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9 Spring Themed Bags for the Upcoming Season

With the long, cold winter finally over and the prospect of several months of warmer weather ahead, what better time to start looking for some stunning spring themed bags?

Synonymous with blooming flowers, the arrival of new chicks and lambs, and longer, brighter days, spring has to be one of the most vibrant and mood-boosting seasons of them all. So, why not take advantage of this extra joie de vivre and find the perfect Judith Leiber couture handbag to match your mood?

From whimsical butterfly clutches to an adorable bunny purse, keep reading to find out the top nine Judith Leiber handbags that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face this spring.

1.   Somewhere over a rainbow

Arguably one of the most uplifting of the Judith Leiber collection for spring/summer 2021, the Rainbow Rainbow Judith Leiber clutch will brighten up any outfit.

Unmissable due to both its unique design and vibrant colors, this statement clutch is covered with rainbow crystals that have been painstakingly applied by hand for the bespoke and luxurious feel that you would expect from a Judith purse. With the Judith Leiber signature metallic leather lining for even more decadence and a removable long shoulder classic chain, this clutch will take you from daytime chic to night-time glam in a heartbeat.

2.   One of your five a day

One of the first signs of spring is the leaves starting to grow back, with not long to wait before the arrival of each tree’s juicy fruit. Fresh fruit is a delicious thought in the warmer weather, so why not make it your choice of bag too? Ideal for those who want a Judith Leiber piece that looks good enough to eat, the Watermelon Slice is adjourned with ruby red and vibrant green crystals that will catch the eye of everyone you meet. If watermelon isn’t your favorite type of fruit, make sure to enjoy the arrival of spring with the Slice Orange clutch or Peach, or in keeping with traditional fruit that appears in spring, why not opt for the Avocado bag?

3.   Beautiful butterflies

What could be more symbolic of the start of spring than the caterpillar emerging from its cocoon as a beautiful butterfly? Fortunately, if you are a fan of this elegant and graceful creature, then there are several Judith Leiber purses for you to choose from.

Take the stunning Butterfly Mariposa clutch that is inspired by stain glass and boasts a whole host of glorious colors that will catch the sunlight as you walk. Or perhaps you would prefer the Butterfly Fireclipper clutch that offers warm shades of pink and red that are just perfect for a real girly girl.

4.   Welcome the Easter bunny

Out of all of the Judith Leiber clutch bags, this has to be the cutest. Covered in breath-taking silver and white crystals, the Bunny Ava clutch is definitely one-of-a-kind. One of Judith Leiber’s more whimsical and understated clutches, this bag boasts silver-toned metal hardware and a luxurious metallic leather-lined interior that offers the utmost softness.

With a removal classic elbow chain, this bewitching Judith Leiber crystal clutch will fast become your go-to spring bag each and every year.

5.   You say tomato, I say tomato

Whether you are an amateur gardener or not, the arrival of red, juicy tomatoes can’t help but make you think of longer, and warmer days sat under the blazing sun. Whether it’s their intense flavor or vibrant color that you love, the Judith Leiber iconic Tomato Heirloom clutch is the perfect spring themed bag for you.

Covered in dazzling ruby red crystals and with a cute chunky bee accent, this Judith Leiber couture creation is made to be seen and is guaranteed to help you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

6.   Go with the bow

Bows offer the perfect topping for gifts or accessories for your hair but did you know they also make great purses? Cute and charming in equal measures, the Judith Leiber Bow Just for You in Ballet Pink is the very epitome of endearing. One of Judith Leiber’s handbags that are made to order, this exclusive clutch will be the envy of all your family and friends, whatever occasion you choose to wear it to.

Also available in Red, Black, Gold, Silver, Blue, and as a pillbox purse.

7.   Don’t be bitter

Your friends won’t help but feel bitter when you treat yourself to this stunning Slide Lemon Tree clutch that is as beautiful as it is bespoke. Offering a unique lemon tree design that is perfect for spring, this slim side handbag is a must-have for any fashionista who prides themselves on always being one step ahead of the latest trends.

Another made-to-order Judith Leiber clutch creation, make sure you pick up this purse sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

8.   A rose by any other name

Judith Leiber is known for her penchant for roses, and there are several stunning options for you to choose from with this signature flower. That being said, when it comes to choosing the ultimate spring-themed bag, the Judith Leiber Rose ClutchSunflare is undeniably your best bet. Covered in canary yellow crystals, this fresh take on the classic red rose is uplifting and inspiring, just what you need to shake off any winter blues once and for all.

Alternatively, check out the Rose Romance in pretty pink, Rose Melody in lavender and lilac, or the iconic Rose American Beautyin timeless red.

9.   Birds of spring

Is there anything quite like the sounds of the birds cheeping in the trees to lift your spirits? If yes, we’ve yet to find it, and this adorable Judith Leiber Bird Love Bird clutch will have the exact same effect on your mood. Instantly noticeable by its eye-catching array of rainbow-colored crystals, this bedazzled finch is a songbird that will make your heart soar. With a luxurious metallic leather-lined interior and a removable elbow chain, this premium purse will last you for many springs to come.

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