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How to Clean Your Judith Leiber Clutches

A Judith Leiber clutch differs from the type of accessory you wear once and then completely forget about. Instead, it’s an art piece. Even if you don’t pull your Classic Black Envelope clutch or novelty Flamingo Purse out that often, they still hold a highly-ranked place in your handbag collection. After all, Judith Leiber bags are unique, eye-catching, luxurious, and made of only the best quality materials.

One of the worst things to discover, then, is that your favorite Judith Leiber clutch has encountered a spillage. Luckily, in most cases, this doesn’t have to mean your dirty clutch is wholly ruined. Your bag can look as good as new with a quick and easy fix. Better yet – you don’t need any special cleaning products to do so.

How to Clean a Judith Leiber Clutch

Each Judith Leiber clutch bag has instructions on the label telling you how to clean it, so read it before anything else. However, this method below should work on most Judith Leiber clutches.

To begin, all you will need is a dry cloth. To clean the bag, gently wipe down the area of the bag that needs cleaning. Be careful when doing so – there is no need to be rough with your motions, as this could cause damage.

What if Your Judith Leiber Bag is Damaged?

A broken Judith Leiber bag can encounter accidents or age over time, however, that doesn’t mean you must say goodbye to your beloved purse. Thankfully, the Judith Leiber team offers repairs for all Judith Leiber handbags.

Whether the chain has come loose, the bag no longer closes correctly or you’ve found a small tear in the interior, you can likely get your bag repaired. To do so, you will first need to write to the Judith Leiber team at REPAIR@judithleiber.com, where a friendly team member will guide you through the process. That will involve sending your broken Judith Leiber bag to the team, who will evaluate the damage before determining whether a repair is possible. The total cost of the repair will depend on each bag and the amount of damage it has sustained. If the evaluation shows that the bag cannot be repaired, it will be returned to you in the same condition as you sent it.

How to Keep Your Judith Leiber Clutch in Tip-top Shape

Clutch maintenance is just as (if not more) important as cleaning the purses. After all, if you maintain your Judith Leiber clutch for life, you won’t ever have to worry about repairing it or giving it a thorough clean! Here are some of the most effective ways to maintain them.

  • Keep Away from Water

This tip is particularly important for leather Judith Leiber bags, such as the Serpent Snakeskin Clutch. Water damages leather, making the material brittle over time. For this reason, you should keep your leather clutch away from any water source – including rain. If your Judith Leiber leather clutch gets exposed to rain, be sure to wipe it down with a dry cloth.

  • Store at Room Temperature

Extreme temperatures will damage the materials of Judith Leiber bags, so keep your bag at room temperature inside your closet.

  • Keep Light Away

To prevent sunlight from bleaching your Judith Leiber bag, causing permanent damage, you should avoid exposing it to too much sunlight when you are not wearing it.

  • Use a Dust Bag for Storage

Another excellent maintenance tip is to keep your Judith Leiber bag in a bag of its own! A dust bag will ensure no dust gets into the crystals of the bag, keeping it clean and sparkling for much longer.

Why is Maintenance So Important?

Judith Leiber’s bags are not mass-produced. Instead, they are hand created by a team of talented artisans. They use only the best, highest quality handbag materials, ensuring each bag shines bright and looks incredible.

Not to mention that – thanks to their luxurious nature – Judith Leiber bags are valuable. By putting effort into maintenance, you make sure your investment is well spent and that you can enjoy your Judith Leiber purse time and time again over the years. Eventually, you may even leave it to your child or grandchild to begin the journey of an heirloom!

Styling Your Judith Leiber Purse: Some Extra Tips

Learned all the best tips and tricks to keep your Judith Leiber handbag clean? That’s great! You’re not finished yet, though – a purse needs to be styled correctly. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, you should style your Judith Leiber purse in a way that would make the designer herself proud. Here are some top tips for doing just that:

  • Use it as a Standout Piece

Having a focal point for any outfit is a good idea. Judith Leiber’s clutches are known for their extravagant appearance, especially the novelty minaudieres. To make any outfit stand out, keep the style muted (think a little black dress) and draw attention with a standout Judith Leiber clutch, such as this Satin Bow Envelope in Fuchsia.

  • Hold Grip

While many of the Judith Leiber clutches come with a detachable chain, holding the clutch for your event will look classy and stylish. Plus, if you’re getting your picture taken, you have more control over how well you can see the clutch in the photographs.

  • Think About Size

The size of Judith Leiber bags vary, so consider that when pairing an outfit. If you’re going to an event where you need to carry many items, such as your phone, keys, and maybe some emergency lipstick, look for a clutch with more capacity like our zip pouches to accommodate you.

In Summary

Judith Leiber is a luxury handbag company that employs only the most talented handbag designers and artisans. As such, it’s essential to maintain the accessory properly. Use the above advice to ensure the longevity of your much-loved Judith Leiber clutch.

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