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8 Judith Leiber Purses You Can Wear as a Wedding Guest this Summer

Judith Leiber: the designer known for her extravagant bags and classic clutches. These purses aren’t for the casual wearer; they’re for those who like to make a statement with their outfit. Nothing says ‘I love fashion’ more than a novelty ice cream cone minaudiere or a clutch in the shape of a boom box!

If you have a wedding coming up this summer, there is no better designer handbag to choose from than Judith Leiber. Whether you want a classic touch to match a silk gown or you’d rather let the bag do the talking with a standout novelty purse, you will find the luxury accessory that will make you shine bright (although hopefully not brighter than the bride herself!).

To help you search for the ideal wedding guest purse, these are eight independently selected Judith Leiber purses you can wear as a wedding guest this summer.

1: Just For You Bow Pink

The Just For You purse in Bow Pink is a Judith Leiber bag standout. It’s perfect if your wedding guest outfit is light and girly, as the light pink color combined with the bow shape gives an incredibly feminine look! Plus, the clutch is covered in crystals, making it a dazzling spectacle wherever you walk. At the same time, the design is still gentle enough to suit any wedding dress codes.

2: Basket of Roses Blush Bouquet

If you really want to get into the theme of a wedding, then the Basket of Roses Blush Bouquet purse is the perfect accessory to have by your side. This crystal-covered clutch comes in shades of silver, light pink, and green, showcasing a beautiful bouquet of roses, finished with a metal handle for ease of carrying. It’s a bridal bouquet that will last a lifetime. You never know – wearing this might even increase your chances of catching the actual bouquet from the bride!

3: Champagne Bottle Bubbly

Are you usually the life of the party? Are you maybe even the bride’s maid of honor, equipped with multiple party tales you’ve had together over the years? If so, celebrate your BFF’s wedding in luxurious style with the Champagne Bottle Bubbly purse. This adorable novelty clutch looks just like a champagne bottle – only it sparkles with pink and silver crystals! If you rock this bag at a wedding, everyone will know you’re ready for a good time.

4: Classic Slim Slide Silver

Some weddings are more traditional and muted. If you’re attending one of those this summer, wear the Classic Slim Slide Silver clutch to match your dress. Its sparkly silver crystals draw attention, looking like something right off the red carpet (in fact – Emily Blunt wore a Judith Leiber Silver Clutch to the 2016 Oscars!), which will make you look like royalty at any formal wedding.  

5: Heart Clutch Blue

Weddings are a time to celebrate love, which makes holding onto a heart-shaped clutch all the more appropriate. Plus, with this Heart Clutch Blue purse, you can have your own ‘something blue’! The soft, pale blue color would work well with a pale bridesmaid dress and the the love-heart shape with sparkling crystals provide a feminine touch. You can hold onto it all night or use the removable long-shoulder chain to wear it over your person. Either way, you’ll receive compliments from many other wedding guests!

6: Diamond Pink

A diamond precedes a wedding. Before sliding on a wedding band, the bride will often adorn a diamond ring. Instead of wearing a diamond ring like the bride, you can get in the spirit of a wedding by wearing this stunning Diamond Pink clutch from Judith Leiber. The shape is that of a perfectly cut diamond, with geometric shapes coming in shades of silver, light pink, and dark pink, giving the effect of a diamond’s sparkle. The clutch itself opens at the top, revealing a leather-lined interior large enough to hide small wedding day essentials. Marilyn Monroe once said diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and this one certainly is!

7: Oceana Conch Shell

Are you heading to a beach wedding this upcoming summer? Make yourself part of the theme by wearing a clutch shaped like an ocean shell with this Oceana Conch Shell by Judith Leiber. It’s a truly unique design, with sea-like colors showing wavy crystals that look like it has been plucked straight from Ariel’s trove of treasures!

Beach weddings are often a little more casual than a traditional church wedding, but don’t worry – you won’t have to hold onto the beautiful shell clutch all evening if you use the classic elbow chain. While clapping for the happy new couple or dancing the night away on the sun-warmed sand, your trusty, sparkling shell will stay by your side.

8: Rose Josephine

There is something beautifully simple about a rose. Then again, the deep layers of scented petals are also interestingly complicated to the eye. Somehow, this Rose Josephine clutch manages to capture both essences. It’s a great choice of clutch for a summer wedding, thanks to its bright pink hues and intricate rose shape. Plus, the dazzling crystals add something extravagant to the look, giving both a luxurious and romantic feel. The bride will love it!

Stand Out at Any Summer Wedding with Judith Leiber Clutches

These eight unique Judith Leiber purses will work well with a variety of summer weddings. No matter which of the eight you choose – whether it’s the pretty, feminine Pink Bow clutch of the purse shaped just like a seashell, you are sure to receive lots of looks and compliments heading your way!

Of course, there are plenty more Judith Leiber handbags to choose from that may just work perfectly with the wedding guest dress you’ve picked out! Whether attending a casual summer celebration or a large, traditional, elegant wedding, you can find the perfect handbag when shopping at Judith Leiber.

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