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7 Bags for Your Memorial Day Weekend

With Memorial Day just around the corner, your thoughts may be turning to what you are going to wear to see this holiday through in style and sophistication. Whether you are planning a family BBQ, heading to the beach, or even hitting the Memorial Day sales, your outfit will not be complete without the perfect Judith Leiber clutch to complete your look.

Designed to be seen and adored, you are guaranteed to be the center of attention when you rock up to your Memorial Day event with an iconic Judith Leiber couture clutch or purse.  

Discover your perfect Judith Leiber couture clutch below and be the belle of the ball wherever you go this Memorial Day weekend.  

A custom-made creation, you will definitely be the most stylish person at the party when you choose to invest in this Judith Leiber clutch.

1.  The Rose American Beauty Clutch

One of the Judith Leiber evening bags that will never go out of style, the classic Rose American Beauty Clutch needs no introduction. Encrusted in luxurious siam crystals and with a decadent metallic leather-lined interior, this is the perfect clutch for a night out with that special someone in your life.

Plus, with the ability to fit in the palm of your hand, you can show off this stunning purse for all to see as often as your heart desires. This Judith Leiber rose clutch is also available in gold, silver, canary yellow, lilac and lavender, pink, apricot, and pastel rainbow hues.

2.  The Dime Bag

A disc-shaped Judith Leiber crystal clutch that was created as a result of a collaboration with American pop artist Ashely Longshore, this unique novelty bag will ensure all eyes are fixed on you, wherever you go.

Perfect for transforming a daytime outfit into effortless evening glam, the Judith Leiber Dime Bag offers the ultimate combination of luxury and whimsical. With a removable classic crossbody chain, a crystal-inset push-down closure, and silver-toned metal hardware, this premium quality Judith purse will instantly earn pride of place on your handbag shelf.

3.   The Hamburger Clutch 

If you are throwing or attending a BBQ this Memorial Day weekend, then this is the ideal Judith Leiber clutch for you. Fun, frivolous and fabulous, who wouldn’t want a handbag that looks good enough to eat?

The highly popular Hamburger Clutch is an all-American cheeseburger design that is adjourned with an array of colorful and vibrant handset crystals. Sporting the exact size as a normal hamburger but much prettier, this Judith Leiber Couture clutch offers a guilt-free way to enjoy your favorite fast food. This bag will work well with a fun and vibrant outfit while tying the whole look together, or to turn heads; it can be an unexpected pop of expression as part of a more sedated look.

4.  The Stacks of Cash Billions

For those that love nothing more than hitting the sales and flashing the cash over Memorial Day Weekend, check out this showstopping Judith Leiber creation. One of the most ostentatious Judith Leiber clutch bags ever made, The Stacks of Cash Billions purse is highlighted with 24k plated crystal accents and boasts a superior metallic leather-lined interior. This bag is certainly a statement piece and is a great way to showcase your personality over the weekend

Loved by the likes of JLo, Beyonce, Kylie Jenner, and Khloe Kardashian, this is one Judith Leiber clutch that you can’t afford notto have in your collection.  

5.  Slim Slide American Flag Clutch

What better way to celebrate the country on memorial day than brandishing a stylish clutch bag that proudly displays the nations flag. This crystal-covered Slim Slide American Flag Clutch will certainly bring the bling to any memorial day gathering and is a must-have for any proud American. It’s simplicity is what makes this Judith purse a delight and a great option to go for. It’s a versatile bag that can work just as well as part of a boisterous, punk-rock vibe look or can be a touch of patriotism as part of an evening gown attire. Whatever the situation, this will be a purse that you’ll be proud to wear.

6.  The Wing Angel

This Judith Leiber couture clutch was made for the holiday season, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit. Boasting an ethereal wing shape, this moving design is ideal for remembering those who are no longer with us, as well as completing your Memorial Day look.

The Judith Leiber Wing Angel clutch is decked out with oversized, round crystals and given an antique touch with intricate silver crystal lines.

Can’t get enough of this Judith Leiber collection? You will be pleased to hear that you can also find Judith Leiber jewelry in the same design.

7.  The Envelope Crystal Clutch

If you prefer a handbag that is simple and elegant in its design, then look no further. The iconic Judith Leiber Envelope Crystal Clutch collection is exactly what you need. Available in many classic colors, including a rich red and an eye-catching blue for a discreet patriotic gesture, these instantly recognizable Judith Leiber clutches are slim enough to be carried with ease but bold enough in design to create a showstopping look.  

Plus, if you are concerned that some of the Judith Leiber novelty bags might stretch your budget a bit, in terms of the Judith Leiber clutch price, these modern purses are one of the most affordable designs.

When it comes to finding the perfect Memorial Day clutch, you can’t beat a unique and iconic Judith Leiber creation. Whether you are looking for understated glam, daytime chic, or simply a handbag that no one else has, the Judith Leiber Couture clutches are guaranteed to wow whatever the occasion. Whether you want to be understated with your look or loud and proud, Judith Leiber has the perfect bag for you that is not only fashionable but useful as well.

Your only dilemma is in choosing which one to invest in first!

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