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Choosing the Right Judith Leiber Purse Size for Your Lifestyle

Do you want to invest in a luxurious Judith Leiber purse? With so many options, you may feel a little overwhelmed with choices. It helps to refine your search; knowing what you want out of a purse can help you find your perfect accessory. One factor to consider is the size of the purse. You might be happy with a small bag – one that you can even fit in the palm of your hand. Or, maybe you’d prefer a medium sized handbag for more general purposes.

Important Considerations When Choosing the Size of Your Purse

Before choosing your handbag size, there are some important considerations to think about first.

  • Where You Are Going

  • Knowing where you’re going can also help you choose the style of the handbag as well as the size – if you need to hold your bag for a long time, you might need a cross body bag with a long strap for additional comfort. If you’re going shopping, tote bags work well!

  • The Items You Need

  • How many items do you need for the upcoming event? A large handbag might be necessary if you need to carry many items. On the other hand, if you’re happy with only having one or two personal items on you, choose a bag that’s a little smaller. You might even get away with a tiny purse if its focus is fashion.

  • Your Preferred Style

  • Finally, you should consider your preferred style. If items aren’t an issue, you can choose any purse size! Different sizes make different statements. A large purse can be eye-catching and make a statement, while a small, interesting minaudieres can be an interesting talking point.

    The Small Purse: For Those Who Pack Lightly

    Do you like to travel lightly? If you don’t need to carry tons of items with you, then a small handbag might be just what you need. Keep in mind that they can run very small; many of the cutest ones are miniature! These purses are best when you’re going for style rather than function. 

    Our Small Judith Leiber Miniature Pick: Lipstick Pillbox Pinkie

    The Lipstick Pillbox Pinkie miniature encapsulates everything that Judith Leiber is about. It has dazzling crystals, a unique shape, and a design that stands out from any crowd. This tiny accessory can only fit in between your fingers – it’s literally the size of a lipstick! What it lacks in size, it makes up for in the design, as this beauty-shaped accessory is adorned with lots of sparkling crystals, and the fuchsia lipstick color is bold and eye-catching. If you don’t need to carry much and you’re only looking for a purse for style purposes, this one is a must-buy.

    The Medium Purse: A Good Middle Ground

    Are small bags not enough for you? If so, choosing a handbag that offers more inside space is the way to go. You don’t have to size up to a huge bag, though; a medium sized bag might do! Medium-sized bags are perfect for when you want your purse to carry a few items – such as your phone and credit card – but you don’t want to have to carry a large shoulder bag around with you. The medium bag is perfect for evening events for this reason.

    Our Medium Judith Leiber Purse Pick: Gemma Satin Emerald

    If you want a beautifully classy and elegant medium-sized handbag, you can’t go wrong with the Gemma Satin Emerald by Judith Leiber. This gorgeous purse comes with a rich green hue that draws attention from all around. On its short handle, you will find a chain with crystal-like detailing. It’s part of the Judith Leiber collection that fits in a phone, so this accessory can be used for fashion and functionality.

    The Large Purse: To Hold All Your Precious Items

    Large bags are perfect for people who always carry many items. Are you someone who always likes to have a spare sweater, phone charger, tissues, and a water bottle on you? If so, choosing a handbag on the larger side will suit your lifestyle best!

    So – Which One is Best for You?

    The best size purse depends on your lifestyle, so it’s up to you. For some, a small pillbox-sized purse won’t be worth having because it doesn’t hold their phone, whereas others might love having a miniature purse by their side.

    Don’t forget to consider other design options when picking the perfect bag. For example, your body type might lend itself more to a cross-body bag. Or, you may prefer a shoulder strap for your comfort.

    Then, of course, there is the way it looks and the materials used. Ideally, you want a unique, eye-catching, high-quality bag that stands the test of time. If buying from Judith Leiber, that’s what you will get.

    Is it Worth Having One of Each?

    Absolutely – yes! The chances are you don’t always carry around the same number of items. You might only want to carry lipstick and your phone for one event. For another, you might need a little more room in your purse for things like sunglasses and sunscreen. That’s why investing in a high-quality purse for all occasions is a good idea. As a bonus, you can choose different designs and colors that match various outfits.

    In Summary

    Purses come in all different shapes and sizes – literally! At Judith Leiber, we have the most unique and interesting purses around. You will find handbags shaped like TV screens, wildcats, lipsticks, microphones, and much more! If you’re looking for a purse that is both functional and able to capture the attention of any crowd, you needn’t look any further. Of course, you can also count on all Judith Leiber purses being meticulously crafted by the most talented artisans, using the best materials, including satin and Swarovski crystals.

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