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Classic Slim Slide White $2,495.00
Classic Slim Slide Rose Opal $2,495.00
Classic Slim Slide Caribbean Sea $2,495.00
Classic Slim Slide Violet $2,495.00
Classic Slim Slide Pink $2,495.00
Classic Slim Slide Fuchsia $2,495.00
Classic Slim Slide Amethyst $2,495.00
Classic Slim Slide Brown $2,495.00
Classic Slim Slide Coral $2,495.00
Classic Slim Slide Gold $2,495.00
Zip Pouch Flutter $695.00
Basket of Roses Blush Bouquet $6,995.00
Butterfly Serafina $5,495.00
Crescent Pink Lemon $4,295.00
Crescent Lemon $4,295.00
Crescent Watermelon $4,295.00
Heart Secret Garden $4,195.00
Perry Crystal Clutch Gray $1,195.00
Perry Crystal Clutch Fuchsia $1,195.00
Perry Crystal Clutch Red $1,195.00
Perry Crystal Clutch Prosecco $1,195.00
Perry Crystal Clutch Navy $1,195.00
Perry Crystal Clutch Black $1,195.00
Perry Crystal Clutch Emerald $1,195.00
Perry Crystal Clutch Silver $1,195.00
L'amour Petit Coeur Light Rose $1,295.00
Rocking Horse Willow $6,295.00
Rose Blush $4,995.00
Slim Slide Lace Wings $3,995.00
Smooth Rectangle Night Bloom $3,695.00
Slim Slide Botanica $3,995.00
Tangerine $4,195.00
Hot Air Balloon Amelia $4,995.00
Zip Pouch Night Roses $895.00
Mini Tote Crystal Silver $1,195.00
Sparkle Net Pouch Black $695.00
Ruffle Pouch Silver $1,495.00
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Bling Sphere
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Inspired by Victorian fairy tales, dreamy images of butterflies, exotic floral designs and natural beauty. These vibrant fruits and pastel whimsical creations will transport you into your own fairy tale.