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8 Ways to Glam Up a Winter Wardrobe

When you think of glam, your winter wardrobe may not immediately come to mind. While the summer days bring opportunities for versatile outfits, styles, colors and accessories. You may think the warm weather is most ideal for partying and social occasionsand the winter days might have you feeling less than confident in being able to show off your favorite accessories.

However, your winter wardrobe can be just as exciting and stylish as any other. Here are some key ways you can revamp your thicker and heavier clothes and still show off your personality.

1. Choose the Right Coat

The right coat is going to be the all-important accessory for winter because you’ll be wearing it every time you go outside. And if you’re planning on a lot of outdoor winter events, such as browsing Christmas market stalls, or walking down the city streets, you’re going to need a coat you won’t want to take off.

There are many ways you can choose a more formal or glamorous coat option to make it your number one accessory. Function and warmth are important in ensureing that you’re always protected and dry, however you can also dress it up with additional features like buttons, straps, or buckles to add a touch of glam.

You can also consider mixing up your black coat for something more vibrant and exciting, like bright red or orange for a fasionable twist.

2. Use Accessories No Matter What You’re Wearing

Though you may feel like you’re always layering up in chunky sweaters, heavy coats, and thick trousers, this doesn’t mean you can’t (and shouldn’t) accessorize. No matter what outfit you’re wearing, there’s always time for a glam pair of earrings, a statement necklace, rings, bracelets or belts, to glam up any casual winter style.

You may even want to include extra accessories in your hair with clips or adornments if you’re worried about big sweaters not leaving any accessories on display.

3. Choose Winter Accessories with a Touch of Glam

There are a lot of quintessential items you’ll need for winter to keep you warm and protected. These include a woolly hat, scarf, and gloves to cover any vulnerable areas to the elements and complete your winter wardrobe. When covering up your ears, neck, and hands, you might think this leaves no opportunity to show off jewelry or accessories, which is why you can think more creatively about your winter accessories themselves.

Choose a more vibrant color hat, or maybe one with gems or glitter interwoven into the material for a touch of something special. You might want a sparkly scarf, more luxurious and designer material to show off, or gloves with beads, sparkles, or anything else which catches the eye.

For accessories that you need no matter the season, like a handbag, think about how to glam up your clutch game, such as one of our dazzling Crystal Clutch Bag.

4. Choose a More Eye-Catching Pair of Shoes

No winter wardrobe would be complete without a dependable pair of winter shoes or boots that you can depend on to handle the rain or snow and keep your feet warm and comfortable. This, therefore, might mean you forgo personality for practicality when choosing your winter footwear, but it doesn’t have to be so. You can easily glam up your footwear by choosing more eye-catching colors or shoes with more adornments on them like buckles, straps, and sparkles.

5. Pick a Good Pair of Shades

Sunglasses are just as important for the winter sun as they are for the summer. They are designed to keep your eyes protected, but they can make a great accessory for the outdoors during winter. Therefore, you can upgrade your shades to something with a more glamorous border, a more formal shape, or something unique to show off on those bright winter days.

6. Update Your Makeup

Makeup is an accessory too after all, and if you’d rather not opt for lots of jewelry or accessories if you’re snuggled up in a large sweater, your face is still always going to be on show, so you can use your makeup to become the statement piece itself. Winter is the perfect season for exploring and incorporating captivating colors into your look, especially for the holidays if you’re attending Christmas or Thanksgiving parties. You may want to experiment with rich and glittery eyeshadow or pops of bright lipstick color for added personality and to match with your winter wardrobe sweater colors.

7. Add Some Nail Color

Even wrapped up in a large knitwear like a sweater or thick woolly dress, your hands are still on display, and the perfect opportunity for a little extra glam! In the same way that you can update your makeup, you can also upgrade your nail polish by opting for glittery and bright colors, professional artistic designs, or even booking your winter nail appointment to create something really unique.

You can top off your favorite winter nail shade with the perfect Crystal Bag to be sure your hands are always part of your glamorous style, no matter the season or occasion.

8. Choose More Luxurious Sweaters

As sweaters are staples for winter weather, you will surely be wearing them often, luckily the great thing about winter sweaters is that they’re versatile to express your glamorous style. You can pick any shape, color, or material you like, and if you’re going for something a little more glam, you can choose luxurious options like cashmere or the latest styles from your favorite designer.

To add another layer of  glamour, think about glittery sweaters, shimmering materials, or any sweater designs that incorporate formal and vibrant designs you’ll want to show off. Christmas or winter sweaters don’t always have to mean fun novelty, accessories are always a great option to complete your luxourious look.

These accessories and tips will ensure that you stay glam throughout the entire winter season.

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