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Soccer Ball $3,995.00
Rainbow Basketball $3,995.00
Basketball $3,995.00
Basketball $3,995.00
Football $3,995.00
Football Gold $3,995.00
Football Pink $3,995.00
Tennis Ball $3,995.00
Football Super Bowl $4,495.00
Basketball Pink $3,995.00

Are you a football fanatic? Or perhaps you are more of a baseball enthusiast? Either way, wouldn’t it be great if you could combine your love of sport with your passion for Couture bags?

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Well, now you can with our exciting range of sport jeweled novelty bags that promise to hit a home run every time. Whether you are looking for a handbag with a difference or you are specifically seeking out a sports-inspired clutch bag, you are guaranteed to love our new collection of bespoke novelty sport handbags.

Baseball Clutches

If you are a massive major league baseball fan or you know someone who is, our selection of crystal-encrusted baseball handbags will most definitely bring a smile to your face. Choose from our best-selling American Baseball clutch that is covered in sparkling silver crystals and accented with red crystal lacing or, if you are after something a bit special, our bespoke Baseball clutch can be customized with up to three letters of your choosing for a truly one-of-a-kind accessory.

Football Clutches

Achieve a touchdown every time when it comes to fashion with our dazzling collection of football-inspired clutch bags. When it comes to novelty crossbody bags, you can’t beat our crystal-covered football clutches that are available in a wide range of eye-catching colors, including gold, pink, brown, as well as our made-to-order offerings that combine two colors for maximum effect. Each clutch boasts a metallic leather lined interior and a crystal inset push-down closure to enhance convenience and a superior luxe finish.

Tennis Clutches

For lovers of Wimbledon, this Judith Leiber Couture clutch is the one for you. Arguably one of the most dazzling designer novelty clutch bags we have ever created, the Tennis Ball Sphere is as bright as it is bold. Made to order, this bespoke bag is one of Judith Leiber’s most eye-catching works of art, with a level of attention to detail that is unmistakable as the creation of the world’s most famous handbag designer. With a removable crossbody chain, this versatile piece can be shown off in your hand for all to see or casually draped over your shoulder for an effortless glam look.  

Soccer Clutches

Prefer the sports offered over the pond? Our Soccer Ball clutch handbag is guaranteed to hit the back of the net wherever you decide to wear it. Perfect for adding a pop of freshness to a casual daytime outfit or to bring a touch of fun to a special occasion, this statement black and white clutch bag is simple yet striking. Are you ready to take your look to the next level and rock one of our signature sports jeweled novelty bags? Don’t blend in with the crowds. Embrace your individuality and showcase your love of the game. Don’t miss out on the latest Judith Leiber sport jeweled novelty bags. Become a VIP and sign up to our Collectors Club and receive exclusive news on new releases, special offers, and so much more delivered directly to your inbox.

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