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How to Choose the Perfect Fashion Accessories for Any Occasion

Choosing exciting outfits and adding a little glam through the right fashion accessories is a fun way to experiment with your personal style and personality. However, it can feel overwhelming to know what your wardrobe goes best with accessories or what type of accessories are going to look best for your chosen event.

With so many potential fashion accessories out there, you may find you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to the perfect item, and of course, that can make it difficult to narrow down. Some fashion accessories, like high fashion items that act as a statement piece, are best worn on their own, while others are perfect for mixing and matching.

So how do you find the perfect one?

Why are Fashion Accessories Important?

For those of you who enjoy a more minimalistic style, even for formal occasions, you may be wondering whether accessories are necessary at all. Howerever, you can still enjoy statement pieces or subtle accessories without overdoing it. In fact, even one item, like a luxurious handbag, can completely transform your look.

Fashion accessories can be important for many style reasons, including:

  • Turning a casual outfit into a formal one. If you’re someone who likes to make the most out of your wardrobe, invest in versatile clothes that can be dressed up or dressed down, then accessories are what’s going to transform your outfit. If you have a simple dress, shirt, or any other clothing item, this can immediately transform a more formal and glamorous look by including the right accessories, like a glittery statement necklace or an eye-catching belt.
  • Add personality. If you’re going to an event that has a dress code, perhaps a work function that requires business attire, then accessories are ideal for adding a touch of personality for an otherwise controlled outfit. You can add your favorite pair of earrings or a more glamorous necklace to a black work dress to add a little sparkle in your own style.
  • Provide a functional item. Certain fashion accessories aren’t only for looking good. Items like a Money Clutch Purse provide an essential function to help with social events by providing something to keep your valuables in. Accessories like a bracelet watch is a great way to tell time in style. A beautiful accent belt can also accentuate your waist and ensure a perfect fit for you.

How to Choose the Perfect Fashion Accessories for Any Occasion

  • Choose Whether You Want or Need a Statement Piece

This is a good first question to ask because if you do need a statement piece, it can eliminate the need to search or buy a large number of different accessories if you only need to invest in one. A statement piece is perfect for making an impression at special or formal occasions, so pick out your favorite piece that you can always depend on and avoid any fashion fails. Statement pieces are also important for showing off a certain element of your personality, such as being known for always wearing a particular eye-catching necklace.

Statement pieces don’t always need to be extremely large or glam, either it can simply be an accessory that takes precedence and brings your outfit together.

Statement pieces are fun to explore because you can invest more in one item that you’re always going to love showing off, no matter the event or outfit. A beautiful designer handbag, like our Money Purse, can be a great statement piece because it’s one that’s always going to catch the eye, always going to be by your side, and one that you’re always going to need and use.

  • Choose the Color of Your Outfit First

Knowing how to choose the right accessories means knowing what colors and styles are going to best work to balance out your chosen outfit. If you’re wearing a very minimalistic outfit, or one in monochrome, such as a black dress or white shirt, then you have more room to experiment with glamorous accessories because anything goes with black or white. Depending on your event or style preference, you may want more glamorous accessories in colorful shades, like sparkling diamond or green emerald bags, to add color to your look. Or, you may want to stick with gold or silver to maintain your classic style.

If your chosen outfit has colorful patterns, then you’ll need to think differently about your accessories. If your outfit itself is the focal point, then understated accessories may be the way to go. Certain shades of metal shades and stone colors can be versatile depending on the look you’re going for. For example, soft gold may work best with reds and greens, while silver can also work well with neutrals if you’re aiming for a sophisticated style.

You may also want corresponding shades of color, like green accessories that have a gold hint within them – these work perfectly for creating a monochrome look or a pop of color. You can always stick to your classic gold and silver accessories to compliment your colorful outfit as well.

  • Accessories Don’t Have to Be Jewelry

If you’re not overly big on jewelry, don’t fret, as there are other ways to accessorize. A handbag is a great opportunity for an exciting accent if you don’t want to wear your finest jewelry. As always, shoes are a fantastic accessory choice for a formal event. You may want to choose a bright red pair for an otherwise black outfit or something with extra glam detailing.

In whatever way you choose to acce

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