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Judith Leiber Show Filters
Brick Phone Text Me $6,195.00
Let's Roll $7,295.00
Upside Down Cone Oops $5,795.00
Hot Lips Pink $4,495.00
Skate Night $7,295.00
Camera Flash $5,995.00
Brick Phone Call Me $6,195.00
Soft Boom Box $1,995.00
X-Ray Spy Kit $4,995.00
Slim Slide Whip It $4,295.00
Judith's Best Ice Cream Pint $4,795.00
Hot Lips Red $4,495.00
Brick Phone Call Me $6,195.00
Hot Lips Gold $4,495.00
Smooth Rectangle Arecales $3,995.00
Camera Click $5,995.00
Smooth Rectangle Tropics $3,995.00
Sold out
Best Ice Cream Lunch Box
Sold Out
Birthday Cake Ice Cream Pint $4,795.00
Slim Rectangle Beach Mural $4,295.00
Cricket Squares Gray $1,495.00
Cricket Squares Silver $1,495.00
Cricket Squares Pink $1,495.00
Cricket Squares Prosecco $1,495.00
Nail Polish Pillbox Chrome $995.00
Sparkle Net Pouch Rose Gold $695.00
Sparkle Net Pouch Pink $695.00
Sparkle Net Pouch Topaz $695.00
Mini Heart Silver $695.00
Mini Heart Light Sapphire $695.00
Mini Heart Pink $695.00
Mini Heart Red $695.00
Nail Polish Pillbox Vanilla $995.00
Nail Polish Pillbox Neon $995.00
You’re invited to the ultimate beach party. A California dreamin’ vibe mixed with our signature glam and whimsical spirit define this collection of colorful, retro-inspired evening bags in a palette of juicy brights and sandy metallic hues.