll famously wore during the 70s, 80s, and 90s, or browse iconic looks inspired by Barbie’s 250+ career outfits, such as Dream Fairytale Barbie and Dream CEO Barbie. 

If this wasn’t enough, customers can rent a Barbie-inspired outfit, enjoy a Barbie beauty makeover, or buy hot pink homeware to give their interior design a splash of personality. There are so many ways to embrace this trend!

What is the Barbiecore Meaning?

Nowadays, Barbie strives to represent people of all shapes, ethnicities, and backgrounds, as you can choose from 176 female and male dolls, which have 94 hairstyles, 35 skin tones, and nine body types.

Barbiecore is breaking down stereotypes, as everyone is encouraged to embrace the aesthetic, regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity, shape, disability, career, or style. 


Barbiecore is dominating premieres, runways, and stores across the world, encouraging people to incorporate every shade of pink into their outfits. 

It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, or curvy or athletic; there is no reason you can’t rock the Barbiecore trend at an upcoming party, when shopping, or at work.

As mentioned earlier, there are many ways to channel your inner Barbie, from wearing hot pink items to adding a splash of sparkle to your closet. Also, you can browse past Barbie looks throughout the decades to inspire your next outfit.

The key is to have fun with your look, and we can help you do exactly that with the many novelty pink clutches and handbags available.

There is a Judith Leiber design to help you appear as effortlessly stylish as Barbie herself, such as the Nail Polish Pillbox Funky Fuchsia and Just for You Bow Pink handbag.

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