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French Fries Truffle Fries $5,995.00
French Fries Fresh and Hot $5,995.00
Martini Pillbox $795.00
Cosmopolitan $5,795.00
Martini Pillbox Cosmo $795.00
Frozen Drink Ice Cold $5,695.00
Frozen Drink Yum $5,695.00
Chocolate Bar Hot and Spicy $3,995.00
Champagne Bottle VIP $4,695.00
Pancakes $6,495.00
Chili Pepper Pillbox Poblano $695.00
Orange Slice $4,295.00
Pineapple Pillbox Golden $495.00
Pineapple Pillbox Hilo Pillbox $495.00
Pineapple Hilo $5,995.00
Judith's Best Ice Cream Pint $4,795.00
Birthday Cake Ice Cream Pint $4,795.00
Upside Down Cone Oops $5,795.00
Mini Vanilla Ice Cream Cone $695.00
Donut Pillbox Chocolate $495.00
Popsicle Pillbox Creamsicle $495.00
Popsicle Pillbox Rainbow $495.00
Popsicle Watermelon $4,195.00
Gummy Bear Pillbox Aqua $695.00
Gummy Bear Pillbox Light Rose $695.00
Gummy Bear Pillbox Orange $695.00
Gummy Bear Pillbox Red $695.00
Gummy Bear Pillbox Sapphire $695.00
Gummy Bear Pillbox Tangerine $695.00
Gummy Bear Pillbox Yellow $695.00
Caramel Macaron $595.00
Chocolate Créme Macaron $595.00
Cotton Candy Macaron $595.00
Golden Macaron $595.00
Lemon Macaron $595.00
Orange Sorbet Macaron $595.00
Vanilla Macaron $595.00
Beverage Can Cold Brew $3,995.00
Beverage Can Slay $3,995.00
Beverage Can Zillions $4,195.00
Chili Pepper Pillbox Jalapeño $695.00
Donut Pillbox Sprinkles $495.00
Pistachio Macaron $595.00
Strawberry Macaron $595.00
Blueberry Macaron $595.00
Raspberry Macaron $595.00
Pineapple Pillbox Sugar Loaf $495.00
Frozen Margarita $5,695.00
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Elevate your style with a dash of culinary delight through our extraordinary range of Judith Leiber clutches, uniquely shaped as your favorite foods. These Culinary Couture clutch bags and accessories perfectly marries high-end fashion with the playful allure of beloved treats, resulting in meticulously crafted clutches that epitomize indulgence.

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Discover the glamour of the French Fry clutch, adorned with meticulously placed crystals that capture the essence of golden, crispy fries. Indulge in a hint of whimsy with the Ice Cream Pint clutch, which replicates the iconic pint container and offers a sprinkling of sparkling enchantment. The Upside Down Cone "Oops" clutch dares to be different, combining the elegance of a classic fashion accessory with the quirkiness of an inverted ice cream cone.

For a touch of timeless elegance, explore the Macaroon Pillbox collection that exudes charm and sophistication, mirroring the delicate beauty of French macaroons in a compact form. Each clutch within this collection is a work of art, capturing the vibrancy and character of these beloved food styles.

Whether you're gracing a red carpet event or embracing a fashionable night out, these Judith Leiber clutches are more than accessories – they're statements that seamlessly merge the worlds of luxury fashion and culinary passion. Elevate your ensemble, express your love for all things culinary, and own a piece that's as distinctive and exceptional as you.

Experience the Judith Leiber Culinary Couture Collection today: Where Fashion and Food Cravings Converge in Style.

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